It’s holiday time. And even though it’s essential to have a good time among anything else, you want to look your best and boast your beauty to your friends, family and loved ones.

Here we bring five beauty care tips that will help you achieve the best look possible in those long-awaited holidays. Are you eager to impress those around you on this important day? Then take a look further to learn how!

1. Exfoliate Your Body & Face

Exfoliation is the most crucial part of any beauty care routine. Get those dead cells out of your face and body. It will make you feel younger, fresher, and smoother – which eventually translates into healthy skin throughout your body.

We recommend using a gentle scrub or a homemade one, as they offer excellent quality without harming your skin. For lips, you may want to use an unused toothbrush with baking soda and gently rub each lip with circular movements.

This will take as many dead cells as possible from your body making you look and feel better in every way.

2. Moisturize Your Body & Face

After exfoliating don’t forget to moisturize your skin thoroughly. Moisturizer maintains the perfect level of hydration on your skin that nourishes it not only to prevent damage but also to get rid of pores, bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants.

Oily skins may also get superb advantages from a moisturizer. We recommend using enough moisturizer to prevent dehydration and protect your skin from outside factors as well.

For moisturizing your face, for example, you can use a liquid foundation with moisturizer in a 50/50 mix. A facial mask also works as a second-hand option as it exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time. As a last alternative, you can opt for rejuvenating creams.

Or if you want to use them all, you may get all the benefits from each one without harming your skin. Just remember to use them separately and in different days if possible.

To apply the moisturizer, use a soft sponge. Remember to put it all around your face and body parts slowly and without overdoing it.

Whether you use the moisturizer, liquid foundation or the rejuvenating cream, remember always to get the most natural and non-damaging products possible. This will add a radiant & glowing touch to your skin with little to no damage at all.

3. Treat Your Hair

A good look is not complete with the right hair. But to achieve the best hair possible, it is vital to nourish and take excellent care of it. Your hair deserves it, and when you treat it well, it gives you excellent results that translate into a more beautiful and healthy mane.

Keep it clean with regular washing, add natural healthy moisture to it, and never machine dry or straighten it unless absolutely necessary.

To do this, we recommend applying a hair mask to your hair. Make sure the hair is freshly washed and only dried with a towel. Apply the mask to all your hair and skipping the roots. If the product says to leave it on your face for 15 minutes, leave it that same amount of time in your hair. Then you can rinse and take the mask off.

You’ll see how your hair looks and feel better afterward. But still, this is not enough if you want to achieve a magnificent mane.

Now it’s time to get highlights or to paint it. While it is not the most recommended action to take with your hair, it’s still beneficial to make it look great and change your appearance to the better.

We recommend going to the hair salon at least one week in advance before any big event or holiday. Pick a color that highlights your face, or just pick something one or two shades away from your original hair color.

Doing this will give you quite a lot of time to moisturize and apply any care routine such as the hair mask and eventually bring the perfect color which could take up to seven days after using. This way, when the holiday arrives, you are already looking your best starting from the top.

4. Pick the Ideal Makeup

Now it’s time to pick your makeup. It’s important to choose something that highlights the best aspects of your face while making it simple but beautiful. The best you can do is to think it through, several hours in front of your makeup case looking for the right products and colors to use.

As a general rule, however, you can start with the primer and the foundation. Hide dark circles in your face with concealer and use loose powder for the under-eye area. Remember to use the mildest colors possible, so you don’t look like you are overdoing it.

For the cheeks, a matte bronzer can do the job. Blush is also helpful to make a more flushed appearance. Use highlighters if possible and pick the same eye and lip color if possible. But if you want, you can go for nude lips and smoky eyes.

Whatever you pick, though, the rule of thumb is to go slowly through your face and make it mild but noticeable. Shiny red lips look well with natural eyes, while smoky eyes look the best with pale lips or clear gloss.

Another essential factor to consider is the use of the right makeup. Focus on the most natural products possible. Among them, we recommend lip gloss or balm over lipstick to prevent dryness. Cream blush is far better than powder when keeping freshness, and use a foundation that’s easy to apply.

Follow all these makeup tips and you’ll prevent damage and make yourself look as good as possible without effort.

5. Sleep, Eat and Treat Yourself Well

Your face and body look as well as you treat them. Here there’s nothing more important than to sleep enough hours at night, eat the right food, and drink plenty of water every day.

You can start by setting up an ideal sleeping schedule. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours up to 9 hours at night. This will add more collagen to your skin and prevent wrinkles, provide more glow, and reduce oil and pimples which can be pretty frustrating.

Remember to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables too. Cabbage, kale, carrots, Brussels, and citrus fruits with antioxidants make your skin beautiful and keep you healthy for long. Before the holidays when you are likely to indulge in different types of foods, it’s vital to eat well so you can arrive with the best look but also the best health possible.

Staying away from processed foods is also very useful. But nothing like drinking at least seven glasses of water every day. This will maintain your body and skin hydrated while preventing metabolism problems that are directly revealed through how your body functions and looks.

Take into consideration all of these tips several weeks before any holiday or significant event, and you’ll see how well you’ll feel. But the most important factor of all, you’ll look great and everyone will let you know for sure. So don’t hesitate and start applying these tips now!

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