Trending podcasts on spotify Trending podcasts on spotify

Along with listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify, this music platform is also a home for many entertaining to mindful podcasts, as well. So if you are not sure which podcast to tune with, the presented list of trending podcasts on Spotify is the one to have a better idea. 

Known as online music streaming application, Spotify is also doing great with its podcast library with the collection of the best and trending podcast shows for binge-listening. 

The Spotify podcast library has everything you need, whether it’s about a technology discussion, general life topics, or bedtime stories that you like to listen to before sleep. 

The presented list consists of the top trending podcast shows on Spotify depending on the most popular categories. 

Trending Comedy Podcasts on Spotify

If you’re into listing the funny stories or hilarious interviews on Spotify, the platform has a great playlist for you to tune in free time or on weekends. Here are some top comedy shows you can listen to right now on Spotify. 

1. Comedy Bang! Bang!

The Earwolf and Scott Aukerman host it; this funny podcast on Spotify is worth mentioning due to its great gags and fun interviews. Just one episode is enough to realize the concept of this hilarious podcast. Moreover, this one has been quite a popular and trending podcast on Spotify for a very long time that you want to listen to once. 

2. My Brother, My Brother & Me

What would be more fun than strangers who advise you on life despite being imperfect in their own life? This podcast is all about a hilarious discussion featuring three people who share their life advice in a fun way. Suppose you usually feel tired every Monday morning and need something hilarious to kick start your new week. In that case, this popular comedy podcast on Spotify is for you that launches a new episode on Monday. 

3. Netflix is a daily joke. 

This simple yet funny podcast series is nothing but a show presenting one joke, every new day. Featuring your favorite stars, celebrities and comedians, this trending comedy podcast is worth adding to your playlist for hilarious jokes and starting your day with fun. 

4. What a Day

Are you feeling tired of seeing the boring news? How about the news updates that are a bit more entertaining and with funny twists? If you feel something exciting, then this is the podcast for you.  In this comedy podcast, the comedian and reporter team up together to present you the latest news update of the day.`

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Best podcasts on Spotify Stories 

We all love listing to the stories, Right? But, if you expect something other than watching a movie or reading a book before bed, then you can listen to the popular storytelling podcast on Spotify. Refer to the given list of top Spotify podcasts if you wish someone to tell you a story. 

5. The Moth

Being broadcast since 1997, The Moth is one of the most popular and trending storytelling podcasts on Spotify. The show consists of thousands of real-life stories that give thrilling plus terrifying experiences to its listeners worldwide.

6. Sleep with me. 

Whenever you have trouble sleeping at night, and your daily struggle won’t let you sleep, then it’s a good idea to listen to this storytelling podcast on Spotify. Every episode with the bedtime story will help you fall asleep by taking you away from the running thoughts in your head.

7. Our Love Story

Get inspired from the real-life couples sharing their journey to find love via letting you know about their struggles to be together finally. This popular love stories podcast presents a new episode every Tuesday, plus this podcast already has some great stories for you to listen to right now. 

8. Story Time

If you are looking for bedtime stories for your kids, then this Spotify playlist is the one for you. This podcast about kids’ stories is the best option, like telling them a story before sleep. The new episode with a new story for kids is being broadcast to the list every week. 

Trending Educational Podcasts on Spotify

Whether you are curious to learn something new or sharpen your communication skills, there are some good educational podcasts that you want to refer to. In the next list, you will find the top Spotify podcast in the educational category. 

9. Daily Easy English Expression Podcast

When your goal is to master the English language, this podcast is what you can refer to. Hosted by Coach Shane, this podcast publishes frequent episodes covering English phrases and expressions to enhance your English vocabulary with good daily practices. 

10. Think Fast, Think Smart: Communication Techniques

Communication plays a vital role in any field of business or life. And if you want to work on communication skills, this podcast on communication is highly recommended. Moreover, this podcast is hosted by a Stanford graduate to help other people communicate better and more effectively. 

11. Planet Money

Whether you are an economist or not, when finance and money are your favorite subject, this Spotify podcast is all worth listing once. Not just the latest economic trends, but this podcast also covers some real-life case studies to provide great insights that finance people want to listen to. 

12. Science Vs

For the curious minds and researchers, Science Vs can be the best podcast to follow for the latest science news to refer to discussion regarding what’s fact and what’s myth. Every week this podcast comes up with a new science topic and presents an insight that you may feel wonder about. 

Best Podcasts on Spotify for Self-improvement

If you are looking for mindful things to listen to every morning to have a great day, then this list of podcasts is for you. Such dedicated Spotify podcasts on life are a great source to refer to when your goal is to kickstart your day with positive thinking. 

13. TED Talks Daily

This official Ted’s podcast on Spotify covers almost every topic that relates to human life. From artificial intelligence to personal stories to inspire others, this is one of the trending Spotify podcasts that you don’t want to miss. The podcast shares new episodes every day on the various topics and the discussion of the industry leaders to genius minds. 

14. 7 Good Minutes

As the name suggests, the Spotify podcast shares seven minutes of episodes every day, covering the self-improvement tips and training for busy personnel. In addition, every episode comes with the new self-improvement practices that the top speakers are suggesting to help you achieve your goals effectively.  

15. Good Life Project

If you want to live your life to the best and make the most out of your time, this Spotify podcast on life is the one you start listening to right now. In every episode, the leaders of the various industries share their life practices and advice that you can follow to make a good life possible. 

16. The Habit Coach

If you want to follow the good habits in life but haven’t found the motivation yet, this podcast will help you. Discussing all good habits regarding health, sleep, work, and relationships, this podcast covers the best practices and inspiring approaches to develop good habits without much waiting. 

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Trending Technology Podcasts on Spotify

Suppose technology and innovation excite you, and you want to stay updated with the latest technological trends or news. In that case, Spotify has some best podcasts on technology niches that you better start following. 

17. AI Today Podcast

If you want to stay updated with the latest technology trends, especially artificial intelligence, you should tune in to ‘AI Today’ podcast. Every episode helps you gain the more insights into the AI technology. To implement this advanced technology in your busienss and worklife, this podcast is a worth listening to.

18. This Week In Tech

Not just a regular tech news channel, but it’s an insightful Spotify podcast to tune in to have the latest updates and discussion of the new technology and innovations. Every episode comes with a great insight into the latest technology stuff plus the future technology that makes life a lot advanced. 

19. IRL- Online Life is Real Life

Hosted by Firefox, a Mozilla tech company, this podcast is all about the internet. The discussion is mostly regarding our online life that almost we all are part of. Whether regarding cybersecurity or viral news, this tech podcast is the right place to stay updated on most internet stuff. 

20. TechCrunch

Hosted by a leading technology website, this podcast from TechCrunch lets you know every latest tech news to any update in the technology industry. The podcast is worth tuning in to stay informed about the technology trends to news from the tech giant’s next move. 

21. Big Technology Podcast

This is one of the unique podcasts that let you update the things going on in the tech world from the leading name behind the top tech companies. Hosted by the Silicon Valley journalist, this podcast covers tech news and provides insight on the business’s move via interviewing the company staff itself. 

Trending & Popular Podcast Shows on Spotify

There are a lot of Spotify podcast shows hosted by influencers that you want to follow for inspiration or encouragement. In this next list, you can find the most popular and trending podcasts and entertaining and inspiring shows.  

22. The Joe Rogan Experience

Hosted by comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts on Spotify. Every podcast with millions of views covering celebrities and stars, this podcast has been one of the world’s most popular podcasts since 2015. Every series consists of interviews with comedians, actors, musicians, and artists from the adverse field, making it an entertaining podcast.

23. The GaryVee Audio Experience

When you’re struggling during your entrepreneurial journeys, you need some inspiration to keep going and learn from someone on the path. The podcast show on Spotify is exactly the one for you. Hosted by the entrepreneur, public speaker, investor Garry Vaynerchuk, the show on Spotify is among the popular shows with great value for anyone. 

24. The Ranveer Show

If you’re looking for some popular Indian podcast on Spotify to tune into, then this is the one that you need to check. Hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, aka BeerBiceps, every episode on this podcast covers the inspirational stories of the celebrities of India. It discusses their road to find success out of struggling times. 

25. Raj Shamani – Figuring Out

This podcast, hosted by Raj Shamani, lets you know about Raj’s journey to find his passion in life, overcoming all the challenges and troubles along the way. Think about starting your own business. You need someone from whom you can take ideas and inspiration, right? If so, this is the podcast for you. 


As a dedicated podcast on self-love, career, and routine lifestyle, this podcast covers the topics that routine people normally face in their way to find the pursuit of happiness. Hosted by Kritika Khurana, the podcast is worth tuning in to if you want to listen to something inspiring, helpful, something that relates to your life, very precisely.

27. Moneycontrol Podcast

Suppose finance and money is your favorite subject, and you want to stay updated with the latest business news and everything that’s going on in the stock market. In that case, Moneycontrol is the podcast that you can’t miss, but following it. Every new episode with the new guest who is trend specialist, market analyst, and finance experts are there to share their top advice and tips that you need. 

28. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

This inspiring and mindset-focused show on Spotify focuses on spreading positivity, good vibes, and inspiration. Hosted by Tom Bilyeu, The Impact theory covers the journey of successful people in life, career, or any other field. So if you are striving for inspiration and look for something worthwhile to listen to, this podcast you want to follow. 

29. 2 Peas in a Pod by Paritosh Anand

Known as India’s number one comedy podcast, this show on Spotify is hosted by two Indian teenagers, sharing their stories and talking about the most Indian things entertainingly. 

Moreover, the podcast host is an entrepreneur and the TEDx speaker and discusses their personal experiences and journey either to inform or to entertain the listeners. So, if you are looking for some popular Indian podcast show to follow, you can start with this one. 

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Final thoughts:

Spotify podcasts library is the best resource to refer to when you are not a fan of reading or watching videos online. These informative, inspiring, and resourceful podcasts on Spotify provide you with some great information plus inspire you to change something in your life. 

For the latest and best podcasts on Spotify, stay tuned with us. 

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