The social media horizon in 2018 is marked by a flurry of activities and innovations more than ever. The expected network shift will rival anything that has been recorded on social media in previous years. With the large scale adoption of social media, many companies are already reaping the benefits. As time goes, more companies are expected to set aside more hours for social media marketing purposes.

With the entry of new technology, complex consumer demands and brand opportunities, marketers need to know how to leverage on the trends that are changing the social media scene in 2018. Ignoring these trends will lead to stagnation and your strategies might end up failing as the competition hots up.


By mid-2018, over 80% of the total global internet traffic and revenue can be attributed to the rise of video. This is the year where marketers in their hordes, over 70 percent will need to use videos to boost their marketing appeal. It’s true that the modern day shopper will have a special attachment to video. The video message tends to push customers to convert better than other mediums – text or still graphics.

Your 2018 social media strategy for video will succeed if you create and promote videos with a compelling wow factor.

Tip: it’s wise to keep these videos short and precise. Viewers have a limited attention span and your message should sink in a matter of seconds. Remember to make the video mobile friendly and create videos that suit different platforms and audiences.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is going big in 2018. Lead platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter are incorporating live streaming. It’s expected that the live streaming sector will have hit the $70 billion mark in the next five years. Since consumers love engaging videos, it’s advisable that you stream live events, promote live stream questions and answers and live stream production videos and product launch events.

Ephemeral Content

As Social Media Marketer at SocialBoss said that your social media endeavours need to gravitate towards the use of ephemeral content in 2018. This means using visual content that is timed. A business that prefers SnapChat or Instagram will reap big by posting unique and engaging snaps, behind the scenes, and accomplishments. Remember this will work if your content is original and geared towards telling an impacting story.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Brand marketers are resorting to the use of AI and chatbots to deliver a real time experience when engaging with customers. For it to work, it’s imperative that you focus on identifying and solving customer issues. In 2018, finding the right bots and up-todate AI models is the key to your social media success.

Influencer Marketing

The bare mention of social media trends in 2018 evokes the need to focus on influencer marketing. Nothing seems to have a huge impact than influencer marketing. This is a proven option if you need to boost your revenues ten folds. However, it’s important that your brand is working with the right influencers. Remember, you need to give potential influencers and market leaders the chance to boost your brand image. Don’t forget track my shares tool if you want to know what your influencers are bringing on board in terms of ROI.

Mobile-Ready Content

The discerning social media marketer of 2018 knows better than to ignore the power of mobile. The more you optimise your content, the more you appeal to customers who rely on their mobile devices. If you are promoting your venture on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, optimise your content for smaller interfaces.

Brand Participation and Engagement

The modern brand/business in 2018 cannot afford to miss out on messaging platforms. This means even high-end enterprises are doing so on WhatsApp, SnapChat, WeChat or messenger. Connecting with consumers on a personal level is critical. You end up succeeding if you incorporate personalized interaction. Also, anticipating and readying up client solutions will keep you afloat throughout the year.

In the past, successful social media marketers are the ones that don’t take paid for granted. Getting free organic traffic is great, but you might not be talking to the right clusters/ audience. Pay for play is arguably a premier marketing tool even though there is a steep learning curve. In 2018, paid not only get your message to the right audience, but it will help you retarget qualified leads with great rewards.

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