Nintendo has gone a long way ever since they started. Up to this date, we can still play our favorite games on various devices, and yet there is a special and nostalgic feeling whenever we plug in the originals. Unfortunately, most vintage devices are not available anymore, mainly because they break apart over time, or the owners just forget about them as they grow old.

Thankfully, technology has been very helpful to gamers, and we can now play our favorite vintage games of all time inside our android devices, whenever and wherever we want.

5 Steps to Play Your Favorite Nintendo 64 Games

    1. Download/Install Your Preferred Emulator

      Before you go around searching for your favorite games, you need to download an emulator that would work well with your android device. There are plenty of selections out there, such as ClassicBoy, Mupen64, Tendo64, and all that. By finding the right emulator, you will get to play those classic games with ease, enjoying your childhood once again within the palm of your hand.

After you download your emulator, you can search for preferred settings by other gamers. This way, you won’t have any complications with the software, and your experience will be much smoother compared to the default settings.

    1. Download Your Favorite Games’ ROMs

      After you download your preferred emulator, it is time to search for your favorite games. Of course, this does not mean that you should go around downloading random things. The purpose of your emulator is to run ROMs (read-only memory files) of your favorite games. Make sure that you search for files like these, because other formats will not work on the software you are using.

When you are downloading your Nintendo 64 ROMs, the easiest way to go is by typing the game title you are looking for and then add the word “ROM” by the ending. The search results will then show you a selection of websites that you could choose from, and the only challenge now is to avoid getting your device infected by a virus.

  1. Open Your Emulator

    By far, this is one of the easiest steps you will pass in this whole process. All you have to do is open the application, tweak a few settings (as mentioned in the previous points), and get ready to play your favorite games. Make sure that the emulator is installed properly, and avoid opening any non-related third-party applications so that you will not risk damaging your device’s software.

  2. Open you’re ROM via the Emulator

    After setting up your emulator, it is now time to open your favorite games’ ROMs inside it. Usually, these applications are built to provide an easy experience for their users, so you will find the buttons you need without much trouble. Simply, touch the “Open…” button, and you will be redirected to the folders where your ROMs are in. After that, you can simply choose the game you want to play, and prepare yourself for a fun nostalgic experience.

  3. Enjoy the Game

    Now that everything is in place, the only thing left for you to do is to enjoy the game you downloaded! Check if the settings and graphics are okay, and if there are any errors, you could redownload the file for a more secure reinstallation.


Thanks to the helpful innovation of android emulators, we can revisit our past and enjoy the games that saved us from our childhood troubles. Make sure that your phone is charged and ready, and play your favorite Nintendo games the same way you did years ago!​

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