Compliments for singers for their musical performance  Compliments for singers for their musical performance 

Whether they are professional singers or not, when someone has a fantastic voice, they deserve to be appreciated well in the first place. Still, we usually are short of words to appreciate a good singer.

It’s true that not every singer makes it big eventually, so appreciation and words to boost their confidence are necessary! Especially when they are just starting and haven’t got their breakthrough yet, such compliments for singing voice inspire them overall. 

If you come across someone with a great voice but lacks self-confidence, then make sure to give them a reason to never give up on their talents. Take some ideas from the given lists of awesome compliments for singers to boost confidence in their singing journey.

How to compliment a singer, perfectly?

How to compliment a singer, perfectly

‘That’s great, ‘Amazing voice,’ or ‘Like your singing,’ well signer may have heard the same comment many times. But if you genuinely make them appreciated and confident, then make sure to make your compliments look specific overall. 

You don’t have to be aware of all music tones; inform them what part of their singing performance you like the most. It is their stage presence, song selection, or certain song parts. Having such unique notice from their performance makes them feel genuinely respected and appreciated, indeed. 

Compliments for Music Covers

Compliments and comments for a music cover video never have to be over positive and negative only. Sometimes, a singer himself accepts that they get the right feedback from the audience and for the same people should know how to appreciate a singer’s voice.

Along with their incredible performance, you can also give them hints about where to focus and areas to practice well. Here are some excellent examples of the best compliments for singing well.

Compliments for music covers

  1. Such a great performance overall. I honestly can see that you’re getting better and better. 
  2. You’re the one contestant that never fails to amaze me. Keep it up. 
  3. When you sing, you sing it with confidence, and you’re in a different world. That’s what I like about you the most. 
  4. You have good control over high notes; that’s a great thing. 
  5. Overall, the performance is too good. We just enjoyed it. 
  6. Wow, I feel like I’m listening to the original singer. 
  7. The hard work you put into this performance shows. All the best.
  8. I can listen to your voice over and over again. It’s so good. 
  9. You’re a fantastic singer, and there’s no exception to that.
  10. On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re an 11.
  11. The song selection was too good, that matches your personality so well. 
  12. Keep practicing and keep working hard. The road to success is ahead of you.
  13. Great feeling and expertise. You convey emotion well.
  14. Feels like you wrapped a storm in melody.
  15. Your voice made me feel every single word, I felt numb.
  16. This voice surely deserves an award.
  17. Generally, the original version is best. But this cover is way better, I think. 
  18. The more I listen to this song, the more I fall in love with it.

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Comments for Singers or Musicians

It may look hard to appreciate the singer and musician, especially when you’ve no excellent knowledge of music theory or its background. But, professional musicians and judges know very well how to compliment a singer right away, and these are some comments that they use after great performances of the singer. 

Comments for singers or musicians

  1. What a terrific performance! 
  2. That’s what we expect from you, awesome. 
  3. This performance is one of the best so far. 
  4. You have a great passion for music. 
  5. Enjoy every second of your performance. 
  6. The transition between the songs is just great. 
  7. I think you need to have a bit more confidence while singing and looking at the audience. 
  8. The singing was too good; you need to work upon your expressions. 
  9. You stand out as an original performer.
  10. Your commitment to music is such an inspiration. 
  11. Your voice is magnificent.
  12. I’m so much in love with the tone of your voice. It’s so beautiful. 
  13. You bring a unique energy to the stage that sets you apart. 
  14. You’re blessed with a beautiful voice. To make it even better, you need some training and the right direction. 
  15. Your voice is like a perfume and it refreshes the soul.
  16. You convert poetry into an experience that we can feel.
  17. It clearly seems that when you sing, you are completely into the song. Like you just forget that you’re performing, that makes it so natural. 
  18. Whenever I feel lost, your songs give me confidence. 
  19. You have set a new standard for this show, with this performance. 
  20. Indeed an incredible singing skills. Can’t appreciate it enough!

Best Compliments for Singers

Keeping the bathroom singers aside, not every singer is as bad as we think they are. Some need some more practice, while some need some back support to present with confidence.

If you see any of them around like in your family, in your school, or anywhere, you better share your honest feedback and reviews of their singing that will undoubtedly inspire them to practice harder next time.

Best compliments for singers

  1. You have a lot of potential in the singing career, and I truly admire you. 
  2. It was a challenging song that most beginner singers prefer to stay away from. 
  3. The song you choose to present is quite different from your genre. 
  4. Your power and control over singing are just unbelievable. 
  5. You are a complete singer.
  6. Wow, with this performance, you set yourself apart from other signers.
  7. I like your voice, but I think you need to work on your stage presence. 
  8. I can hear you sing all day.
  9. The performance is too good. At some point, I feel you lose the momentum. Am I right?
  10. You give everything of yourself while performing, and that’s what others need to learn from you. 
  11. So impressed with your voice tone and your personality. All the best. 
  12. Superb musicianship, you play with confidence, and vocally you have a perfect tone.
  13. We all thank you for this unbelievably great performance.
  14. Well, your performance completely made me speechless. So impressed. 
  15. There are very people who are blessed with such natural talents. And you’re one of them.
  16. Very few people are blessed with such a great voice. You’re one of them. 
  17. This song really shines at the drop, where every instrument can be recognized individually along with your soothing voice. 
  18. You’re my favorite co-singer. Performing with you is always a learning chance. 
  19. The way you sing compares to no one. You’re making it your own masterpiece.
  20. Kids listen to songs for the singer, the legends are fans of the musician.
  21. Your songs take me to another world. It gives me a chill. 
  22. Wow, your voice is so calming. You’re the star, the rising star.
  23. The only soulful singer whose songs I listen to every morning. 
  24. You’re the best singer of this generation. You have a long future and I wish you the best.

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Compliments for Music Composers

Artists may have earned many fame and achievements, but nothing compares to receiving genuine recognition for their efforts. Singers are among the artists who put in countless hours to entertain their audience using their unique talents.

From changing the lives of someone to leaving an impression on the group of people, they leave a legacy behind that continues to benefit.

Here are some compliments that all artists, including singers, like to hear. Those kinds of words boost their self-confidence, making them feel appreciated for the work they do.

Compliments for music composers

  1. Music is in your blood, and I find it quite inspiring. 
  2. I have never seen a gifted singer like you before. Your songs hit differently. 
  3. Our entire family is a big fan of your songs. We all listen to your songs every day. 
  4. You are an excellent person, along with a great performer. 
  5. We hope you won’t forget us if you become a successful singer one day. 
  6. You are practicing very hard; may you get everything you desire. 
  7. We are very proud that someone from our town has achieved such great success. 
  8. Looking forward to listening to your next song/album. 
  9. You’re an incredible singer.
  10. You so inspire me. Everything I am right now is because of you. 
  11. One day you will be on that stage where you always wanted to be. 
  12. You have touched the hearts of millions with your songs.
  13. You got that X factor, man!
  14. You made this song more beautiful and added a soul to the music.
  15. Lyrics are just words until they get the voice of a singer like you who can turn them into a beautiful song.
  16. I really love how you add your twist in the song, only a well-learned can do this.
  17. You craft every song into a beautiful masterpiece.
  18. Love the way your every song tells a unique story along. 
  19. Your work is my inspiration. Keep producing great music.
  20. Performance by performance and I can feel that you’re making progress. Keep it up.
  21. A well-balanced song that gives you goosebumps but melts your heart at the same time. Truly a piece of art.
  22. Wow, a performance like this I’ve never witnessed for a long time. Impressed. 
  23. I can see your dedication and passion. You did an amazing job. Keep singing.
  24. Oh, this teaser of your new release already gave me goosebumps, can’t wait for the full version.
  25. Your voice is like a morning coffee, making everything better around me.
  26. I’m just falling in love with the beautiful lyrics of this song. 
  27. Another masterpiece, thank you so much for your songs!
  28. Your last album has raised my expectations from you. I’m a fan now. 
  29. Whenever I need some inspiration in life, I listen to your songs.

Best Compliments to Appreciate Singer

  1. One of the best gigs I have been to.
  2. Your sync with your band brings the best for the audience.
  3. It was just not a performance but a soulful musical journey.
  4. I was captivated by your voice it kept me connected throughout the show.
  5. You made this evening memorable and beyond my expectations.
  6. Couldn’t understand what to appreciate, the lyrics, your voice, or music, everything was just perfect. 
  7. You were just beyond a singer, you connected with every heart.
  8. You just know the nerve of your audience.
  9. You’re truly an artist. Great at singing, and performance, we just love you. 
  10. Attended his live concerts, and that turn me into the biggest fan.
  11. There’s no one like you sings soulful song this beuatiful.
  12. What a gifted artist you are. Your voice takes me to another world.
  13. Glad to see that this country has a gifted artist like you. 
  14. The transition you make in the song that left me speechless. 
  15. Can’t believe that this is the same singer.
  16. I have been listening to your songs from my childhood. I’m a huge fan. 
  17. This is what the real talent is. Always love listening to your songs on repeat. 
  18. You are such a born singer and I’m here to cheer for your singing career

Heart-Touching Comments for Singers or Songs

There’s always a song that makes you cry. Even if you’re not into an emotional or sad song, you listen to it when you feel sad or missing someone. Same, some singers are so great at such sad songs that you can get emotional hearing their voices. For such singers and songs, you want to leave heart-touching comments. And, here are the ones to share.

  1. I might be a fan of rock songs, but these soulful songs have my attention. 
  2. The only soulful singer that I listen to on repeat. 
  3. Is it just me or do others also admit that this song is close to the heart?
  4. Honestly, I never cried this hard. This shows his voice has powerful emotion. 
  5. Call me emotional, but I just start to cry every time, I listen to her song.
  6. Everything about this song reminds me of the time I have gone through. 
  7. This song is very close to my heart for the great memories and time I lived. 
  8. I used to sing this song when I was a child. Good thing I also listen to it sometimes.
  9. This is my favorite song when I am alone. I feel more powerful after I hear it. 
  10. The lyrics, the music, the singer, and everything else make this one of the best soulful songs.
  11. You are such a versatile singer from the present generation. 
  12. Every time I hear you singing, I go into another world.  
  13. Your voice is so magical that it could cure someone’s pain.
  14. Very few singers can sing in the various forms. You are so good at it. 
  15. Somebody stop, I can’t stop listening to your songs over again. 
  16. Thanks to your magical voice, I feel relaxed now.

Compliments for Singers in One word

Not necessarily do your compliments have to be long enough; you can make a person feel fully appreciated and respected by using fewer but meaningful words. Not sure which words can do a great job? Well, take a look at the given list that covers one-word compliments for singers to praise their outstanding performance.

Compliments for singers in one word

  1. Amazing
  2. Deep
  3. Healing
  4. Quiet
  5. Peaceful
  6. Soulful
  7. Sexy
  8. Hypnotic
  9. Mesmerizing
  10. Breaking
  11. Flat
  12. Delicate
  13. Mellow
  14. Cheery
  15. Nostalgic
  16. Passionate
  17. Playful
  18. Captivating
  19. Upbeat
  20. Superior
  21. Outstanding
  22. Ringing
  23. Soft
  24. Whisper
  25. Musical
  26. Sweet
  27. Lyrical
  28. Melodic
  29. Lovely
  30. Magnificent
  31. Beautiful

How do you compliment a singing performance or video?

Of course, you can mention how sweet and beautiful their voice sounds. But to make your compliment even more, you can mention how their singing makes you feel within. You want to make your comments appreciative and motivating which makes them feel respected for their talent.

How can you praise someone’s beautiful voice? 

SingSingersht have heard the same compliments like ‘You have a beautiful voice’ and ‘I’m your huge fan’ and all. But if you want to genuinely share your appreciation of someone’s voice, you can try the shared comments in this article. 

What should you comment on the singer’s Instagram post? 

If your favorite singer just released a new song or you are rewatching the old songs, make sure to leave some good comments on the singer’s posts. To make your comments even more noticeable, express which part you can relate to and how much you appreciate their singing.

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Final thoughts: 

Unless you’re a guest on the show, your comment on the excellent singer has to be like the feedback of their performance, rather than just ‘great singing,’ ‘amazing performance’ and all.

Indeed, they practice well and have a passion for improving in the right direction.
Your constructive feedback or compliments for singing well not only boosts their confidence but also supports them to focus on specific areas they need to improve.

Have you received any unforgettable compliments on your singing performance? Or what is your unique approach to appreciating a singer? We like to hear your views on that; let us know in the comment section below.

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