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10 Trending Android Games on Play Store to Play ASAP

Whether you are looking for some popular games to play in your free time or want to check the trending android games on the play store, then this list is for you. Here we are sharing the best android games of 2021, that are quite popular and worth playing to have great fun. 

Android play store is a hub for great games that match diverse gaming purposes and updated desires of professional to average gamers. Indeed, it’s hard to make the right choices between which one to install & play, because the options are too many. 

And to save your time finding the right game, here is the list of the most popular android games to choose from. It includes free & paid games, and games from different categories like RPG, arcade, racing, strategy to action. But, the ultimate goal here is to share the popular & best games that you won’t regret installing or playing it. 

Popular Android Games to Play Right Now

1. Among Us (Most Trending Game on Play Store)

Among Us is the most popular and worthy playing games on android of the year 2021. The whole setup of this multiplayer game takes place in space and on the murder-mystery plot. To be played among four to ten players, this game is quite interesting and of course challenging, enough. 

The struggle to perform all assigned tasks to be safe from the impostors among the team, this game makes the best option to indulge oneself in timeless fun. launched two years ago, the popularity of the game suddenly increased after famous YouTubers have mentioned this game also shared video playing this game. Apart from that, the funny and trending memes associated with the game also contribute to grab mass attention. 

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

Exclusively designed for mobile, Call of Duty allows the player to experience the most realistic gaming experience far better than any other combat games on the google play store. The high-end multiplayer battles, challenging game modes, updated royale battleground, and this game has everything that action-game lovers desire. 

This game is frequently updated with more challenging game modes, new maps, and dozens of characters with unique special weapons plus outfits. This is why, Call of duty is among the most popular action games, and the trending games on the play store for a long time. 

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3. PUB-G

The list of trending games on the play store will be incomplete if we don’t mention this popular and most favorite game. Exclusively designed for mobile this game is free to download from the google play store. This highly addictive and intense game is one of the best multiplayer games of all time. 

From its regular updates to new gaming modes like classic battles, zombie modes to deathmatch are its major attractions behind the increased popularity of this game. Overall, the game is super fun with its realistic graphics and 3D sound quality. Customizable mobile controls, new weapons, fresh characters, and tough challenges are the best option to kill your spare time. 

4. Clash of Clans (Yes, Still trending!)

There is nothing wrong to announce Clash of clans, as one of the best android games of all time. And why not, this game has fixed its spot on the list of top trending games on the play store, even after surviving with so many exciting and new games that are being launched every month. This is just an epic game that a casual gamer to a regular player has on his android device. 

To collect the gold, elixir, gems from the resource store to take daily challenges and participate in clan wars for grabbing more rewards, and this game has been a part of its dedicated player’s routine. This addictive, fun, and epic game of all time, is worth installing if you want to experience strategic and mindful gameplay.  

5. Garena Free Fire: The Cobra

Free fire is the survival shooter combat game that is one of the best action games of the present year. With ten-minutes survival modes it can be played with up to 50 online players, this game is overall a fun game to play in your free time. 

With frequent quality updates and adding new gaming modes, the developer keeps this game quite interesting and challenging so far. More than 500 million downloads this game is one of the top-rated games on the play store. 

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6. Asphalt 9: Legends

No matter what but car racing games will never go out of trends, ever. And, Asphalt 9: Legends is proof of that. Even though, today’s gaming technology is that advanced and so realistic as RPG games. But advanced racing, car chases, and road rage have their craze. Talking about this popular game, Asphalt 9 is the official feature drive of hypercars from leading car companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and on. This is of course a great treat from a developer of this game. 

So, if you are a fan of the arcade car racing games, with advanced gaming consoles and greater experience then Asphalt 9: Legends is the one, you can’t ignore. In the recent updates, the game gets updated with fresh seasons with great rewards, special game events, and some newly launched cars for the first time. Overall, this game is a complete package of stunning visual effects and thrilling fun, just like an action-packed movie. 

7. Minecraft (Never going out of trend)

Some games are not just a game alone, they are the community itself and Minecraft is one of them. Indeed, this interactive fun game is the most popular for millions of gamers so far. Rated as the number one arcade game in the paid category this game is amazing to play. 

With its multiple game add-ons, you can play this game in creative mode to express your ideas into action. Whereas survival mode is there to free up your mood via different levels and gameplay. The cross-platform game, allows you to build your dream home, king-castle, or any things that your creativity allows you to do so. 

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8. Alto’s Adventure

As a minimalist theme-based game, Alto’s Adventure is the first choice of the game-lovers who prefer simpler games over any heavy graphics and complex play mode. The storyline of this game is all about the adventure of the skater named, alto. 

On his endless journey through snowboarding, you need to protect him from multiple challenges and various obstacles. Its physics-based gameplay, real-word snowboarding effects, and beautiful sequences are the major points that make this game an all-time favorite. 

9. SimCity BuildIt

On the play store, there are many city-building games available to choose from. But, SimCity BuildIt is just something else among all. This game is quite addictive and offers satisfying fun while playing. Developed by the most popular gaming company, EA mobile, this game has registered a record 100 million-plus installs on the google play store. 

If you are a fan of the strategic games that train your mind to improve decision-making, then this game is worth a download. You can be a major of this virtual city and make mindful decisions to develop and grow your city. Provide services, collect taxes, build skyscrapers, colonies, decorate your area and do anything that you expect from your dream city. This popular game has everything to make the city of your dream.

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10. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular android games on the google play store. With its unique game concept and storyline, this game is also known as the best game in the multiplayer online battle arena. Of course, games like Supercell’s Brawl starts, Heroes arena, and Planet of Heroes are the legendary games from the same categories, but Mobile legends are quite an advanced game among them all. 

The popular game features ten-minute matches,  five vs five battles, effective gameplay, and regularly updated new hero characters. The game allows players to choose their favorite heroes and create their team, ten-seconds as preparation before the final battle start. This action and the strategy-based game offer competitive gaming experiences, for game lovers who love such challenging and tough games. 

Final thoughts

So, these are the top 10 trending games on the play store in 2021. Well, there are many online-offline, free/paid, and some all-time best android games that are also equally popular on the play store. 

But, this list not only covers the game with the highest download and best rating, but it also includes the games that are recently updated with new features, episodes, and advanced challenges. Which ultimately shows the game’s overall popularity. 

Have any suggestions to the post or want to add your favorite android game to the list which is also popular right now, then let us know in the comment section below. And, we will surely consider that in our next update. 

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