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Do you want to keep your relationship strong?

Buying gifts and going on regular dates are great but they aren’t the core of a stable partnership. One of your relationship goals should focus on maintaining consistent communication.

It’s okay if you’re having trouble with this. We’ve got a list right here of great relationship strategies to help you move forward.

1. Face-to-Face Conversations

One of the most important relationship strategies is to maintain face-to-face conversations. People spend too much time online these days.

Studies show most people spend at least two hours on social media per day. On top of that, add all the time spent browsing the Internet, watching on YouTube, and messenger apps.

Break away from this habit a bit. Don’t simply text or message your loved one. Spend some time to talk to them in person.

2. Have a Dedicated Talk Hour

Agree on a day and time to simply sit down and talk. During this hour, you have to take turns asking questions and answering. You can’t interrupt each other; simply ask and listen.

Some couples refer to this as a form of couple therapy. It allows a couple to open up about issues, share jokes, and discuss difficult topics without falling into an argument.

If you’ve never tried it before, you can keep things fair by using a timer. Once your time is up, drop the discussion and let the other person ask a different question.

3. Never Assume

Ask questions but never assume you already know the answer. A common mistake is to assume you know why your partner did something wrong or made a poor decision.

Don’t fall into this trap. You don’t always know the truth. You don’t always have the right answers.

Make sure you let your significant other explain. They might have different reasons, things you might’ve never thought of. Let them explain, take time to listen and digest, and then discuss how you two can proceed forward.

4. Dip into the Other Person’s World

Want to have more things to talk about? Make it a habit to understand the world your partner lives in. You don’t have to love the same things they do but it helps to get familiar with their likes and hobbies.

This shows you appreciate who they are and the things they love. They’ll likely do the same and begin showing interest in your hobbies too.

Is your partner deeply in love with Star Trek, for example? You don’t have to watch every episode of every series in the franchise but at the very least know the difference of Star Trek from Star Wars! When a new movie or series comes out, why not watch it with your partner, even if you fall asleep in the theater?

5. Take Time to Listen

Communication isn’t solely about talking. You have to take the time to listen, too.

Let your significant other speak and don’t interrupt. They might have enlightening things to say, ideas you didn’t think about or even consider.

Who knows? You might be wrong. You won’t realize you’re in the wrong until you take a step back and listen to every aspect, logically and carefully.

This doesn’t apply only to arguments. Listen to your partner and you’ll get a natural feel for the things they don’t like, the things that turn them on, and what interests them or bores them.

6. Say Thank You

Make it a healthy habit to always say thank you. Your partner does a lot for you, even when you don’t notice.

You don’t have to say it all the time. You don’t even have to use words to constantly show gratitude. Sometimes, all you have to do is make a cup of coffee, wash the dishes, and spend time with your loved one to let them know you’re thanking them.

7. Get Some Sleep

Better sleep helps improve communication. After all, who feels like sharing a happy morning with someone if they kept you up all night with loud snoring or bad breath?

Practice going to sleep early or take afternoon naps. If you need to, get teeth grinding guards to improve your sleep. Talk to your doctor and ask for recommendations if you suffer from anxiety at night, bad dreams, or other issues preventing you from sleeping.

Your partner will appreciate a good night’s rest. They’ll be more likely to engage with you if they can get enough sleep.

8. Don’t Forget About Small Talk

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to do some small talk.

It can get tiring to discuss heavy topics all the time. You don’t always have to discuss your budget or work. Take the time to sit down and talk about your favorite television shows, video games, the weather, or your friends.

Take Advantage of these Relationship Strategies

Good communication is an essential part of keeping a relationship strong. It’s not easy and you will argue sometimes but you can keep things functional and clear with these relationship strategies.

Of course, communication isn’t the only factor to consider. Check out our other guides here and discover more ways to strengthen your relationship.

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