Fit comments for workout and exercise Fit comments for workout and exercise

If you want to leave perfect comments for workout videos and exercise tips on social media, this is the post for you. You might be following many channels and Instagram pages related to exercising and all. 

With such content, you have gained knowledge and guidance on stay fit. So, it will be worth sharing some fit comments on such posts as part of the engagement. 

Whether it’s about giving your feedback to a workout trainer or expressing your appreciation for the best tips, these are some great comments to write on posts related to workout tips. 

Perfect Comments For Workout Videos

Perfect comments for workout videos

If you do home exercise following workout videos on YouTube, don’t shy away from sharing your comments on the same. Let the others know how such workout sessions work for you. 

  1. Thanks to your exercise videos, now I can work out at home, too. 
  2. It’s only because of you, I started working out again.
  3. For those who hate going to the gym, such workout videos are the best options. 
  4. I have to say, been following your videos for the last two months. Great tips! 
  5. Doing the exercise as you suggested. I feel more confident in myself. 
  6. Finally, I can make time for exercise. Great videos, keep posting. 
  7. Now there’s no escape plan, I do the same exercise every day. Thanks.
  8. I don’t hate exercise anymore. This is the simple exercise I need. 
  9. A simple and timeless exercise routine to follow. 
  10. So thankful for your channel, I get back on my ‘stay fit’ challenge again. 

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Good Comments For Gym Workout

Good comments for gym workout

When someone in your connection posts their gym exercise and workout videos, leave engaging comments. In doubt, and not sure what to write you can follow this list. 

  1. I never felt so energetic before. I can’t thank you enough for your workout session. 
  2. I’ve been doing this exercise for a few days and am feeling better already. 
  3. Going to the gym is the first step you take toward becoming fit and confident. 
  4. The best way to improve is to take every challenge personally.
  5. Earlier I avoid to go to the gym and exercising, how an idiot I was. 
  6. Well, you don’t exercise just to look fit but also to feel great.
  7. I don’t care how busy my schedule is, I make sure I don’t skip a leg day. 
  8. Been to many gyms before, but this one is a life-changer for me. 
  9. I don’t take time for exercise, it’s my routine the same as eating and sleeping.

Best Comments For Exercise Tips

Best comments for exercise tips

You already following the exercising tips and health guidance as per the particular channel. With your comments, you want to encourage others to follow such tips, because you know that this does work.  

  1. This becomes my routine now; I follow this workout session every day. 
  2. I’m not a regular gym guy, but this post makes me start a gym again. 
  3. I simply love your posts. So easy to follow and quite result-oriented. 
  4. So excited about the next fitness challenge. Count me in already.
  5. Great level of physical activities, following it dedicatedly. Thank you!
  6. Truly agree with you. No pain means no gain. 
  7. Such a gym I’ve to dream to go regularly. The best equipment and a great trainer. 
  8. No more running away, I’m going to the gym from today onwards. 
  9. Keep sharing your best workout tips. It works best for me. 

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Positive Comments For A Good Workout Trainer

Positive comments for a good workout trainer

If you come across workout related posts from the gym or trainer you follow, you can leave some positive comments as your feedback. This allows you to share your experience with others and how workout sessions help you to stay fit. 

  1. I have to say, he is the best in the fitness business. Glad I found him.
  2. Following your workout session dedicated I can see the progress. 
  3. When your trainer is passionate about fitness, you become the one. 
  4. Thank you for changing my whole perspective on exercising. It changed my life, too. 
  5. If you want to comment that I look great, all credit goes to my trainer. 
  6. You don’t have to take a heavy gym subscription. You just need to hire a good trainer.
  7. Trust your gym trainer like a friend, he is the one who leads you to the right path. 
  8. What a great exercising session that was, I feel truly energized. 
  9. Never take exercise seriously, until I met him. 
  10. I can feel the difference between how I felt and how I am now. All thanks to my trainer. 

Well, if your comments are for the workout videos or as feedback on the exercise training and gym, make sure to write clear and engaging feedback. This helps the channel owner or trainer to get some feedback from regular users. Along with that, you also help fellow audience and others to start their journey to stay fit without much waiting. 

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