For a few years, YouTube has made a name for itself among consumers all over the world. YouTube is an American online video sharing platform that was founded in the year 2005. With its popularity soaring high with each passing day, YouTube now has over 1.8 billion users. The platform is excellent if you want to share your videos and at the same time, earn money. Many people use YouTube to portray their creativity and ideas with the rest of the world. But to stand out among the crowd, one has to create engaging content for the public to watch.

Every YouTuber should edit their videos in a way that will attract a large group of people. There is various editing software available on the market for content creators to use.  But to edit the videos easily, one should log in to InVideo. The website is an online video editor that comes with various in-built features. 

How to edit videos on InVideo? 

The following steps discuss how to edit a video in InVideo. 

First login to InVideo’s free online YouTube video editor. There are a variety of free templates available for users to choose and edit their videos. Choose the one that matches your channel and the message of the video. Then you can customize the template according to your choice. Change the color, transitions, and animation, add stickers, shapes, emojis, and many more fun things. Next, preview your video and keep editing until you are satisfied. Then publish the video. 

What do you mean by YouTube Tags? 

YouTube tags are also known as video tags. They are words and phrases, which we use to give context to a video on YouTube. According to various studies, the tags play an essential role in YouTube’s search algorithm and also ranking. 

Why are YouTube tags relevant? 

YouTube tags play a crucial role in determining the ranking of the video. The tags provide extra data to YouTube and Google about the video’s category, topic, and more. There are various ways one can optimize the tags. 

  1. First tag should be the keyword

Video SEO works differently. YouTube gives more importance to the first few keywords and ranks the video on that basis. For example, if your video is about kitchen organizing tips, try to keep the tag precisely that, so it helps rank your videos higher than others. 

  1. Don’t use too many tags

New YouTubers tend to make a mistake by putting way too many tags on their video. Doing so will play as a disadvantage for the content creators. Tags are mainly used to make YouTube understand what videos you are posting. If people start to put dozens of tags, then YouTube will have a hard time figuring out what the video is about. Many specialists suggest using 5 to 8 tags on each video that specifies the topic correctly. This also plays as an advantage for SEO and users can find the video easily. 

  1. Use a mix of focused and broad tags

Focused tags refer to the tags that specify the topic of the video. For example, “how to braid your hair” specifies the subject. 

We use broad tags to give context to your video. It plays equal importance along with focused tags. For example, if your video is about how to do squats, then use tags such as squats and fitness. 

  1. Use more extended tags with 2 to 3 words

The best tag length for SEO length is 2 to 3 words. But one should not make every tag long. Try to keep the tags short yet not too short. Give the proper information to YouTube about your video with the help of these tags. 

How do I generate tags?

Coming up with the right tags is vital for SEO. But at times, content creators do not come up with the correct tags for their videos. There is nothing to worry about, as two YouTube keyword research tools are available to generate tags. One has just to input the primary keyword, and the website will create various tags for the video. These are free tools that every content creator can use to get unique and specific tags for their video. 

Some extra tips and strategies 

  1. Use accurate tags

One of the essential things about tags is they should be accurate. Many creators tag their competitors or any celebrity in hopes of getting higher views. Although it works at times, there is a risk. According to YouTube guidelines adding misleading tags can take the video down. 

  1. Read your tags

Try to read only the tags without looking at the video title. If you understand the concept, then the tags work well. But if they are different and misleading, then try to change it. 

  1. Try to copy tags from popular videos

If your video is similar to any other popular videos, try to copy their tags. This will help your video be displayed next to the popular one, as both of them will have the same tags. This will also rank you as a suggested video. 

Various YouTube statistics that every content creator should know 

  1. Number of the active user every month

On average, there are 2 billion users that use YouTube every month. YouTube is the second most used social media platform. People can earn money from this platform because of the traffic. 

  1. Number of hours spent daily

According to a study, every day, people watch 1 billion hours of video and have billions of views. People should be careful about when to post a video, as your audience should be active when the video is posted. This will generate more views in a short period. Also, try adding an outro to your video. Check how to use over here.

People should use this platform to create different content and connect with a larger group of people. Do some research about how YouTube tags work and utilize it properly. YouTube is a great platform to use and earn money at the same time.

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