Trending snapchat streak emojis and their meanings Trending snapchat streak emojis and their meanings

If you’ve been using Snapchat regularly, the streaks and emojis aren’t new. But, if you’re just started using Snapchat, here in this post we will guide you about Snapchat streak emojis and what they mean. 

So that, you also have more fun with this interactive application. 

What Are Emojis And The Streak On Snapchat?

What are emojis and the streak on snapchat

The emojis on Snapchat aren’t limited to icons of certain moods and emotions. When you see the emoji next to your friend’s name, that shows the status and tone of your conversation with that user. On exchanging snaps for time, the emoji changes itself. 

When it comes to Snapchat streaks, they are actually tracking your snaps with that friend.

The icon ‘shows up when you send or receive snaps from your friend for more than three days straight. This means you can begin a snap streak with that friend, by sending them snaps for three days. 

Plus, the number with Snapchat streak shows how many days you’ve been continuing to exchange snaps with that user. If any day you miss sharing the snap, your Snapchat streak ends there. 

List Of Trending Snapchat Streak Emojis With Meanings

List of trending snapchat streak emojis with meanings

Now, it’s time to get the meaning of the most common and trending Snapchat streak emojis. If you just start using this application, you better know that every emoji serves a different purpose, it shows the status, interaction, and track record with that Snapchat friend. 

1. Baby – New Connection


Adding someone as your friend on Snapchat means when you first time connect with someone on Snapchat, you get to see the baby emoji next to their name. 

2. Fire – Snap Streak 


If you’re on a Snapchat streak with your friend, this fire emoji will show up. It keeps you updated that your streak is going on and also the number of days of it. if you’re on a streak with many friends simultaneously, you can compare the highest streaks.

3. Hourglass – Alarm To Your Snap Streak


Anytime when you see this hourglass emoji, it means your snap streak is in danger, which means if you don’t snap that friend, it will end. This emoji will help you keep your snap streak and never get lost if you want to streak active.

4. 100– Milestone Of The 100 Snap Streak


The 100 emoji is an indicator that you have sent and received snaps with this friend for straight few hundred days. 

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5. Yellow Heart – You’re Best Friends

Yellow heart

The yellow heart emojis on Snapchat means, you have the best friendship with that user. It shows up because you share and receive the maximum number of snaps among your connection.

6. Red Heart – Status Of Becoming BFF

Red heart

The yellow hearts are about the most engaging and connected user and friends on Snapchat. When the yellow turns into a red heart, it means, you have been BFF due to being connected for straight two weeks and more. 

7. Hearts – You’re ‘Super BFF’


When you remain friends with someone on Snapchat for two months or if that user is your closest friend on Snapchat, you will see this ‘super bff’ emoji next to their username. This emoji will start to appear when your connection gets two months old.

8. Purple Heart – The Birthday Alarm 

Purple heart

If any Snapchat user, you’re friends with when notices the purpose heart emoji, next to their username or on their profile, it means it’s their birthday month. Not only that but some users also have a purple heart on their profile to show their support for the BTS Korean musical band. 

9. Cake – Your Friend’s Birthday


The cake emoji next to the friend’s name, mean It’s their birthday today. This is a feature to update you about the birthday of your friend on Snapchat. It’s time to share special birthday wishes with that friends.

10. Presents – Special Events Or Celebrations


Well, it’s not quite clear what this Snapchat emoji means. But, when you see it on someone’s profile, that person means to say either it’s their birthday or there are some special events such as celebrations or vacations. 

11. Sparkles – Group Chat


It’s a new emoji or feature from Snapchat. The sparkles emoji on Snapchat means, you’re in a group chatting with this friend. 

12. Smiling Emoji – One Of Your Best Friends

Smiling emoji

When you notice this emoji next to your Snapchat friend’s name that means, this one is your best friend. Not that you’re the great or number one, but they’re one of the besties. You might be interacting with this friend, regularly, but you aren’t the BFF. 

13. Grimace – Common Best Friends


Well, a smiley emoji with teeth means, you and this friend have the same best friend on Snapchat. It also shows that this friend is also quite actively sending snaps with someone from your connections. 

14. Sunglasses – Common Friends


When you see the sunglass emoji with your friend’s username, that means you both have a common friend. It could be your close friend or a new connection, but you have a mutual friend there.

15. Smirk Emoji– Not Your Bestie

Smirk emoji

If anytime when you notice the smirk face emoji next to your Snapchat friend’s username, it informs you that you might be their best friend, but they’re not your best friend. It seems that you two are snapping the most, but this friend is connected more with some other friend than you.

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Final Thoughts

When you just started using Snapchat, most emojis and streak particularly seems complicated to you. of course, on Snapchat each emojis on your profile has a separate meaning, and you better know what’s that.

Overall, we’ve shared with you the trending Snapchat emoji list here. You can use these emojis to maintain your streak with that friend and also to check your connection status. 

All these emojis are to keep your connection interactive enough. So use them, likewise. Have fun!

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