Trending topics for presentation Trending topics for presentation

Are you a student who is searching for the latest presentation topic ideas on which you can impress your teachers or professors? We have made a collective list of trending topics for students.

We have discussed topics for college students and high school students.

Presentation is required in every field of work or education. By giving a presentation one can learn to communicate effectively, increase your knowledge in that particular topic, and polish your language.

Presentation topics for students

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In this article, we will cover the Trending Presentation Topic for Students.

The article is divided into four major categories

  1. Presentation Topics for Engineering Students.
  2. Presentation Topics for MBA (Business) Students.
  3. General Presentation Topics for  Students.
  4. Presentation Topics for Commerce Students.

Trending Presentation Topics for ENGINEERING Students.

Presentation topics for engineering students.

Engineering students need to give presentations throughout there academic life and for that list of trending topics for presentation especially for Engineering students has been made.

Hope this will be useful for your Technical Seminar Topic. It ranges from cybersecurity for software engineers to technology for mechanical engineers.

  1. White LED


    Next-gen in lightning up your house. Especially after the Japanese method, it’s a great option to try. You can have color mixing, the conversation of wavelength, and many others to work with.

    Pretty interesting to read about it. Who knows, you can have the next best innovation idea.

  2. Motion Gesture recognition using Accelerometer.


    We all love to play around with our phone motion gesture features when we are bored. One may wonder how it works. We think there will be some special sensors.

    Some of you may be thinking so what that has to do with the accelerometer in the car. Well, it measures your phone’s change in velocity (it’s acceleration).

    And your phone has one such chip by which it can rotate your phone when you rotate. And much more.

  3. Solar Tower Technology


    If you don’t know what solar tower is, I too didn’t know much until recently when I learned about it. It is truly revolutionary.

    The design is simple where there is a central solar tower having mirrors and the tower is surrounded by many flat mirrors making an angle such that they focus on oncoming sunlight upon the tower.

    You can design a small miniature for the presentation. What is even cooler is that is very efficient and it works in the night by saving up from extra daylight which is completely clean. This is not usual in other cases.

    Presentation is the key. Use ppt for showing those images to really understand.

  4. Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks


    To be honest (or in short tbh), I would not recommend this unless you really love to research on this topic. There is no simple content on the internet to understand this. There are many theses online which are of course paid.

    The ones which I found didn’t have reader-friendly information. This can mean that if you truly want to put in extra work for this, you will blow your professor’s mind.

  5. Hydrogen The Future Fuel


    Every science students may have come across this thought, that if we broke an H2O molecule
    (the fancy term is electrolysis) we can use it as hydrogen fuel.

    How efficient is that? In your face Oil Companies. I asked this very thing to my teacher and he was cool and explained about it. He said the biggest problem is that is not totally safe to use.

    So research is going on and hear this.

    Our supreme court- yes the supreme court of India asks industry to work on Hydrogen fuel last November. Check this out in Hindustan Times: Consider Hydrogen-based fuel: Supreme Court


  6. Paper battery

    Our first reaction may range from “What?” and “Really ?” when we hear this title. The advantage of this is that paper is thin, biodegradable, and can fit just about anywhere.

    How is this possible, we may think. Nanotechnology says hi. Yes, the same one Iron Man used in IW (Infinity War). Rip him.

    Well there are some disadvantages to this- that is it can tear, yes, it’s paper, what can we expect. And we can damage ourselves if we inhale it. But it is Eco-friendly and research is going on. So there is hope.

  7. 5G Vs. Wi-Fi


    Both are going to revolutionize our technological needs.  5G will be more preferred for outside networks and Wi-Fi will more be preferred for home networks. There you go- one big difference. Both can co-exist. WiFi is working on a newer version which is roughly 4 times more efficient. Its called Wi-Fi 6. It’s going to change the Wi-Fi that we know.

    And 5G is on another level in processing. Ultimately they emit harmful radiation. So you must take some precautions.

  8. Digital image processing


    Awesome Presentation for Computer Science Nerds. You create an algorithm to do exactly what the title says. Its application ranges from medical to films. People have won the Nobel prize for developing a diagnostic method for Human Body.

  9. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks


    So you connect many devices together through Bluetooth which has primary devices and secondary devices. And create this network to share data between them.

    Seems good and there are dozens of presentations on this topic. It’s not a very common topic but kinda old (not exactly but comparatively).


  10. Electric Locomotive


    India launched it’s first high-speed electric locomotive aka like an electric train that gets power from overhead lines. So it’s a pretty neat dev (development) initiative from our country.

    Ever since our Government wants to have vehicles clean energy by the next decade. There is a lot of scope and research in this field. It’s really important for India right now.

  11. Boiler Instrumentation


    There is really good content on the internet for researching this topic. You may hear it multiple times. It’s a little common topic in general but may not be as in your college.

    It has a good advantage of efficiency and a fair share of disadvantages like the drum level. Still, it is a really good topic especially for automobile, mechanical, and industrial engineering.

  12. The home-based wireless work monitoring system


    A kind of smart home where you have remote access to fans, doors, and security in general. You can have a live update of your home condition for 24 hours on your smartphone. That is so futuristic but it is possible now. The only problem is very costly.

    Google is also working on this. This presentation will be an insight into a bright future.

  13. Blu-Ray & Streaming & Future


    Wait, Hold on. No one uses Blu-ray these days, right? Yes but it’s technology was innovative at that time. So it’s basically how Blu-Ray is not in use anymore with the advance in technology.

    So its how a technology beats the previous and how a future innovation will beat the present technology. Presenting it will be very interesting and different from your friends.

  14. Embedded web technology


    Hidden Background details. A pretty neat presentation for Computer Science. It’s may sound traditional but is still far better than technology many decades ago. It was developed at NASA. So it deserves our attention.

    A demonstration is an important tool. Far better if we demonstrate it through practical examples. And you can give the best speech for it too. As it questions how we understand the web.

  15. Personal Area Network


    Another network in which ranges are commonly for one person or a few meters. It connects your physical devices to form a network. Like wireless headset, wireless mouse, and so on.

    Many of us make use of this technology but it can be improved and that is exactly what Apple does. And it is still researching it more and more.

  16. Smart note taker


    You have seen this, right, where you could instantly take notes in your physical notebook-like device. And it sends that info to Dropbox or cloud server. This is in research to make it more affordable. A modern person’s dream comes true.

    As students, working professionals, your grocery list- everything needs a note.

  17. Military Radars


    You know the Government spends most of the tax money on military defense. So much money is lost because we have to buy it from foreign. If we can make it right in our country. It’s pretty awesome, I say. Okay, I am getting of-track. But it’s an important point in military radars.

    Our government the most advanced radars to watch or ocean, our borders, our land. So making this presentation you will personally learn more about our government defense system.

  18. Embedded system


    It is a computer system—a combination of computer memory, processor, and i/o devices. The best example of this would be Laser Printer. Yes, it’s a great topic.

    You can get to show an embedded system that will literally be cool to see.  Developed at MIT, it has real-life applications and many more.

  19. Sun tracker


    Yes, you follow the sun. Used to make solar panels more efficient even in days like cloudy days. Our Government is focusing on this from the last decade. Many startups do exactly this very thing and have been successful. This is the future everyone is expecting in our Country by the next decade. To reach millions of homes.

  20. Printable RFID circuits

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Many research papers have been published about this. What catches people’s attention is that it’s cheap and efficient. Using nanotechnology to make modern gadgets much lighter and affordable.

  21. Aircraft design

    You can present all kinds of aircraft design. An aircraft must be lightweight and economical. Hence it requires brilliant engineers. This will be an interesting choice if you generally like planes and are fascinated by it.

  22. Brake boosters 

    In this presentation topic, you can focus on the efficiency of brakes. In simple words, Brake boosters are a setup that reduces the pressure needed to apply on brakes. Such that you can just put a tad pressure and the vehicle can stop. It uses the concept to vacuum to achieve this. And very vital for modern-day use.

  23. Nuclear Waste Management

    Nuclear waste is a real thing. Since many people have only seen it in pictures, we do not understand it’s harm. But you can demonstrate it in a way people can understand it’s dangers. Not just know it. So it is a very important presentation topic to discuss.

  24. Stealth Radar

    Its goal is to avoid being in the enemy radars. It is used for plane radars. The airplane can be covered with some sort of radar absorbing material that cannot get detected. You can present this topic if you are interested to learn more about a country’s defense system.

  25. Super Charging


    In this time, this is an essential tool to have in your vehicle. A supercharger is an air compressor such that it increases oxygen intake. Hence there is more power. This is an interesting topic as it considers the engineering design and fundamentals.

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Trending Presentation Topics for MBA (BUSINESS) Students.

Presentation topics for mba (business) students.

MBA students are also needed to give a presentation from time to time in order to increase their confidence and test their knowledge on various parameters.

So here is a list for all the MBA students to do a presentation on.

  1. Brand Management


    Every company name is a brand. A lot of care must be taken for that name to be maintained to its status. It takes a small mistake to the whole brand’s name.

    Present a different measure that can be taken to properly analyze it.

  2. Entrepreneurship


    A person who is a risk-lover. Right? The standard economic definition. Entrepreneurship will be difficult. The word used was ‘will’ not ‘may’ be difficult. What are the solutions and tips for a better way to face problems?

  3. Employee Engagement


    Is an employee excited to go to work? Are they active in doing their job? Even if someone hates a job, if they get a proper salary, timely incentives, and overall freedom, they would enjoy it.

    Many authors said that people work more effectively in such an environment. Like Cal Newport in his book Deep Work.

  4. Management Information System (MIS)


    MIS gathers data and analyses the system. This is done to make better decisions, co-ordinate, etc. There are many types of MIS. You can present some examples like Microsoft dynamics.

  5. Supply Chain Management


    It is the process by which the raw materials are transformed into finished products. Supply Chain Management teaches exactly how to do such a process. Present companies that have unique supply chain management like Coca Cola, etc.

  6. Service-Oriented Architecture-SOA


    It is easy to build SOA and easy to modulate. A very good example is illustrated to explain SOA is this. Think SOA is like LEGO blocks which are quite easy and can be changed. SOA can be difficult to understand. But it’s worth looking at.

  7. Premier Airport Transportation Service


    It takes Airport Services to another level. You can share or have your private point to point transportation. It definitely costs extra but people are willing to pay for it.

  8. E-Business


    Think you want to start a small business. Where you sell products. You can’t present there all time and you have a huge sum of rent for that minimal space. Whereas when you buy a domain and start the software. You do the hard work. And then you don’t have to be physically present.

  9. Motivation


    People get tired when working hard. And they burnout especially in the field of business. So they need motivation and an inspirational story. They need to realize that this problem was already faced by other businessmen. And how they solved it. Present such inspirational stories.

  10. Business Communication


    Communication is a very important field. Able to express one’s thoughts clearly and in proper order is a very good skill. In business, you need to be crystal clear regarding the policies, prices, inventory, shipping, and almost everything. Present different problems faced if a company is facing a lack of proper communication.

  11. Sales Management


    Without sales, the company won’t profit. You know this. But without sales management, the company won’t run. This is a crucial aspect. We may overlook Sales Management but if you look at big companies. How much importance they give to this field.

  12. Human Resource Management


    HR Management- Another important department in the company. We can learn about the different strategies used by the companies to efficiently manage.

  13. Unemployment


    A general topic. You can make it specific by going into how can we solve this problem in the future. What are the key factors that lead to unemployment?

  14. Job Analysis


    It is indeed analyzing jobs according to the employer’s needs. And you can present about the difficulty in finding proper candidates. As in our country which does not focus on skills. You can find efficient methods to help employees have the best possible job with analyzing.

  15. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)


    Just as it sounds, It is exactly maintaining the production, safety, and quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes, that add value to the business.

  16. SWOT Analysis


    SWOT analysis is a planning method that is used to help a person or company to identify. Identifying parameters such as strengths, opportunities, and threats related to competition.

  17. Performance Management


    Performance Management is a management process to ensure that output meets a company’s goals properly and efficiently.

    You can present it’s focus on the efficiency of a department, employees, etc to manage.

  18. Hotel Management System


    Hotel Management is pretty clearly understood by us. You can go into the different interviews of those in this profession to find out in-depth about the pros and cons. The why and hows.

  19. Business Ethics


    Ethics are moral values. Any business is a good business if it follows basic moral values. Any well established and successful company follows a basic set of moral codes. You can present them.

  20. Location-Based Service


    A location-based service is a term denoting software services that use geographic data and info to give information to users. LBS is used in fields as health, indoor object search, entertainment, etc.

  21. Guerrilla Marketing


    A public stunt like at Red Bull. They use Guerrilla Marketing. This is a kind of marketing where you make a viral video about your product or service. Make an out of box idea- which grabs the audience attention instantly. And that is how this works. Many business models which do this. You can demonstrate it.

  22. Six Sigma


    It’s the basic tool to find the probability of error and reduce it. It was introduced by Bill Smith. It is defined in these processes- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

  23. Hazardous Waste Management


    Industries produce waste. It can be hazardous. If there is no proper waste management then the entire industry will suffer. And Earth will ultimately pay the price. So present what are the effective steps taken by the Management.

  24. HRM – Harvard Model


    This is among the four Human Resource Model, i.e., Harvard Model. The Harvard model is very precise, unlike its previous model. It consists of specifically 6 main parts: stakeholders, interests, situational factors, HRM policy choices, HR outcomes, long-term consequences, and a feedback loop.


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Trending Presentation Topics for the GENERAL Presentation

General presentation topics for students.

General topics are provided to you so that if you need to do a presentation on any trending topic not related to your stream of education you can choose it from down below.

  1. Will India reach a 5 Trillion-dollar economy?


    Currently, India is around $2.7 trillion economies. Our finance minister estimates that we can be reaching $5 trillion economies by 2024-2025.

    It’s pretty cool if you think of our economy. So this topic will be very patriotic to perform that we have a faint hope that we are improving.

  2. Gay Marriage


    Oo. A sensitive topic., huh? If you say that this is the title of your presentation, immediately all audiences will be quiet and will listen to what you are about to say. As legalized first in the US by then-President Barack Obama, since then he has received mixed critics.

    The world’s famous person from the LGBTQ+ community is Ellen DeGeneres.

  3. Nuclear Power Vs. Eco-Environment


    As we know Nuclear power produces radioactive waste, it is harmful to our society. As we know what happened in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. This is not like the usual oil vs solar powered.

    Should the nuclear plant be established or not. If it is properly maintained we can harness energy in bulk.

  4. Airport Security


    It was nice reading about airport security. Like how they scan for bombs and potential terrorists to how much they hate an annoying passenger. Airport Security has to do a lot of different things that I didn’t know.

    You can make this topic interesting by having a live demonstration of the security in your presentation. Mind-blowing.

  5. Smoking in Public


    Now you can’t have a live demonstration of this. oh wait, you can. But that’s exactly what you should not do according to the topic. So you know very well that it affects the non-smoking person more when he inhales the smoke.

  6. Cross Culture Adoption


    The best example of this is in Singapore- where 3 different people stay together. People from local, People from Tamil Nadu, People from China.

    Their Government has made a compulsion that they all should stay together in the same apartment. Like in one house there should be a distribution of all the 3 kinds of people. Not just Chinese or Tamizh.

    Because of this violence became less. Even if you are not taking this topic. I would like you to learn about this. This really changed my mind.

  7. Why is Reading Important?


    Successful people have said-read a lot. “Read Read Read”, Bill Gates said. CEOs, Billionaires, and even Tony Stark said this same thing. So I think reading can open your mind to many different things. And you will have great ideas. So I took this topic to my presentation one time. I read them a passage from the book of Sherlock Holmes. Audience enjoyed it.

  8. World war 3 – Chances of it’s happening.


    In 2019 we saw India v Pakistan fighting over Kashmir’s new policies. At the end of 2019 we saw Hong Kong protesting with the Chinese Government. Then we saw at the beginning of 2020, the US vs Iran on the attack on Iran. The talk of the World was WW3 (World War 3). People saw that we were this close in using nuclear power.

    I will tell you one scary fact about nuclear weapons. Experts say that there has not been a single weapon made that has not been used. So nuclear weapon is being made and WILL be used. We just don’t know when and how.

  9. Online Dating is Risky or Safe


    With this modern generation, Online dating has become common. Just 20 years ago everyone advised never to go meet a stranger online. Now with proper precautions, it is safe to an extent. But even if one has a hint of doubt- he or she must immediately withdraw from such dates.

    This is really an important topic.

  10. Are Video Games Good for You?


    Are Video Games (  PUBG, Freefire, PC games) good for us? The short answer is yes. The long answer is they are the easiest way to have dopamine. So addiction, yes. This is another important topic.

    But this presentation will give that we can play but we should never cross a line. Especially for kids who cannot control themselves.

  11. Will Smart City be successful?

    Since the epic announcement of smart city projects by our prime minister Shri. Narendra Modiji, there has been a huge hope in India’s development. Also the announcement of the advanced city Dholera has brought businessmen very happy. You can present your case study presentation on this topic. This is a good topic if you are extremely excited about India’s future.

  12. Social Media – A friend or foe?

    Social Media is a trending platform kid, teens, and especially young adults use regularly. It is estimated that a normal person on average looks at least two hours of social media every day. Some say it is a useful and good form of communication between friends and families who live far away. Or is it an ugly dark side of modern-day problems? You can choose your side and present.

  13. Earth vs Space

    As Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in a race to reach space efficiently, we are wondering is the beginning of space tourism. Is earth going to die soon? Aren’t we going to do something about it? Are we just going to escape to space? Is that the only solution? You can make a presentation on this topic.

  14. Is English speaking an important skill?

    There is a fair share of the argument that happens here. Both sides of the party have their fair points. You can share your own point of view. English speaking skills are important as you can do business with foreign countries and build India by exports. It can be a problem as Chinese, Koreans and many other successful countries focuses on their culture more than English.

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Trending Presentation Topics for the COMMERCE Students

Presentation topics for commerce students.

Just like other streams, commerce students also need to do presentations in their university to completely ace the semester. So a list for the commerce students has been made to easily find a suitable presentation topic for you.

  1. GST: Is it a boon to the economy?


    Goods and Service Tax. The more people pay tax. The more the Government can develop a country. If and only if it is not corrupted.

    Unfortunately, our country is good at the numbers of corruption. So One can say it is not a boon. Yet others say corruption is decreasing. So it is boon.

    It’s like a for or against the topic. You gotta choose.

  2. GDP

    Gross Domestic Product is the final price in the market of a product or service in the present time. Well, you can talk about its types, applications, and many more. Maybe more examples and fewer definitions.

  3. Derivatives market


    It’s the financial market. It’s a really interesting topic. The one way  I see it when you make a presentation. Try to explain it to someone who has no idea about it. When you think in those terms you can truly see the simplicity and its beauty.

  4. Retailer Vs. E-commerce


    In simple words- Offline vs offline. Both are sellers. Stan is a retailer and Peter is in e-commerce. The same pros and cons of online and offline stores for this. Many people make tonnes of money like Walmart and Amazon.

  5. A Study On Financial Management Of Public Enterprise India


    Many types of researchers are already working on this. Managing our Government- how it does so. The difference between managing the finance of the government of a developing country and a developed country. It’s a different view.

  6. “Best Investment Midcap Funds” Performance Evaluation


    Mid-cap is the name for the companies with a market value of between $2 billion and $10 billion.  So we can invest in that and expect the value to go up. So you can learn about how this method works. What are the risk factors? Is it profitable?

  7. A Case Study Of Banks In Public & Private Sector


    Banks where there are lending and borrowing of money with interests. You can see the major difference between a government-owned bank like SBI and private banks like Axis bank.

    You can present their model. And much more.

  8. A Comparative Study On Stock Market And Mutual Fund Industry


    There are no very big differences between the two Industries. Stock Market (remember the ad Up stock Pro app) and Mutual Fund (Remember the Groww app). Both are investing in companies.

    Stock Market where you buy stocks with larger capital. And mutual fund where a group will pay a smaller capital and buy stocks.

  9. Issues a startup has to face


    Problems faced by startups- many. The first is no profit or very little profit. Next, there is no proper team. Lacking proper skills or experience. No proper investment. These are internal problems. Externals have quite a long list.

  10. A Study on Commodity Trading


    Most of the commodity trading is about trading physical products like gold, oil, and such commodities. You can read about the history of commodity trading and some companies which exactly do this.

  11. Country Research


    Many businesses who want to establish their international brand, do a detailed analysis. And one such part is a Country Research. They check for many factors such as transportation, labor, power, government policies. you can make a presentation on this.

  12. Pricing

    Pricing is an important factor in any commerce whether it is a product or service. So one must be well educated in understanding the target market and the pricing involved. Such that a business will have proper and efficient success.

  13. Product placement

    It is considered that Hollywood was a pioneer in product placement since the dawn of media entertainment. Many products like perfumes, cigarettes, razors were promoted as a must-have product. This influenced many people to buy such products. It can be easily misused. hence with proper value, one can use this method in various ways to promote.

  14. Import and Export


    A very familiar topic but more people know it’s the outer shell. There are very deep networking and knowledge needed to be successful which many people don’t have. The average citizen does not understand know how to import products and export them. You can make a presentation such that more people can understand little more about the practicals.

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Presentation topics for college students

If you are given the presentation as part of your professional study, and don’t know which topic to talk about, then you are at the right place. Here are some interesting ideas for presentation topics that you can choose from. 

Moreover, we’ve brought topic suggestions based on the present scenario and the demands of the time, so feel free to choose one as they’re all the best one to follow ahead.

Presentation topics for college students

  1. How to make self-learning work in reality?
  2. The best approach to get rid of plastics.
  3. No more mystery: Bermuda triangle
  4. Do video games really help in improving focus?
  5. Technological development through the ages
  6. What if we dump trash into volcanoes?
  7. Challenges faced by students during online learning.
  8. Driverless cars
  9. Corruption free world
  10. Human trafficking: How to stop it?
  11. Possibilities of time travel.
  12. What is lacking in the modern school system?
  13. Why do most new year resolutions fail?
  14. Best alternative of the petrol and diesels
  15. What happens when you don’t use social media for a month?
  16. Theoretical knowledge vs Practical case study.
  17. The evolution of the present education system.
  18. Exam marks: Proof of excellence or unnecessary competition
  19. Reason to stay updated with the current affairs
  20. How to make your vacation or holidays productive?
  21. What AI can do that we (skilled humans) can’t do?
  22. The upcoming technological changes we should be ready for.

The above-given trending topics for presentation shall help you give a splendid presentation with a very crisp topic for presentation to choose from. Hopefully, this article will let you choose the perfect topic.

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