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Trying to figure out your next travel destination? Plan the trip around your tastebuds. Map out a trek around the globe to taste some of the best food around.

Travel for food through Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Africa. Try some new dishes or simply check out the original versions of your favorite classics.

And while you’re eating your way through these culinary destinations, get to know the local people and attractions. Nibble on a croissant below the Eiffel Tower or sip a cup of the freshest coffee in Singapore

Top 11 Foodie Destinations for Food Around the World

Here are the nominations for the top 11 food travel destinations, in no particular order, to plot your international cuisine tour.

To make room for all the goodies you’re going to eat, choose walkable locations or places with many attractions. Keep yourself and your belongings safe while out and about with a GPS trailer tracker. You’ll come to the table hungry at each meal, and ready to move on to the next location with your gear in tow.

Montreal Poutine

Visiting the historic Canadian city of Montreal is not complete without the classic French Canadian dish, poutine. When you order poutine, you’ll be the happy recipient of a large portion of fries, smothered in gravy and white cheddar cheese curds.

After this hefty North American meal, take a walk around Montreal to historical churches like Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, architectural beauty Montreal City hall, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

New York Pizza

If you’re looking for the best pizza out there, New York, NY, has to be on your list. While Naples, Italy, and Chicago might try to steal the title, there’s something about New York pizza that just reigns supreme.

Grab pizza as you go, walking upwards on historic Broadway or heading to the famous Midtown location of the New York Public Library. Slices are often available for about a dollar at street-side windows so you can taste as you travel, checking out more than one hot restaurant in the day.

Memphis Barbecue

Meat lover’s meal in mind? Don’t skip barbecue in the southeastern United States. Head to Memphis Tennessee for the authentic, smoked, sauce-dripping barbecue you crave. Eat at the best restaurants of Tennessee’s pitmasters.

Tokyo Ramen

While the mind may immediately jump to sushi when Japan is mentioned, humor the thought that perhaps what you’re craving is a bowl of salty broth, veggies, and protein of choice.

Try this traditional Japanese soup at one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of ramen shops around Tokyo. Pair with gyoza on the side.

Parisian Pastries

It’s hard to choose the best foods in Paris, but pastries are definitely up there. Who could say no to a breakfast croissant in front of the Louvre?

Make your visit to the pâtisserie on your way down your Rue du Bac sightseeing.

Florentine Pasta

Fill up your bowl with genuine Florentine pasta. Your trip to Italy won’t be complete with a bowl of Nonna’s noodles. While Italians may not have invented noodles (history gives that credit to the Chinese), they definitely perfected what we know today as pasta.

Get some freshly made pasta in Florence for a flavor you’ve never experienced in a box of Barilla. Follow up the evening with some gelato and a walk along the Ponte Vecchio.

Jerusalem Shawarma

Looking for a great travel destination where you try some authentic shawarma? Take a tour of Jerusalem, the city sacred to several world religions and now beloved by foodies as well.

Visit a local shop for seasoned chicken, beef, or lamb sandwich for a snack between touring ancient, sacred sites, ruins, and modern-day attractions.

Zurich Chocolate

No doubt you’ve heard of how famous Swiss chocolate is, but did you know it stems from their early forays into milk chocolate. If you’ve ever had Lindt chocolate, you can thank Rudolph Lindt, an early Swiss chocolatier.

Find some fresh, delicious chocolate in the historic city of Zurich. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, you’ll walk off the extra calories in no time.

Singapore Coffee

Are you a cup-of-joe aficionado? Then you need to check out the coffee in Singapore and the traditions that have sprung up around it. Known locally as Kopi, morning brews are often sold on the street from stalls.

They won’t be passing you a traditional to-go cup, however. Your coffee comes in a bag with a straw. If you’d like a cup, you pay an extra fee.

Get to know the coffee lingo before you head to Singapore. Want milk and sugar? Order Kopi C. Need an extra kickstart this morning? Try Kopi Gau and test the flavors of fresh coffee beans from nearby Indonesia.

Hawaiian Luau

If you’re looking for a meal that is also an experience, visit America’s farthest-flung state, Hawaii, for a luau. Try out the authentic Polynesian flavors including, kalua pig, which is pork roasted underground.

Sides include poi, a taro root dish, and raw fish poke. Finish up the dinner with a coconut pudding called Haupia. These flavors are accompanied by dancing and music, making a whole night out of this delicious meal.

Casablanca Tagine

Looking for some of the tastiest Mediterranean fares out there? Visit Casablanca, Morocco for some tagine. Made in a type of oven-like dish called a tagine, this stew can be made with chicken or lamb and veggies. It is best paired with bread.

Make the most of your visit to this classically international North African city with a savory, local meal. It’s exactly what you’ll need after a day of taking a tour on camel-back and shopping in the bazaar.

Will Travel for Food

Got your new plan to travel for food underway? Great! Get out there and set your tastebuds loose upon the world.

Remember, if you are being served delicacies by a local and you don’t like it, try to find something polite to stay but feel free to refuse a second helping. Politeness does not require you to make yourself sick trying octopus tentacles or Rocky Mountain oysters.

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