Heartfelt wishes & comments for roka or engagement ceremony Heartfelt wishes & comments for roka or engagement ceremony

Roka ceremonies mark the beginning of a beautiful journey between two souls, celebrated with love, joy, and the blessings of family and friends. As friends, family, or being a loved one, we cannot stop ourselves from conveying our warmest wishes and heartfelt feelings to the happy couple. Whether you’re a friend, sibling or a family member – it must be a special moment for you as well and surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to give them happy wishes for their roka ceremony via comments on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

I’d like to begin by giving some more light on the importance of roka ceremony in our country.

What is “Roka” Ceremony in India?

What is roka ceremony in india

The small word ROKA symbolizes the beginning of something new. The Roka ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in India, marking the formal announcement of a new relationship making it official by both families. It symbolizes the union of two families and announces a wedding. During this ceremony, families exchange gifts and blessings to celebrate the beginning of this new journey.

The ceremony is deeply rooted in Indian culture and a way Indian for of formal agreement of the couple. This ceremony marks the official beginning of their journey to marriage and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. This small ritual can be said as a beautiful way of ice-breaking traditionally and strengthens the family bond.

 What is Given in the Roka Ceremony?

 what is given in the roka ceremony

Surely a shower of gifts and blessings, the Roka ceremony, families exchange small gifts as a gesture of goodwill and blessing for the couple. These gifts may vary from culture and traditions, items such as sweets, clothes, jewelry, fruits, a coconut and similar other gifts that symbolize their family values. The reason behind this exchange is the mutual acceptance and commitment of both families to this new beginning of the couple and upcoming marriage.

How is a Roka Ceremony Done with Rituals?

How is a roka ceremony done with rituals

Roka is a small beautiful ceremony, performed with various rituals that vary in different regions and communities. It begins with a puja and prayers followed by an exchange of gifts and blessings by the families. Rituals such as tying a sacred thread called “kalawa” and applying roli (red color tika) on the couple’s forehead to bless the couple with luck and prosperity. Don’t miss to give such beautiful compliments to cute couple.

Wishes & Comments for Your Friend’s Roka Ceremony Post

Wishes & comments for your friend’s  roka ceremony post

Friends are partners in crime, they know about the first crush, your deepest secret to the most stupid thing you try. They are simply our extended family and today you are celebrating one of the biggest days of their life. We already discussed some comments for engagement on Instagram, this Instagram post surely needs a comment on their Roka.

Here are some interesting comments on friends’ roka for WhatsApp:

  1.  Congratulations bestie on finding your forever person!
  2.   I wish you a lifetime of happiness together & forever.
  3.  Cheers to a perfect match, may this love story continue to blossom with each passing day.
  4. Wishing you all the luck to the beautiful journey ahead!
  5.  I hope that your bond will grow stronger every moment.
  6.  Seeing you two together makes my heart sing. Congratulations my dearest lovebirds.
  7.  Here’s to a lifetime of laughter and love, Cheers!!!!
  8. To my Romeo and Juliet, you have got all my love and warm wishes.
  9. It’s a love story and the girl said yes.
  10.  Big big congratulations guys.

Unique Wishes for Your Brother’s Roka Ceremony on Facebook

Unique wishes for brother's engagement or roka ceremony

At times, brothers share the most underrated bond, they simply stay and support. From fighting over the TV remote to sharing responsibilities and a sweet silent bond, it’s time to celebrate his new beginning. Your brother is now Rokafied and we have some great comments on your behalf for him. Here are some good comments for brother on their roka:

  1.   Bro, you’ve finally found your soulmate, voila!
  2.   I’m the happiest person right now, I have got someone by my side to annoy you.
  3.   I couldn’t be happier for you. Congratulations on your Roka.
  4.   Seeing you so happy with your partner fills my heart with joy. Wishing you all the happiness.
  5.   Hey bro, I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter.
  6.   Brother, may your love be as strong as our bond. Here’s to a life of happiness together!
  7.   Congratulations on finding the one who completes you. Make beautiful memories with each other.
  8.   I wish you endless love and togetherness.
  9.   Watching you take this step fills me with pride and joy. All the best!
  10.   Cheers to your beautiful journey ahead!

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Heartfelt Wishes for Sister’s Roka Post on Instagram

Heartfelt wishes for sister's roka engagement post

Sisters share the most beautiful bond, the support, the care, they pamper and can surely annoy sometimes. But seeing your sister getting rokafied is an emotional moment. Her Roka day is a new beginning for her and a happy day for you. Pass her best wishes on this day with comments below:

  1.   To my dearest sister and your partner-to-be, I promise to be a third wheel.
  2.   May your love story be filled with unforgettable moments and endless joy.
  3.   Seeing you happily ever after brings tears of joy to my eyes.
  4.   I wish you both a lifetime of love and friendship.
  5.   My girl, you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish you best on this day.
  6.   May your love shine brighter every day with your partner beside you in every phase.
  7.   As you embark on this new chapter together, know that I will always be here to support and cherish your love.
  8.   Sis, may your love story be as magical as a fairy tale. Congratulations on your roka.
  9.   And my girl is rokafied now, shoutout to this daring man.
  10.   Finally I don’t have to suffer with your mood swings, you got someone to deal with them for a lifetime.

Roka Cceremony in Marathi Culture

Roka cceremony in marathi culture

Talking about roka in Marathi culture, the ceremony is known as “Sakhar Puda”. It i’s a sweet and auspicious event that involves the exchange of rings between the couple. They also offer a packet of sugar (sakhar) by the groom’s family to the bride, symbolizing their acceptance and commitment to marriage. Surely a sweet and thoughtful gesture, isn’t it?

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Roka Ceremony in Gujarati Family

Roka ceremony in gujarati family

Roka ceremony in Gujarat is called as ‘Gordhana’ as well which, the ceremony is celebrated with great feeling and enthusiasm in Gujarati culture. It is surely very colorful. This ceremony involves a formal agreement of the couple where the families exchange gifts, sweets, and blessings. During this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings and seek the blessings of the elders for a blissful union.

Roka Ceremony in Punjabi and Sikhs

Roka ceremony in punjabi and sikhs

Well, this community makes everything in a grandeur way, In Punjabi and Sikh traditions, the Roka ceremony, is known as ‘Rokna’. It’s a joyous occasion filled with music, dance, and festivities. It involves the formal announcement of the roka, marked by the exchange of gifts, sweets, and blessings. One of the sweet elements in Rokna ceremony is traditional Punjabi folk songs (boliyan) and dance performances to celebrate the joining of families.

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Roka ceremonies are rare occasions filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt blessings. Whether you’re a friend, brother, or sister, your words mean a lot to them.  Make their day more special with the above comments. For more wedding-related articles read our other articles and let us know more about the roka ceremony wishes in the comment section below.

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