Secrets to turn failure into success Secrets to turn failure into success

Life is full of disappointments, ain’t it? I mean Jon Snow died!! What can be possibly worse than that!! but on a serious note, we always have those certain goals which we could not achieve. When we look back, we are often haunted by those certain failures which we could not overcome. So, what can be possibly done to change these failures into success?

These are 6 simple steps to turn your failure into success

1. Don’t Brood Over Your Failure

4 secrets to turn failure into success
What’s gone is gone! poof! you need to come in terms with your past failure , it is not just useless but also and act of weakness portrayed by those who are not strong enough to deal with problems. It may not necessarily be easy to get over it or not be bothered by it but, it is imperative to not continuously cry over it. If you are hurt , cry for two minutes , get up and then continue walking.

 I may walk slowly, but I will never stop walking. – Abraham Lincoln.

So, don’t brood over your failure, you are doing nothing but wasting that time which can be utilised to overcome it and turn it into success.

2. Think Over Your Failure

4 secrets to turn failure into success

It is important to not brood over it but, at the same time, it is much more important that you critically analyze it. You need to know what went wrong the last time, maybe you did work hard enough or you did not have the correct information or the right means, whatever it might have been you need to know it, the steps leading towards your goal should be black and white, so that, these erroneous elements are not the reason to again keep you away from your success.

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 Don’t be afraid of making mistakes,be afraid of not learning from them.

3. Positive Attitude

4 secrets to turn failure into success

Faith can move mountains. You need to believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. Nothing is a piece of cake, there will be obstructions, no one is asking you to be Superman and actually move mountains, all you need to do is believe in yourself and have correct attitude towards the situation. Try to speak out and connect to people whenever you are dealing with such a problem,

How come under the same set of circumstances, some people break records while others break
themselves? The difference is the attitude.

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positive thinking is very essential when you want to turn failure into success, you must not let failure bring you down by its virtue of negativity instead, think positively and get yourself ahead in life.

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4. Do Not Blow Away Opportunities

Failure is part of life and will always be, but that should not let you stop grabbing the opportunities that come your way. Do not let failure blind you from making decisions. Smallest of opportunities may turn out to be the biggest achievement you’ve ever seen. Be spontaneous and grab every opportunity you get to outgrow yourself from failures. Turn your failure into a success story.

Think as if the opportunity you are getting comes once in a lifetime and you cannot let it just slip from your hands. Every chance you get can be the life-altering decision that you will make.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

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5. Consistency is the Key

Hardships will be faced by you at any given point in time. Doesn’t matter if you’re in school or doing job or even when you’re old you will face hardships at any period. Nothing in life should pin you down, if you fall down you should get right back up and again be the most efficient version of yourself. Do not let the consistency in you die due to minor setbacks you face in your life.

Consistency is the key to turning failure into success

Doing something little every day matters more than doing something big one day. Try and try until you succeed. Giving up is not an option in life so keep doing your best until you achieve what you want. Only 8% of People achieve their new year’s resolutions. One of the problems of not achieving success is not being consistent towards your commitments

 Success is my only option failure’s not.
– Eminem

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6. Hard Work

4 secrets to turn failure into success

Lastly, nothing is possible if you don’t work for it. Successful people are not gifted, they just work hard and then, succeed on purpose. If you plan to lie on the couch all day and wait for Cinderella’s fairy godmother to come and help you, all I can say is, life is not a Disney movie and even Cinderella had to clean and do other household work and you’ll end up like her ugly step-sisters! So if you really, really want something and you have decided to work for it the whole universe will conspire towards it.

I hate the word – lucky. It cheapens a lot of hard work.
Peter Drinklage.

Through your learning, attitude and hard work, you will definitely succeed in attaining whatever you want.

You are the masterpiece of your own life.
You are the Michelangelo of your own life.
The David you are sculpturing is you.
Dr. Joe Vitale.

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