Many times, when a new product is introduced into the market, people rush to buy it even before learning about the effects of the product. Some of these products have caused immense hair loss.

Therefore, it’s important to check all the ingredients on the product before you apply it on your hair.

Here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing a hair product:

  1. Ingredients of the product

The first place a product is marketed is on their website. So, if you see information about a new product, don’t rush to buy it. Take your time and wait until other people have done intensive research on the product before you buy it.

For example, a hair product can be highly marketed for its hair recovery properties. However, some information may arise that contradicts the benefits of the product. In the past, people discouraged the use of oil as a product for hair recovery, but now, times have changed. You have to understand the type of hair loss you have. For example, some products like Brotzu lotion are ideal for Alopecia Universalis.

  1. Price

Compare the product that you’re buying against its price. The ingredients should influence the price. So, if quality ingredients are used in a hair product, you should expect to spend some more money than you would with other products.

However, if you find an extremely cheap product, don’t reconsider your choices as it could do more harm to your hair than your wallet.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make your decision entirely based on that. So, read below and find out more information.

  1. Brand and company name

As it’s mentioned above, price determines the type of product and influences you to buy the product. But the product doesn’t need to be expensive for you to rule it as a good product. Some companies provide excellent products at reasonable prices. So, if you see a reliable brand or company name, go ahead and purchase the hair products.

  1. Uses of the product

What is your purpose for buying the product? While some would prefer to buy Brotzu lotion for hair loss, others don’t know the reason behind its usage. So, before you make a purchase, evaluate why you need the product and whether it’s necessary and suitable for your needs.

You shouldn’t buy a hair thinning product to grow your hair. You will need a product that serves its purpose and your needs.

  1. The time at which you need to see the results

How long do you think it would take for changes to start showing? Some people prefer a slow but sure type of hair recovery. That’s why they invest in a product like Brotzu lotion, which takes some time to get the job done but does it efficiently. However, you can’t trust one method for hair recovery. Invest in several so that you have something to fall on if it doesn’t work.

Also, some products start showing results in a week. However, be careful with such products as they might have side effects.


If you focus on buying a product without determining its use and effects, you might lose hair, which is contrary to what you would want. Therefore, be keen when investing in any hair product you plan on applying to your hair.

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