Trending books for young adults Trending books for young adults

If you are in search of some popular young adult books to read, we have something for you here. Whether you are a fan of fiction, drama, or romantic novels, we are sure that this is the only list you need. 

You might need some good books to read in the summertime or to read in your free time, our ultimate list of young and adult books has some really great options for you. Instead of picking any random novels or books that you find online, you should read the ones that are popular and read-worthy.  

Popular Young Adults Books to Read in Your Free Time

Young adult books are among the popular book categories for these reasons. It has self-help books, suspense stories thriller novels, and many for its young and adult audience. If you can’t find the right book to start reading and looking for the popular choice, let us help you here. 

Popular young adults books to read in your free time

1.  Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

The books from Gabrielle Zevin follow the lives of Sam Masur and Sadie Green, two childhood friends whose bonds go beyond their friendship and career. Their journey expresses the personal growth and challenges they face. The creative theme, the chase for passion, and how modern tech impacts relationships, are all present scenarios reflected in this book, which makes it a perfect read for young adults.

2. The Fault in Our Stars 

John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ follows the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters who meet at the support group and then become the support for each other. Being in the same life stage, they both help each other explore the meaning of life and keep their heads up despite the complexities in life. As young adults who are facing some challenges in their lives, and need some feel-good book, this is the right choice as this book ends up giving a meaningful lifelong message. 

3. My Life Next Door

‘My Life Next Door’ from Huntley Fitzpatrick is the story of Samantha Reed and their next-door family Garrett. After her envious feelings towards the family, she develops a secret romance with Jase Garrett and it takes a big turn. The novel covers the story of class differences to complexities between family and friendship. From character development to their everyday journey and how they come to a stage to make a solid decision, which makes it a good read for the young adult. 

4. Skater Boy

Anthony Nerada’s debut novel about Young adults, ‘Skater Boy’ is the story of a teen who is about to risk it all to prove his worth to himself and others. The story follows the guy with his obsession with skating over studying, who meets another friend who changes his way of thinking. ‘Skater Boy’ is a heart-touching and honest story of two characters who grow their connection and explore life together. 

5. One of Us Is Lying

Written by Karen M. McManus, ‘One of Us Is Lying’ is about five high school friends. Their connection and life changed when one of them died as investigators found that his death wasn’t an accident. Now as four friends are suspect and have some secrets, they try to prove their innocence. If you want to read some suspense and thriller novels, this is the right pick in the young adult category. 

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6. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Jenny Han’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is a story about LarCoveyey whose private love letters for crushes are sent accidentally. This follows the unexpected turns and challenges from her childhood crushes, which she kept secret for years. The novel explores the crush stories, complexations, family dynamics, and present life challenges which makes it a perfect read. 

7. The Girls I’ve Been

Nominated for the ‘Best Young Adult Fiction’ in 2021, the book is about the con artist’s daughter who is hostage following a bank heist. Using her experience and skills, she finds her way out of the most dangerous situation. It is a thrilling book pick for the one who is a fan of stories with tant twists and turns. 

8. It Starts with Us

By Colleen Hoover, ‘It Starts With Us’ is a story of Lily Bloom and her self-discovery journey after an abusive relationship. The novel has a main focus on love, breakups, forgiveness, and self-growth. The story of her difficult experience to find inner happiness is surely a feel-good read for the young adult audience.

9. Everything, Everything 

‘Everything, Everything’ is a book from Nicola Yoon, that follows the story of a teenager and the issue that keeps her isolated from the world. Her life took a turn when she met her neighbor. As their connection grows over time, she feels the new horizons of life and explores many things for the first time. For the young adult, this is a popular book as it focuses on freedom, desire, and what love can do. 

10. The Darkest Mind

If you think of reading some fantasy novels, within the Young adult category, ‘The Darkest Mind’ from Alexandra Bracken is one. The story follows a dystopian future, a place that has its bright and dark sides of life. Rudy, a teenager successfully escapes from the camp and explores more than she ever allowed. The novel has a theme of fear, struggle, freedom, and identity from breaking the chain.

11. The Outsiders

‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton, is a novel about a 14-year-old boy and his struggles in lines that society draws around him. The novel has a main focus on exploring the social class and how the pressure affects the individual’s journey along the way. His struggle to choose between what’s right and wrong according to society makes him an outsider to most of his surroundings. The book has some twists that keep you reading, due to its struggling and suspense elements. 

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Final Thoughts

Well, let us know how many Young adult books you have read from this list. We are sure that if you are a book lover, you might have some suggestions for this list. If so, then feel free to update on that. Also, if you find this article helpful, let us know which book you are about to read. And yes be ready, as we are going to add more books to this list. 

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