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No athlete was born with that special talent, strength, or skill. They all worked for it. It’s not luck, but their hard work, patience, and persistence which make them the best in their field. Hence, you want to show your genuine respect and encouragement to an athlete. 

Either online or when they are around you need some unique comments and compliments to share. In this article, you will find some inspiring comments and the best compliments to give an athlete. 

They might have heard the same phrases like ‘Big fan’ most of the time. But when you say something personalized, it sounds like more meaningful comments. More than that, it also encourages them as well as makes them feel proud of their talents and be ready for the next match.

Good Comments to Appreciate Athletes

Good comments to appreciate athletes

If you have seen athletes’ posts on social media, you want to leave some good comments. As a fan could be your appreciation for their support for their performance or that you see them as your inspiration. In that case, such comments make sense to leave on their posts.

  1. It’s always great to see you on the field. You are the best athletes ever. 
  2. Your dedication to the game is truly appreciated. 
  3. I’m here to cheer you up for the next biggest game. All the very best. 
  4. I’m so inspired by your techniques and try to follow in your footsteps.
  5. There are many star players in the game. But you are my all-time favorite.
  6. We have no idea how much practice it takes to give one perfect shot. 
  7. You are so passionate about your work and that makes me your fan.
  8. For others, you might be just an athlete, but to me, you are a leader. 
  9. There’s no one to come near to you when it comes to dedication to the game. 
  10. It’s always amazing to see how focused you remain on the field. 
  11. The level of calmness you keep during the pressure situation is inspiring. 
  12. Your entire life is like an inspiration to me. You have a big influence on my life. 

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Positive Things to Say to Athletes

Positive things to say to athletes

As a genuine supporter online, when you want to say something inspiring and positive to an athlete in your connection, here is what to say. This list covers something positive, and inspiring things to say when athletes are going through setbacks at the moment. 

  1. We all are here to cheer you up, no matter if it’s your day or not. 
  2. You have played exceptionally well in the past and you will in the future, too. 
  3. Don’t worry, your fans are here to support you at your best and worst. 
  4. Been seeing you playing on the field for decades and I like to see you for another.
  5. Just one defeat doesn’t impact you anyway. You are and will remain the GOAT.
  6. It’s you who have helped me during my tough time. Now I’m here for you. 
  7. I trust that your comeback will be great as no one else has. 
  8. Never lose hope, like me, thousands of people support you. 
  9. May god bless you with the strength to overcome this setback period. 
  10. I’m not like that fan who gave up on the start after two or three losses. 
  11. Thank you for giving us the best memory with this performance. 
  12. You are my hero, my leader. And I believe in you more than any fan can. 

Best Compliments to Inspire Athletes

Best compliments to inspire athletes

You can’t stop praising how this athlete inspires you in life. From their hard work, and dedication to the ability to give the consistent best performance, you are so impressed by them. Well, if so, then here are some unique and meaningful compliments for the athletes you are a fan of. 

  1. I don’t see this as a failure, it’s a mistake and I think you should learn from that. 
  2. Even if it’s your worst time, I do believe that you can do your best. 
  3. The best thing I learned from you is dedication, you are so full of it.
  4. Every time I see you play on the field I see nothing but a great player. 
  5. You are my inspiration, you make me ready to give my best in any situation. 
  6. For the next big games, I’m giving you my wishes and prayers. All the best. 
  7. When it’s your game, I forget about everything just to watch you play. 
  8. It doesn’t matter how you play, we love to see you on the field in the game. 
  9. Till you are in the field we believe that there’s a chance for the win. 
  10. I love how you never give up so easily and always come back with more. 
  11. Never seen anyone so dedicated to their game, to the nation’s pride. 
  12. Not just for your game, the way you live is also inspiring to us. 

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Short Motivational Phrases for Athletes

To make your compliments or comments on athletes look more natural, you can use some short phrases like this. These phrases are enough to show your appreciation and positively influence your life.

  1. Undoubtedly, you are the GOAT of this game. 
  2. We are so proud of you and the hard work you show. 
  3. I believe in you that you will rise back and give the best. 
  4. That was an impressive performance. MInd-blown!
  5. We will always be beautiful to witness this grand even life. 
  6. Having you on the team makes the difference. 
  7. It’s always inspiring to see you give your best in the game. 
  8. I learned so much from you. You are my inspiration in life. 
  9. No matter whatever situation, we always believe in you. 
  10. You are the star player and that makes us the star fans. 
  11. No player in the world is as great as you are. 
  12. You are persistent with your performance over time. 
  13. Your attitude helps me to overcome my fear of failure. 
  14. Thank you for inspiring my life in a lot of positive ways. 
  15. Your story has such a huge impact on me and how I live.

What Makes The Encouragement for Athletes So Important? 

Short motivational phrases for athletes

It takes years of practice, hard work, and training to become a successful athlete. No one has an idea of the setbacks, injuries, pain, and emotions that athletes might face. When they don’t perform well as expected, they need the support the most. Maybe it’s their time that is wrong, or they are going through some pain. 

But to make them keep doing their best ignoring the failure and personal life issues, as a true supporter you need to encourage an athlete. It might take a few positive words and phrases to make them feel encouraged and get back in the field. 

In the same way, you appreciate an athlete during their prime time. It’s also important to be there as a genuine support to an athlete when they experience setbacks either in the field or in their life.

Never forget to express your thankfulness, have these comments for the help and support they provided.


How do you appreciate an athlete?

You can appreciate an athlete in many areas from their hard work to their recent achievement. You can make them feel great about themselves by mentioning their performance at a particular event that makes you their fan. 

What do you say to inspire an athlete?

When you feel like an athlete needs inspiration, you can mention their past achievements in case they feel down during the setbacks. You could also give them examples of successful athletes who fight back and win in the end. 

What is a good sports player quote?

Most quotes that are about self-belief, hard work, and patience work well with the good sports player. Because they need such positive words to feel inspired and motivated. 

What are positive words for a sports team?

‘Believe in yourself’, and ‘Keep it up’ are the most positive things to say to a sports team who lack confidence and need support. You can share this encouragement as a supporter, fan, coach, and a family member. 

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