5 table games to make your lockdown more fun 5 table games to make your lockdown more fun

Breaks from daily routines are necessary for refreshing and general wellness. And sometimes, you don’t feel like spending time glued to the screen or being in the streets. It could be due to your inner need to change the environment or have no choice like the current uncertain lockdown times.

Whichever your reason, you can still have fun and bond with family and friends by gathering around a table. Table games are the current trend in 2020, and here are some that you should try out.

Table Games for Fun in Lockdown

1. Table Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is both an indoor and outdoor game. However, you will need to purchase various versions of each if you intend to play in both spaces.  Table shuffleboard is popularly referred to as the American Shuffleboard. It is mainly played indoors with players pushing weights down flat tables.

It provides an excellent relaxing and bonding opportunity with family and friends. You also get to exercise as you move around, which is ideal for your physical and mental wellness. And if you’ve been stressed lately, playing will help lower the stress levels.

2. Pool

Pool is the most popular cue sport. It’s usually played indoors, on a table complete with pockets.

Players play by depositing the balls into the pockets (usually 6) in a competitive game.  There are various types of pool tables that you can get, most of which are affordable.

You can play pool in the comfort of your home to enhance your skills or pass the time with family and friends. And although the sport isn’t strenuous (physically), you still lose some calories from the random movements.

The game will also enhance your concentration, boost your critical thinking skills, and improve your body’s stretching and balancing capabilities.

3. Foosball

Also known as table soccer, the name Foosball is popularly used in North America. As the name suggests, this game borrows football attributes, with players required to move balls into their opponent’s goals. Players have to manipulate rods with player-like figures.

Although Foosball won’t give you as much whole body workout as soccer, it does provide sufficient arm and leg exercise from the frequent movements.

Also, playing table soccer helps with eye and hand coordination, gives you some satisfying bragging rights after each score, and enhances socializing skills. Besides, it doesn’t take up much space.

Table games for fun in lockdown

4. Ping Pong

Another name for Ping Pong is  Table tennis. It’s mainly an indoor game that can be played by two-four players, each using a racket to hit the ball (lightweight) back and forth across the table.

The game is a great pass time sport to ease boredom, and lower stress levels, especially when you find yourself stuck indoors. Ping Pong also offers amazing brain stimulation benefits, and players get to burn calories from frequent movements. It’s suitable for individuals with joint issues and a good source of cardiovascular exercise.

5. Air Hockey

The Air hockey playing table is usually low-friction. Players (normally two) play against each other across the table using a puck. It doesn’t require much space, making it an ideal home indoor game.

Apart from entertainment, this game enhances mental health as players must be alert, think fast, and memorize movements. It also eases stress, improves muscle strength, and is a good reason to gather the ones you love.

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Whether you need to pass the time, exercise, or bond with family and friends during Lockdown, table games always come in handy. So, if you had any doubts, we hope this article has helped you make a decision. However, the above list isn’t exhaustive, so feel free to share some of the games that have worked for you during this season.

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