Best wedding toasts for your big day Best wedding toasts for your big day

Your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life, it’s the beginning of something exciting and loving forever. A wedding ceremony is surely a whole journey that the family and friends live through, right from the invitation messages to all the preps, finalizing your wedding venue, songs for the wedding dance, and making the best of your wedding vows.

With wedding vows, the couple begins a new voyage. As the celebration comes to an end with a roller coaster ride of emotions, pictures, and memories, it surely deserves a couple of words by raising a toast.

Looking for some good wedding toasts? Scroll below for some amazing toasts for the couple.

Short Wedding Toasts:

Short wedding toasts

The wedding day is filled with excitement, fun a lot of arrangements, and a hush. In between all these busy yet fun days you can’t skip raising the toasts, it is not important to tell a lot, a few words for them can be perfect at times too. Scroll below for short wedding toasts.

  1. May you have a heart filled with joy and loud laughter every day, in every way, for all eternity.”
  2. “Let your love persist till the final sunset.”
  3. “May you share the same space and pillow forever”
  4. “May the warmth of friendship illuminate your mutual pathways.
  5. “To the man who has won the bride’s and the bride’s mother’s heart.”
  6. “Gods, look down and bestow a blessed crown upon this pair.
  7. May you experience only happiness going forward.
  8. God bless you and be with you.
  9. “However, may you know nothing but happiness from this day forward, rich or poor, swift or slow.”
  10. May you always receive a friendly greeting from those you see on the road, as well as the blessings of light from both the outside and the within.

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Beautiful Wedding Toasts:

Beautiful wedding toasts

Wedding is surely a beautiful voyage and so do the couple, we got some beautiful lines to deliver with a toast.

  1. “May you get everything you want for as long as you live and live as long as you want.”
  2. “To the bride and groom, may I wish you health, happiness, fortune, and all the other things you may desire for.”
  3. “May you live a long and happy life with few worries and sorrows, and may the many friends you have proved loyal, loving, and true. I wish you a wonderful and carefree journey through life like the dancing waves on the deep blue sea.”
  4. “When we wed the person we love, happy marriages begin, and they grow as we fall in love with our spouse.
  5. Here’s to the groom, a man who maintains his composure while suffering heartbreak.
  6. ” May you love each other as only best friends can, and may you be friends to each other as only loves can.”
  7. May you always remember, what should be recalled, or recall what should be forgotten.
  8. “May you be happy in the years to come. May you be healthy in the years ahead. May your arms carry your unborn children and may your heart hold the love you have for them. Here’s to your future happiness together!”
  9. 1″ To you and all of your progeny, here’s to health and wealth.”
  10. I wish you all a hearthstone as warm as your hearts.”
  11. Wishing you “joys as profound as the ocean and problems as light as its foam.”
  12. “May your love be both timeless and modern enough to endure the test of time.”
  13. “May you achieve all of your goals, and may the memory of this day grow more precious with each passing year.”
  14. “May your heart be full of joy and brightness. May you have a broad, wide smile. And may you always have a few coins in your pockets.
  15. “May life shower you with all the joy and good fortune it has to offer. And may you discover a pot of gold at the end of all your rainbows.
  16. “May you be slow to make enemies and fast to make friends, poor in tragedy, wealthy in benefits.”
  17. The most important thing is that you have the time to appreciate them all. May you have love, health, and prosperity.
  18. “May tomorrow’s happiness be as great as today’s. The goblets of life don’t contain any leftover tears.
  19. May the delight you experience today be the start of a lifetime of great joy and fulfillment.
  20. “Starting today, you won’t be living alone. You two will always have each other as husband and wife. Additionally, your family and friends will be there for you throughout the process to encourage you. On such a great day, congratulations to a lovely bride and couple!

New Wedding Toasts One for Instagram

Weddings have an unmatched vibe, a vibe of beginning something new, a beautiful feeling. You are meeting your loved ones and closest while entering a new phase of your life. Wedding toasts surely put an emotional smile on everyone’s face. Here are some new wedding Toasts one can use:

  1. Today’s night is dedicated to love, laughter, and a lifetime of happiness. May your marriage be as beautiful as this star-gazing night.
  2. Here’s to the beautiful bride and groom, may your love be as strong as your Netflix password.
  3. Dear Bride and groom I wish your love be modern enough to survive in this era and old-school enough to last forever. 
  4. Cheers to the couple who found love in a best friend surely made for each other. 
  5. Dear bride and groom may your days be filled with joy, laughter, and smiles and your nights with cuddles & beautiful conversations.
  6. We’ve watched you guys grow, and today, we’re gaining a wonderful addition to our family. Cheers to this great duo!
  7. Raising a toast to the love that knows no bounds and the friendship that lasts a lifetime. To my dearest bride and groom.
  8.  Your love is like a fine wine, getting better with time. May this love grow stronger with each passing day.
  9. Cheers to the greatest adventure of all time – marriage! May it be filled with exciting twists, turns, humor, laughs, and endless pillow fights.
  10. I wish pockets be heavy and your hearts be light. May good luck stay with you each morning and night. Cheers to this new beginning with a lot of prosperity and love!

At times we feel so overwhelmed and happy and couldn’t find the perfect words for the same. Weddings are one of those moments and the above list might help you to express.

How can we not talk about post-wedding fun, posting pictures and videos on Instagram with captions and stories with music, clicking on comments for wedding pictures, trending music for Instagram reels, for perfect ideas and suggestions?

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