Sample report card comments on attendance and punctuality Sample report card comments on attendance and punctuality

School isn’t just a place for formal education, it has the role to develop good habits in life. One of those is, of course, punctuality. And, that comes from making your students take their attendance seriously and come regularly.

Well, if you are a teacher at kindergarten or high school, your comments on the student’s attendance and punctuality are crucial. 

Indeed, you need to share your remarks based on the Individual students’ performance. But if you need some help in creating an attendance report, this article will help you with some sample report card comments and remarks that you can use. 

Positive Comments on Attendance and Punctuality

Positive comments on attendance and punctuality

First, we will take a look at the positive comments that you give to the regular students who show their punctuality in both attendance and with regular homework. You could share these comments on report cards as well as appreciate them in front of the class to encourage other students. 

  1. She is the most punctual student in this class. Keep it up!
  2. Never seen such a great level of punctuality before. 
  3. So glad to see that you have become a regular student lately. 
  4. He is such an obedient student and always regular in any task. 
  5. You are the only student in class with full attendance. 
  6. Never missed a single glass and that’s one of my achievements. 
  7. Your regular attendance shows that you are very focused on your studies. 
  8. The level of punctuality you show in attendance and activities is remarkable. 
  9. You impressed me with your dedication and regularity throughout the year. 
  10. Have to say other students need to learn from you how to be punctual. 

We are sure you need these sample feedback for kindergarten students to speed up the reporting process.

Sample Report Card Remarks for Irregular Students

Sample report card remarks for irregular students

Now let’s discuss some sample comments and remarks that help you write the report cards for the irregular students. You want to mention their habits and want them to consider the issue seriously. And here are some constructive comments to draw their attendance to become regular and punctual from then on. 

  1. Your frequent absences from the class are the reason for your poor performance. 
  2. Need improvement in being regular at completing homework. 
  3. Like I told you, it’s your irregular nature that stops you from performing well. 
  4. Due to your constant absence in class, you have missed the important classes. 
  5. You could do more than this, just when you start being a regular student in class. 
  6. I have noticed that lately, you have started becoming irregular in class and study.
  7. If you had attended the class regularly, you might get a higher score than this.
  8. He seems to not enjoy learning in class and is very irregular in every aspect. 
  9. She needs to be more punctual and attend every class without missing any. 
  10. Not sure why, but she always comes to class late and makes excuses. 

Good Report Cards Comments for Poor Attendance 

Good report cards comments for poor attendance 

If you need some examples for mentioning poor attendance without hurting students’ confidence or making them feel bad, this is the right list for you. Also, if you feel not sure what to say about poor attendance and irregularity, these are good comments to put in report cards. 

  1. It seems he has a hard time focusing on the class and also has very low attendance.
  2. Failed to maintain the standard level of attendance. Needed to be more punctual. 
  3. His absenteeism from the class impacts his focus and overall study. 
  4. She is a good student, but her frequent absence from class can be a problem. 
  5. I know there might be some reason, but poor attendance isn’t good either. 
  6. WIsh to show an improvement in his being present at the class more often. 
  7. If you want to improve, you should first start by attending the class regularly. 
  8. Punctuality is something that is missing here and I want you to improve it. 
  9. Not attending a class could lead to many challenges, you should be aware of that. 
  10. The only problem I see here is his absenteeism. He needs to be present and regular. 

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Short Report Card Comments to Give on Attendance

Short report card comments to give on attendance

For some reason, you want your report card comments to be short and straightforward. Either you don’t want to make it a big issue or you wish to draw the attention of students and their parents about punctuality and attendance. In that case, you wish to use these short comments regarding attendance and punctuality. 

  1. Full marks for punctuality. 
  2. One of the most punctual students in class. 
  3. Good to see that he becomes more punctual now. 
  4. Very regular in attending the lectures. 
  5. Quite impressed with his regular attendance. 
  6. So good to see this level of dedication. 
  7. He is just so great with his time management. 
  8. His attendance and focus in class have improved. 
  9. Always comes to school on time. 
  10. Such a punctual student! Others need to learn from him. 
  11. Very few students are punctual like him. 


What are positive remarks for attendance?

To students who have been showing up to class regularly, your remarks make them feel appreciated. Especially you should appreciate the regular students with full attendance in front of the class to also encourage other kids to follow these habits. 

How do you comment on poor attendance?

If you are leaving remarks on poor attendance, you should update them about how important it is to attend the class regularly, when they are in preschool. If you leave comments for high-school students, you can mention the effect of their low attendance on their overall academic performance. 

What are good comments for a report card?

There are no good or best comments for a report card. But it has to be unique and personalized. Because each student is different your remrkas have to be precise as per the individual students’ performance and progress. 

How do you write remarks for irregular students?

Indeed, you have to be careful while writing the remarks for the irregular students. Because you have to maintain the line between being supportive to being critical. You don’t want to sound like you are focing them to be regular, but you make them realize why it’s important to be regular at study or say for attending the classes.

Final Thoughts

No matter how good, weak or average students might be, attendance and punctuality are expected from all. So when your students are regular or irregular, whether that is to come to school or complete the homework, your honest feedback helps them. 

If the students take attendance seriously, they will more likely be punctual and regular. Those students deserve to be appreciated, also to encourage other students as well.

Whereas, to some irregular students you have to remind them of the importance of attendance. And, we hope that this article might help you to give positive and constructive comments on attendance and punctuality in report cards. Take ideas from this list and make your report effective. 

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