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The average American couple has 72 arguments about purchasing decisions when creating their homes. This is enough to break some couples up. Don’t let this happen to your relationship.

Start talking early on about what you envision your home to look like. This will help you two get on the same page and prevent disagreements later on.

Keep these small bedroom ideas for couples in mind when talking to your significant other.

Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples on a Budget

When on a budget, focus on high-quality accents that make a big impact to make the most of your limited budget. A custom piece of art that celebrates the two of you is a great option.

Splurge on extra soft sheets and a comforter set. It’ll become the focal point in the room and be wonderful to sleep on.

Replace the builder-grade lighting fixtures with the elegant pieces of your choice. It’ll make your bedroom feel custom and more sophisticated.

Very Small Bedroom Ideas

If you live in a tiny house, then you need to choose bedroom furniture that can move out of the way when not in use. A murphy bed is perfect for this. It folds out of the way during the day and then extends out at night when you want to sleep.

When you have limited floor space, you need to look up. Instead of placing furniture on the floor, mount floating shelves on the walls or hang baskets from the ceiling. This utilizes the vertical space in the room while not closing the room in.

Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples With a Baby

While you want to have your baby in your room with you, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your entire bedroom space for your baby. Try creating a room divider with an open bookshelf. This creates a physical barrier and gives you additional storage.

Create a peaceful corner in your bedroom. Choose a comfy armchair or rocking chair. Place throw pillows and a blanket on it for a cozy spot to bond with your baby.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Add decorative lighting to your bedroom that’s dimmable so you can create a romantic atmosphere. Drape sheer fabric and twinkle lights over the bed to create a romantic spot.

Place decorative scented candles around the room. Create a surround sound system for playing your favorite romantic music. These elements are great for enjoying the room, and when combined, create a romantic atmosphere.

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

Arrange the furniture to maximize the available floor space in the room. Think about how you want to use the room too. Avoid placing the bed on a wall that puts your bed in the center of the room.

Instead, try placing the bed closer to one wall, so there’s just enough room to get in and out of bed and a large open space in the center of the room. The bed shouldn’t block the window or the door. The dresser and other furniture should be against the wall and spaced out enough to let you freely walk through the room.

Try These Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Your bedroom should be an expression of each of you as individuals and together as a couple. Consider both of your styles and taste when choosing pieces. These small bedroom ideas for couples will help you start creating a beautiful and peaceful space in your bedroom.

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