Trending ai tools for ppt presentations to make quality slides Trending ai tools for ppt presentations to make quality slides

Do you need help with creating presentations? Well, let the right AI tools do the hard work, while you can prepare for your speech. In this article, we are sharing with you the trending AI tools for presentations that do more than good. 

Whether you’re creating presentations for your college project or your next marketing campaign, in this list we suggest the AI tools that save you time. Indeed, not all tools are the same, but you can go for the perfect tool as per your needs. 

What we can ensure is, that these tools are the popular ones and worth using.

List Of AI Tools For PPT Presentation

List of ai tools for ppt presentation

If you search online, you will find tons of PPT generator sites to choose from. But because you’re looking for a quality presentation just any tools aren’t the right choice. Here you want the trending AI tools that most people are continually using because they are easy to use and deliver the right presentation in time. 

To help you pick the perfect one for you, we have listed down these AI-powered PPT presentation tools in the market. 

1. Presentations.AI

Presentations. Ai

When you want the presentation generator tools that have many templates and you can use them on ike regular basis, this is the one for you. Presentations.AI offers many features to make your presentation look unique. You can customize the template however you like and can work along with your team to make it perfect. This tool is ideal for business presentations. 

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2. MagicSlides


As the name says, this AI-powered tool can create presentations and slides magically. If you don’t want to deal with PPT options and all, this tool is the right choice. It can create slides for you and make it perfect how you want. This tool takes pictures from the largest stock photo library ‘Pexels’ so you can expect high-quality images for your presentation. 

3. Decktopus AI

Decktopus ai

Decktopus AI is the highly customizable presentation tool in the list. It allows you to work on AI created presentation and give it a personal touch. Let the AI create all the slides for you, while you can work on it to customize and manage the entire presentation as per your need. It creates a presentation for you checking your goal, target audience, and theme of the presentation. 

4. Slides AI

Slides ai

Like most AI tools to create a presentation, this tool only needs some text direction from you. Slides AI works well with any kind of presentation, just you should know how to use it correctly. It works pretty well with google workspace as well and you can let your team to manage or edit the presentation. The real-time collaboration is something that makes the tool ideal for creating presentation in groups. 

5. Canva


Yes, it’s the same canva that you use to create most of your designs. This popular design tool also has features that allow you to create a presentation using AI technology. Pick the PPT theme and templates from it library, and you will get the presentation in the minute. This tool is indeed simple to use like you normally use it with drag and drop functionality.  

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6. Designs.AI

Designs. Ai

This is another popular design tool, that also lets you create a presentation in a minute. On your command, this tool suggests the various presentation designs and you can pick as per your need. This tool is a good choice for creating text as well as video presentations. Its wide library of templates and designs makes your presentation impactful.

7. Tome


No matter which topic or presentation you are looking for, this is a popular and powerful tool to create a PPT for you. With just text commands such as topic and goal, Tome provides you with a quality presentation in time. It can create the entire presentation for you, which you can later customize by changing themes, fonts to images in that. 

8. Simplified


Like the name says, this AI presentation generator tool can make your work simpler and easier. Simplified, is the right tool for creating presentations as well as videos and social media content. It can create quality to cool slides with your minimum inputs. Due to its great features, this is an all-in-one tool that can do more than just one thing. 

9. ClassPoint AI


If you need an AI tool that can work well with popular presentation software, PowerPoint, this is the right option. From creating quiz-related slides to making presentations for school or college, this tool has some good features to use. From choosing the different question types, multiple-choice questions, and open-ended question answers, this tool creates perfect slides. For someone in the teaching field, this tool can save time creating presentations with its functionality. 

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Final Thoughts

As a college student or marketing personnel, you need a presentation tool that you can trust. If you haven’t found the perfect tool for you, you can pick the one from the above list. These are the popular choices for those who looking for quality presentations. 

But when it comes to picking the right tool, you need to opt for the one that suits your needs. Check what type of presentation you’re making, its theme, and importantly purpose. Most tools gather information related to your presentation goals and then you can select a template accordingly. Whereas there are some AI tools that offer more useful features that can make your personation look perfect as it should. 

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