Trending ai tools for students to make study lot easier Trending ai tools for students to make study lot easier

With the growth of technology and particularly AI, lots of things have changed in the education industry. From finding the right course or tutor to the tool that explains complex theories most thoroughly, there are so many AI tools that you can use for the learning process. 

But if you are looking for the best and trending AI tools for students, we have picked the ultimate list for you. In this article, you will find our top suggestion regarding which tools you need to make education simpler and quicker. 

Trending AI Tools For Student

If you feel stuck in the study, let the right tool guide you. Because there are so many AI tools and you need the one that can help you with the right thing. 

Let’s take a look at the AI tools that will help you differently in your learning process. 

Whether you want to track your education plan or want help with the maths, in this list you will find one of the trending and best AI-powered tools.

Trending ai tools for students

1. Tutor.ai

Tutor. Ai

Based on heavy machine learning, this tool helps you to find the answers and provide an explanation of the topic you want to learn more about. The good thing about this tool is it keeps track of your performance and provides a personalized solution to you. You can use this tool as your personal guide or tutor to help you out. 

2. SlidesGo


Creating a presentation and going through thousands of slides and managing them is not easy work. But it all can become fun when you use this tool. A SlidesGo helps you with creating the entire presentation. All you need to do is to give your presentation topic and select the templates you like, it will do the work next. 

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3. Coursera


Coursera is indeed one of the most popular learning online platforms out there. And it uses AI technology to provide personalized suggestions for you. It recommends a course that meets your learning goals and even more help with live support. 

4. Woot Math

Woot math

As you already might have guessed right that this AI tool helps you to learn math. Whether you want to improve your math skills or want to learn it in an interesting way possible, this tool is for you. It works as your math assistance and guides you thoroughly. 

5. Otter.ai

Otter. Ai

This tool is a lifesaver for most college and university students. What this tool does is, it helps you take notes of your lecture. By recording and transcribing the voices, it creates notes, so you can concentrate on the live lecture more. This works with Zoom, google Meet and make your online classes more focused. 

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6. Cognii


You want someone to always look after you and guide you when you’re wrong. So this is the AI tools that could be your tutor to help you in writing. With real-time text, feedback, and support, these tools review your writing and help you write better with it suggestions and all. 

7. Nuance


If you face any challenges in writing, this tool is a big help. By using the ‘Dragon Speech Recognition’ feature, this tool transcribes words quite easily. So you can save your time planning writing essays, planning the lessons, and more.  

8. EssayBar


You might come across many AI content generator tools. But if you’re a student and like to write an essay, try this one instead. The EssayBar helps you write the entire essay based on the topic and personal suggestions you have. You have to give some direction to this tool so it can create the essay on demand. 

9. Socratic


This Google-powered tool is a perfect AI tool for a student who wants to get their homework in no time. It is a great help in understating the topic or question that stuck you in the learning process. Take a picture with this app and it will explain the concept and question thoroughly. For the self-learner and while doing homework, this tool is handy. 

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10. Quizify


If you want to take a personalized quiz and test your knowledge, this tool can help. Quizify creates quizzes and tests for you based on the topics you suggest. This tool can be a good help in exam preparation and checking your knowledge on some topics. So you can work on that area yourself. 

11. StudyNinja


The life of a student isn’t that easy, there are so many distractions and you must concentrate on your study. The StudyNinja is a tool that you can use to improve your focus on your study and keep your learning process managed. From goal setting, progress analysis, and homework management, this tool makes learning more managed, for sure. 

12. Conversely AI

Conversely ai

If you want to improve your conversation skills and want a tutor to guide you through, you need this AI tool only. It helps you in practicing, analyzing, and improving your conversation skills over time. Here you can practice active listening to speaking with the on-demand AI tutor to help you improve. 

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Final Thoughts

You might have come across the AI tools that can help you write an entire paragraph or an essay. But there is more these AI tools can do for you. Mainly in your education process, tons of AI tools have the excellent function to help you in learning. 

Make the best use of these AI tools to keep learning and improving in your education journey. 

You can have these tools as your personal assistance to help you out with complex topics, and subjects to manage your time. 

Think of these AI tools for students as an inventive approach to save your time and learn faster than using it as a shortcut. And that is the way you can use these tools in the manner it developed for. 

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