Ways to plan valentine's day picnic Ways to plan valentine's day picnic

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day this year is going to feel different this year, which requires us to step away from the traditional dinner at a nice restaurant, and force us into more creative ways to celebrate. Once unique idea is to plan a romantic picnic. If you live in a climate that’s warm enough to picnic outdoors in February this is perfect, but even if you live in a colder climate you can get heating lamps, or have the picnic next to a fire pit. In this year of creatively celebrating holidays, you can even set up a cute picnic indoors for an entirely different experience.

Let’s go over how to set one up.

Take Some Time Off

Take the day off if you’re working and just have the day to yourselves. If you have kids, find someone to babysit, Valentine’s day is only once a year and you do not want to spoil it by doing other things rather than spending it with your loved one.

Pick a Meal

Homemade sandwiches are good and all and they’re mostly the choices for a typical picnic, but consider doing something different. Perhaps make your own dinner, maybe something special that you hardly ever cook because it is more involved. Valentine’s Dayis a good excuse to go special with your celebrations. Make sure to also pack a little something extra in the romantic theme, something like a box of chocolates, chocolate-covered strawberries or a Valentines Basket from a company such as Hickory Farms that pre-makes them with a variety of savory and sweet treats. Some baskets even include wine which will be a perfect addition for this special occasion.

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Find a Spot With Views

You should plan on finding a nice spot to have a picnic at with wonderful views such as views of a mountain, city, or beach depending on where you live. This helps set a nice little vibe and makes things quite romantic. When you’ve got a spot in mind, try to set your things somewhere that’s a little more private from the area or away from others so that you and your partner can have some privacy and enjoy the day yourselves. If you’re picnicking indoors and can’t have a view, add more decor to the mix to make it feel special, extra pillows, candles, and cozy blankets can make your indoor picnic extra special. Whether you’re doing it inside or outside, you can also gift your partner womens loungewear or mens loungewear to make the picnic even more comfy.

Set a Time

Pick a time that works best for you and your loved one. However, it might be best to plan the picnic in the evening so you can enjoy the sunset views from the spot you have chosen, it’ll also make things more romantic. You can even bring some binoculars to get a great sight of the views and maybe even a telescope to watch the stars at night.

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Decorate the Scene

Decorate the picnic, maybe put a small table and a little comfy tent so that you guys can enjoy the day comfortably. If you do not have any ideas on how to decorate one check out Google or hire a small business company that can decorate picnics for you. They’ll make sure the picnic is fantastic and it’ll not only surprise you, but your loved one as well. Make sure to also bring some blankets with you if you’re planning on staying the whole day at the spot.

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in the world. A vacation may not be an option in the world today due to travel and state restrictions, but a romantic picnic that allows you to enjoy the day together while you share a beverage and a special meal could be just what you and your loved one need to connect away from the practical side of life.

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