2021’s biggest challenges and trends 2021’s biggest challenges and trends

There’s no denying that 2020 was a heck of a year – and not in the positive sense. 2021 seems set to deliver more of the same, and for ordinary people, that will mean finding new ways to do things we’ve been doing for centuries, if not millennia. Along with the serious side, comes the not-so-serious – the new ways we’re finding to keep ourselves sane and stylish during these troubled times. Change is the only constant, and we look at some of the challenges, challenges and trends that 2021 brings with it.

Challenges and Trends To Look For in 2021

1. Adapting Ages-Old Rites of Passage

As far back as recorded history goes, and probably even further, we’ve had certain methods of dealing with the joys and sorrows life throws at us. For example, losing a loved one meant gathering at the bedside for final farewells, and a process of grieving that definitely didn’t include social distancing. But even if you want to waive the rules, it may not be possible these days, and it certainly isn’t advisable. Feeling present when you have to mourn from a distance is among the challenges we face in 2021. And even with the best possible strategies, it seems likely that the process of bereavement will be tougher and last longer than ever. Your challenge: connecting remotely without being emotionally remote. It’s OK to cry on Skype.

2. Remote Socializing

2020, it seems, was just the beginning. We put our lives on hold, and we hoped that 2021 would be better. It may not be. We’re lockdown-weary, and we’re longing for social contact, parties, celebrations of life achievements, or just a hug from a friend. Our challenge?

Finding ways to socialize remotely while still being utterly ourselves. Already, busy minds have been working on ways to celebrate life events like graduation without the parties and parades. Not the same as a real-life celebration?

Sure, but a bit of positive attitude goes a long way! For day-to-day socializing, chat online with old friends, or try a socially oriented online game, a chat or penfriends platform to make new friends. Have you taken on the challenge of throwing a “virtual” party to enjoy with friends? There are tons of great virtual celebration ideas out there. See if you can make it happen!

3. Mask up, be Gorgeous, and Let Your Eyes Smile

While some of us, including this writer, may welcome wearing a mask (any mask) as a way to look potentially gorgeous, we all miss seeing people’s faces. For the trend-oriented, there are some super-awesome masks out there, and coordinating them with your outfits can actually add an element of mystery to your look.

But whether you just go for blue disposable masks or step out in stylish facewear, our challenge is to connect. That may mean being larger-than-life than you were before. Smile and let your eyes smile with you. Wave to neighbours and acquaintances – and when you’re chatting via text, do use those trending emojis! Corny? When your body language can’t do the talking for you, a couple of emojis are a big help!

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