Trending tiktok captions for instagram Trending tiktok captions for instagram

You love creating content for TikTok and Instagram, right? Well, it’s fine if you use the content on a similar platform like Instagram. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many creators apply the same strategy. But what different you can do is try perfect captions for your posts. 

Of course, sometimes you run out of ideas, that’s why we are here to help. In this article, we are sharing you with the TikTok captions for Instagram that are unique and just ready to use. 

This way you not just make your post stand apart but also engage with your followers on both platforms effectively. 

Good TikTok Captions For Instagram

Good tiktok captions for instagram

Let’s start with some awesome TikTok captions for Instagram that express the purpose of your post interestingly. You can use these captions in your routine posts or challenges that you participate in. 

  1. Your story is unique, write it your own way. 
  2. What’s special about you, this world wants to know. 
  3. If it will be easy, I’m not going to do that. 
  4. Leave something behind that they always remember you. 
  5. Sorry for the wait, here is today’s post. Enjoy!
  6. I’m here just doing what I am good at. 
  7. Take your coffee and enjoy this post. 
  8. I know you’ve been waiting for my post, sorry for the late!
  9. Don’t miss out on the upcoming awesome TikTok videos. 
  10. If you can’t amaze or entertain, you don’t deserve to be on TikTok. 
  11. Let me know your thoughts on this post. It must be positive though. 
  12. I’m ready to take on the next challenge. Suggest me good one. 

Want to go viral on TikTok, you need these trending captions for TikTok.

Funny TikTok Captions For Instagram

Funny tiktok captions for instagram

Your followers on TikTok and Instagram will find your posts more interesting when you add funny captions to your posts. It will make them laugh and also make your post unique. 

  1. Hoping to get viral with this post, can you help? 
  2. Me here trying to get all fame by just 15 seconds of video.
  3. I’m all here to be the next TikTok star!
  4. Can’t see me on TikTok? Fine, you can see me on Instagram.
  5. Not here to make another dance video, but to start a trend. 
  6. Stop blaming me, you’re also on TikTok. Know that. 
  7. You can share this TikTok post with your family. 
  8. It’s not a 15-second short but a long video. 
  9. Don’t be perfect, they will laugh no matter what you do. 
  10. Hello my TikTok/Instagram friends, this post is for you only. 
  11. Hey wait, you actually forget to follow me here. 
  12. Not like your average TikTok influencer, I’m different. 

Creative TikTok Captions For Instagram

Creative tiktok captions for instagram

Promote your content and your page in a creative way possible. When you use captions that are fresh and unique, eventually you leave a distinctive impression on your follower. 

  1. Follow me now, you won’t regret it later, I promise. 
  2. So, what else do you go other than TikTok or Instagram?
  3. This is something new on TikTok that no one dares to do. 
  4. I’m so excited to see your reaction video on this post. 
  5. This is how I apply my intrusive thoughts in real life. 
  6. It is not AI, but me who created this post, just so you know. 
  7. My friend insisted to post me, so blame him not me. 
  8. Not you suggest a type of post you expect from me? 
  9. Stay consistent, stay focused. And, your follower will find you.
  10. Feel proud of what you do on TikTok. Else don’t do it. 
  11. When I don’t get any idea what to post, I just skip that day. 
  12. Have no time for anyone, but for my followers, I’m here always. 
  13. We are up to something new, something that you never witnessed before.
  14. I just want to have that kind of confidence. You, too?

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Best TikTok Captions For Instagram

Best tiktok captions for instagram

If you’re looking for the perfect captions that you can use both on TikTok and Instagram for the same content, here’s the list for you. Avoid using the same captions that most people use also don’t just post without captions, have this list instead. 

  1. Looking for a dedicated follower to support on TikTok and Instagram 
  2. TikTok is a first priority. And, Instagram is the second one. 
  3. Forget to check out the progress, just process. 
  4. Be supportive. It takes ideas and time to create something new. 
  5. From dancing when no one is watching, to everyone watching me dance. 
  6. Hope I gave you some positive thoughts today with this post. 
  7. I just love what I do, hope you love my work, as well. 
  8. Never know that I can dance until I start creating posts for TikTok. 
  9. You won’t know I existed if there was no TikTok or Instagram. 
  10. If TikTok would be a country I would run for president. 
  11. You’re always nobody for somebody. Don’t forget that. 
  12. I don’t have to look for inspiration, it comes to me anyway. 

Final Thoughts

You might follow the latest TikTok trends or Instagram trends, but your captions are something that can make your post unique from those of others. Despite creating amazing videos, if you need inspiration for captions, you can use these TikTok captions for Instagram. 

Not all captions are perfect so a good idea is to take creative ideas from these lists of captions and have one that fits your posts. 

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