Stay cool in summer Stay cool in summer

Heat is something that not only is a little annoying but also is dangerous to your skin as well as health if proper care is not taken.

No matter how high the temperature is, one can always fight off the heat by following the right things. Here are some

Tips to Stay Cool in Summer:

1. Water Is Your Best Friend

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Keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is extremely necessary for the normal functioning of the body. If you are hydrated, you feel more energetic and your body temperature is controlled.

2. Sweat It Out

Sweat can be annoying but it has amazing benefits. It keeps your body cool and releases toxins present in the body. Hence, it’s good to sweat. So, exercise to keep the sweat coming out!

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3. Try Loose Fitting Clothes

It’s important to go for loose fitting cotton clothes. Ditch the synthetic clothes as they absorb further more heat, thus making you more uncomfortable. Wear more loose fitting clothes and cotton clothes, they, not only make you comfortable but also are skin friendly. They avoid rashes on your skin and help the skin to breathe.

4. Eat Right

Eat healthy

Eat more fruits and light food during summers. Fruit juices not only help you stay hydrated but also it’s good for the health. Eating heavy and spicy food can be a little problematic during summers. Heavy food can make you sick during high temperatures and spicy food can further heat up the body.

5. Avoid Going out During the Day/Noon

As heat is at the peak, it’s not advisable to go outdoors if not urgent. Do all your outdoor work in the evenings as much as possible.

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