If you’ve seen popular wedding photos in recent times, you’ll see a current trend: bride and bridesmaids robes. These are perfect for that casual preparation and candid behind-the-scenes photo-shoots.

If you’re looking for the perfect robes, Zynotti is one of the best places where you can get these.

What are Bridesmaids Robes given for?

First off, what are these robes for? When you check out wedding photos, you’ll see shots of the bride and the bridesmaids in matching robes. Are these gifts actually necessary, or is it just a growing trend?

It may have started with the tradition of giving gifts to the bridesmaids. Somewhere along with the wedding preparation, the bride is expected to provide something to their bridesmaids. Today, the most common gift is the robe.

Besides acting as a gift, it does make the photo-shoots a lot more fun. It shows the years of friendship between you and the bridesmaids you choose. Plus, it does look more beautiful and organized, with matching robes and perfect smiles.

What should a Bridesmaid Robe look like?

There is no basis as to what a bridesmaid robe should look like. It could be as simple as you want it to be. Or you can find something of more dazzling nature, maybe even try floral!

It is solely based on your preference.

However, the most common design is putting the name of the bridesmaid on the back of the robe. Personalized robes are better than the conventional “Bridesmaid” choice. It becomes more of a gift that way.

You can also choose to put “Bride” on yours and “Bridesmaids” on your friends, but, you can add some elements or choose a different font to make it look unique.

Patterned robes are also more popular these days. Floral patterns are perfect for an outdoor garden wedding. Or, you can choose a design that goes well with your motif.

What to Look for in a Bridesmaids Robe

There are a few things that can help you find a good bridesmaid robe. Below are a few of these factors:

  • Cost – You can find a bridesmaid robe for as low as $20 at retails like Zynotti. Or you can indulge a little and get bespoke ones for at least a hundred each. It depends on your budget.
  • Types – There are three types of robes: a) spa robes, b) kimono, and c) wrap robes. Choose the best one that you believe suits your bridesmaids’ styles. But spa robes are more comfortable while the other two choices look more stylish, especially in photos.
  • Quality – Always choose robes that are made from a comfy material like satin or silk. It should be easy to take pictures wearing them. After all, these robes will be worn when you’re getting ready for the ceremony itself.

If you want to give the perfect gift to your bridesmaids, robes are the ideal choice. Not only will they make photo-shoots look more stylish and fun, but they can also wear it beyond your wedding day.

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