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More companies are noticing the importance of workplace mental health. Instead of working employees until they break, managers understand that taking time out to help employees take care of themselves actually means more productivity.

Do you want to know how to keep your employees mentally healthy? Continue reading this article to learn how to help your employees do better in their work.

1. Encourage Positive Self Talk

Most people have a negative tape playing on repeat in their minds. With so many people dealing with self-talk that is anything but helpful, it’s good to encourage positive affirmations.

There’s nothing magic about affirmations, but they do make a difference because they change our focus and allow us to think of things that will make us feel good vs. bad.

2. Education on Mental Health

Mental health is one of those things that have been taboo for a long time. Now that mental health is releasing some of the stigmas, people are opening up more and getting help.

Educating yourself and your employees on mental health will allow more people to get help and to help themselves.

3. Make Healthy Eating a Priority

Eating healthy plays a huge part in mental health. If your employees constantly put bad things into their bodies, it’s difficult for them to think clearly and to be healthy.

Everyone’s brains need specific nutrients, and if your employees don’t know how to eat well or find it hard to control their eating habits, you can help. Stock the company kitchen with good food or offer bonuses for people that adopt a healthy lifestyle.

4. Recognize Your Employees

Most people work without any recognition or thanks. When people don’t have the gratitude that they crave, it’s easy for them to feel down.

You don’t have to put a whole ceremony together to recognize people. Even recognizing people in private makes people feel like their work isn’t going without any thanks.

People that feel like others appreciate them are naturally happier than people that feel unimportant.

5. Get Active

Encouraging your employees to be active at work and in their home life is another way to help them feel better. It’s so easy to get caught up in work that they might not even get up and walk around the office.

Set up a step competition or keep a leader board of who makes the most rounds around the office. Make sure it is something that works for everyone in your company.

6. Promote Self-Care & Time Off

Many employees feel pressured to be on all of the time instead of taking time off to be with the people they love. Letting people know that it is good to take time off is the best thing you can do for their mental health.

It’s proven that when people are around others that make them feel good that they do better in all areas of life.

Improving Workplace Mental Health

Now you have some of the best practices you can use to improve workplace mental health. Having mentally healthy employees will make a big difference in how your company runs, and now you know what to do.

Do you want to learn more about taking care of your employees? Continue through our blog to learn more.

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