Best Comments For Facebook Photos

80 Best Comments for Facebook Photos for Your Friend & Family

When you are looking to stay in touch with people and make new friends, sending and accepting requests is not enough. From time to time you better share the best comments on Facebook posts and pictures of the person with whom you want to develop a connection. 

From regular status updates, posting your selfies or travel pictures to sharing birthday wishes, Facebook is now the one way to live a social life digitally. And the better way to engage with one another is through the ‘comments’  that you leave on each other’s photos, updates, or profile pictures on Facebook. 

We might call it comments but it’s your way of expressing your appreciation and compliments to a friend you met on Facebook. Keep reading to find the best Facebook comments to grow your genuine friend list.  

Stylish Comments for Facebook Friends’ Posts

Stylish Comments For Facebook Friends’ Posts

When you want to make your comment noticed, you not only want it to be limited to a good comment but the stylish one. You can comment on your friends’ Facebook posts with the following engaging comments.

  1. Well, for a post like this one; the “Like” button is not enough.  
  2. Looks a lot different than you used to. You look great. 
  3. Wow, I’m blown away by your sense of style. 
  4. You know, what is beautiful about this pic? Everything. 
  5. This post completely changed my perspective of you. 
  6. You’re the next Facebook start. Rock on. 
  7. How can you be so perfect, that’s illegal. 
  8. Such a great picture to make someone feel jealous. 
  9. It’s really hard to take your eyes off of this picture. 
  10. With a complete makeover, you just leave us speechless. 
  11. No matter what you wear, you look perfect in all. 

Best Photo Comments for Facebook to Leave

Best Photo Comments For Facebook To Leave

Whether you are looking for cute comments for a girl’s selfie or a guy’s post, the next list has some best Facebook comments to share. Such comments help you to write some engaging words to share as you appreciate their posts. 

  1. Such a super cute pic this is. 
  2. Looking so great. Stay cool. 
  3. That’s how a real gentleman looks. 
  4. You’re doing such a noble work, so proud of you. 
  5. This pic is lit. Impressed. 
  6. Never knew about your hidden talents. 
  7. You’re one of the best people I know on Facebook. 
  8. Very fit and fine-looking. 
  9. Love this pic. You did a great job. 
  10. Excellent, You’re the boss. 
  11. You’ve such a bright character. 

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Nice Comments for FB Posts or Status Updates

Nice Comments For Facebook Posts Or Status Updates

Every time writing, “Nice pic!” is that nice though. You better share what you like about this picture. Leaving a thoughtful comment on a post or status on Facebook would be a great way to express your support for your connection.  

  1. Your smile is enough to make anyone’s day. 
  2. May all your dreams and desires come true. 
  3. It is what you can call real love. 
  4. From every angle, you’re looking perfect. 
  5. Such a perfect picture. 
  6. Wow, what a masterpiece. 
  7. I just can’t stop myself from praising you. 
  8. I’m very impressed with your energy level.
  9. Creatively on the next level. 
  10. Oh, I can’t handle such a level of cuteness. 
  11. Your posts are the best thing to watch in the morning. 
  12. How come your every post is so perfect!

Funny Comments on Facebook Friends’ Post

Funny Comments For Facebook On Friends’ Post

Every comment on posts, stories, and DP are nice, but it doesn’t add anything new. To make your comment unique and reply-worthy, it has to be either creative or funny. Especially when commenting on a friend’s FB post, you can leave funny comments like this one. 

  1. Can’t help, but I’m feeling jealous right now. 
  2. By the way, which software do you use to edit this? 
  3. How many filters you’ve used to create this, Just curious to know. 
  4. Whoever took this picture should be rewarded well. 
  5. You’re the only reason why I’m still using Facebook. 
  6. Excuse me, miss. You’re crossing your limits to be nice. 
  7. To me you’re the complete person, not sure why I think that.
  8. Stop copying me. By the way, this time you copy well.  
  9. You simply can’t get rid of the first impression you have of me. 
  10. I’m just running out of comments to share on your pictures. 
  11. Thank god we met on Facebook.
  12. Wow, accidental pictures are the most amazing ones. 
  13. I can’t stop laughing at this post, thanks for making my day.

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Perfect Comments for Facebook Profile Picture

Perfect Comments For Facebook Profile Picture

Have you noticed that your friends on Facebook or your besties have just changed their status? It’s now time to write some good comments on their DP, that express what you think about it. If you want to complement their style or appearance, then these are the perfect comments for profile pics. 

  1. Looking very handsome/beautiful. 
  2. You’re such a nice person I would like to meet one day. 
  3. Your beauty is beyond any compliments and appreciation. 
  4. No single emoji or essay is enough to describe your nature. 
  5. Others may try to compare you but you’re unique. 
  6. Always stay so perfect and enjoy life. 
  7. Such an amazing profile picture you’ve.
  8. Love the energy, you’re rocking the world.
  9. How come your DP is so perfect in everything? 
  10. You’re looking so hot/cool.
  11. With your DP, you make me feel insecure.
  12. I just loved this new profile picture. By the way, where did you get that?
  13. Great picture, brother. So you’ve makeover yourself, huh!
  14. Glad you finally updated your profile picture. This one is great. 
  15. I usually don’t comment on DP, but this one is lit.
  16. Such a pretty frame and lovely people.
  17. And that is how we freeze memories.

Inspiring Comments On Quotes Pics on FB

Inspiring Comments On Quotes Pics On FB

On Facebook, there is always one friend who posts motivational and inspiring quotes to make it a great day for everyone. If you’d like to show your appreciation for their efforts to spread positivity, you want to leave encouraging and positive comments on such quotes, pictures, and posts on Facebook. 

  1. Like this pic and the message, you’ve in it. 
  2. Yeah, keep enjoying your life and live it the best. 
  3. Your posts are always refreshing and positive. 
  4. With this positive thought, you make my day. 
  5. Feeling so inspired by the quotes you share here. 
  6. Such a beautiful message this is. 
  7. Happy that you’ve found the purpose in your life. 
  8. This is truly a feel-good post. I loved it.
  9. Your quote is very relevant to today’s life.
  10. Like always, you never failed to impress me.
  11. Yes, I agree!
  12. Haha, love this one. Thanks for making my day.
  13. I’ve seen many versions of this meme. But, your one is the great one.
  14. Keep such refreshing posts coming. I enjoy them in the morning. 
  15. You always share the perfect picture. Love your posts!
  16. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

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Why do you want to leave good comments on Facebook?

When we say social media, Facebook is the first platform that comes to our mind. After all, this social media site has completely changed the way we interact with each other.

For that reason, if you want to build up your community on Facebook or if you wish to connect with like-minded people and make some actual friends, be sure to leave the most genuine and great comments anytime they share some posts or any updates. 

Overall, helps you to contribute well towards developing friendships and retaining them over time.

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