Great comments for cricket  players Great comments for cricket  players

Whether your favorite player performs well or not, you are there to give your full support. And that makes you a genuine fan of cricket. You love cricket games, we all do. But there’s always the one cricket player we admire the most. 

That could be anyone and not just a captain. They could be a top-order batsman, all-rounder, or spin bowler. If you want to share your support on social media, here you will find the best comments to leave on that cricketer’s posts. 

Best Comments to Share for Your Favourite Cricketer and to Appreciate a Cricketer as Well

Best comments to share for your favourite cricketer

You love that player’s style and how he turns the match on the positive side. You trust him when he’s on the field. If that cricket player is your idol and inspiration, you can share one of the best comments like these. 

  1. The captain you trust, the captain we all love—the captain who can lead. 
  2. I never miss a single cricket match, and this is the only reason. 
  3. When this player is in the field, you don’t have to worry about anything. 
  4. This country never has such a great player like this or maybe never will. 
  5. I know I’m not the only one crazy about this player’s style. 
  6. You know you’re a true fan when you don’t lose faith in your favorite cricketer. 
  7. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and you’re the gentleman.
  8. Undoubtedly, the only player that plays for the country and not for himself. 
  9. We are going to miss his decision-making in the field. He’s such a great player. 
  10. No matter how big the score it is, when he’s on the field, there’s the hope.

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Instagram Comments for Cricket Players’ Post

Instagram comments for cricket players’ post

You’re a diehard fan of that cricket player and you follow him also every popular fan page on Instagram. To contribute your remarks as a true fan and participate in the discussion, here are comments to share on the cricketer’s Instagram posts. 

  1. What a legend! His techniques and cricketing spirit are so unique. 
  2. There was only one player who changed the whole game and we know who’s that. 
  3. Such a talented cricketer player, we are always here to support him. 
  4. The one cricketer who is a gentleman by heart whether in the field or out. 
  5. The true fan raises your hand in support of this amazing player. 
  6. Cricket gave us many players, but this one is different than all of the others. 
  7. Earlier I didn’t watch cricket much. But I started only because of this player. 
  8. Thank you for giving us a great memory with your great performance. 
  9. Let see how many of you are die-hard fan of this great player of all time.
  10. It’s fine whether we won or not, but this player won our hearts.

Positive Comments for Cricket Players

Positive comments for cricket players

You’re the most supportive fan that most cricket players hope to have. You never give up when your player doesn’t play well, but you share your belief. Fine, if his performance isn’t that great for the last few matches. But you can share these positive comments like a genuine support of that player.

  1. One of the greatest cricket players any nation ever had. 
  2. I love cricket like we all do. But I’m sure you can’t love this player like I do. 
  3. If this player wasn’t on the field today, we won’t be able to win by any chance. 
  4. The only player in the world who can change the entire game by himself. 
  5. Love him or hate him, but I believe in this player that he will come back. 
  6. That’s what I’m talking about. I told you before, I told you again, this player is different. 
  7. The player I look up to when I feel sad. He’s the champion in the field and outside.
  8. When you look at this player you see records, but I see his dedication and hard work. 
  9. My all-time favorite cricketer who is even loved by their opponents. A great player!
  10. This player has a unique style of playing every shot . It’s just so beautiful to watch him play.

Good Comments to Leave on A Cricket Match

Good comments to leave on a cricket match

After the match is over, a discussion and debate is going on. If you follow such news or updates on cricket like a true fan of cricket, you need these unique comments. If your team won or lost, your favorite player played well or not, but you loved this game and you always do. So for such a memorable match, you can share these comments after it’s over. 

  1. What a fantastic match it was, I am glad I watched it live. 
  2. We almost lost hope of winning and then this player came to the ground. 
  3. Cricket is not just a game of fitness, but it’s more than a mind game. 
  4. This is what you can call a true action, what excitement, what pressure. 
  5. Cricket taught me many things in life and It’s not just a game for me. 
  6. Such a great experience to watch this match live from the stadium for the first time. 
  7. Outstanding innings by our most loved cricketer. 
  8. This match proves that you can’t guarantee anything in cricket until the last ball. 
  9. Cricket is a game of emotions, sometimes you enjoy it, sometimes you live it. 
  10. What a great game! I enjoyed every minute of this memorable match. 
  11. You asked why I love cricket, right? Here’s the reason. 

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Final Thoughts

If you find yourself loss for words when deciding what to comment on your favourite cricketers’ posts on social media, we hope this list is enough for you. 

Express your genuine support for that cricketer you are a huge fan of.  In our country, where cricket is religion itself, such respectful compliments are to cheer your favorite cricketer. You see them as your idol or inspiration and your comments prove that itself. 

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