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A presentation involves tons of work to do, other than just presenting your ideas. Whether this presentation is for a meeting at work or part of the school project, the entire process to create it is exhausting and quite frustrating. 

The reviews, feedback, and comments for the presentation are to show if it’s successful or needs improvement. So, your reviews and comments matter. Being a manager or teacher, you want to give proper feedback on the presentation from your employees or students. Some presentations are simply well-created, while some lack the effort. 

As to help you in forming your feedback, in this article we are sharing the positive and negative comments for presentations to make it effective and helpful to the presenter. 

Positive Comments To Share on Successful Presentation

Positive comments to share on successful presentation

It was the perfect presentation that someone has just delivered. If it’s delivered by an individual or group, you first appreciate their efforts. They did such hard work to give the presentation effectively. Your positive feedback makes them feel happy for the efforts they put into creating it. 

  1. Your presentation is well on point and covers every important aspect. 
  2. The ideas and suggestions presented here are very helpful, thanks for that. 
  3. I’m very impressed with this presentation, it makes me think about the topic. 
  4. Everything about this presentation is perfect. Enjoyed it truly. 
  5. You present your opinions with clarity and in an easy to understand manner. 
  6. Thank you for such a clear and well-structured presentation. 
  7. I appreciate your efforts to make such a great presentation. 
  8. This is one of the best presentations I have seen in the last few months. 
  9. I have no questions left, this presentation has answered them all right. 
  10. What a great presentation! Thanks for drawing our attention to this matter. 
  11. Thank you for doing the detailed research on this topic. Great information.

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Appraisal Comments For Presentation Skills

Appraisal comments for presentation skills

Some are just very natural at presenting ideas. If you want to show your appreciation for someone’s presentation skills, here are some best comments you can share in the end. Share which part of their skill has caught your attention and how they made it so effectively. 

  1. I’m very impressed with your presentation skills, you did great work again. 
  2. Everything was done perfectly, no more questions. You’re the born presenter. 
  3. What a great presentation, you know how to get the audience’s attention. 
  4. Not one slide in the presentation feels boring or unnecessary. Appreciate it!
  5. I love the way you present your thoughts and opinions on any topic. 
  6. You’ve been consistent with your presentation. I can see love presenting ideas. 
  7. It was the first time that the entire group has delivered the perfect presentation. 
  8. Truly appreciate your skills to present something. The client is going to love this. 
  9. There is no way a client will think of any other offer, you played your part well. 
  10. You know how to present ideas in a very effective and persuasive way.
  11. That was a great presentation. I learned something new from this session. 
  12. It’s always good to see you talking about this subject. You love this topic, aren’t you? 

Best Comments For Visual Or Video Presentation

Best comments for visual or video presentation

If this presentation is rich in visuals and all the images, videos, and graphics are so relevant to the topic, this is what you can comment on. For the video and visual presentation that you are reviewing online, make comments about which part you love the most. 

  1. Love this visually appealing presentation. I can see how hard you worked on this. 
  2. Every graph and image you used are simply perfect and justifies the purpose right. 
  3. I like the format you used for this presentation. It suits the survey topic and purpose. 
  4. Never seen such a creative and so effective presentation before this. 
  5. I could see their presentations many times without getting bored. It’s great. 
  6. You used the colour, style, and layout so well. I appreciate you for such efforts. 
  7. Just love every part of this presentation, there’s nothing extra but perfect only. 
  8. It’s the first time I saw the video presentation and I love this concept. 
  9. Not the regular presentation we used to see, but this one is something new. 
  10. The presentation was indeed good, but the graphics you used caught my attention. 

Negative Feedback On Students’ Presentation 

Negative feedback on students’ presentation 

If as a teacher you’re reviewing the student’s presentation work, you need some idea on which comments to share. Mostly you want to give your students ideas on how to improve their presentation skills and make quality slides. Here is a negative but needs improvement comments to give students on their presentation. 

  1. Presentation isn’t always about showing images and graphs, but to share information. 
  2. Not you’re the best presentation, it’s an average one. I had higher expectations from you. 
  3. You need to work on your message delivery, at some part, you fail to deliver. 
  4. I can see that you’re feeling stressed, but don’t worry it’s just a presentation. 
  5. You could have done far more than this. But this isn’t your best work. 
  6. Not sure what it is, but I’m not happy with this presentation. Sorry to say that. 
  7. The focus is missing and you seem lost during this presentation. Please be present. 
  8. Please focus more on your presentation delivery, you need to improve there. 
  9. Next time try to connect with the audience more, and add questions. Build interaction. 
  10. I think you need to focus more on your presentation skill than adding visuals alone. 
  11. Nobody does perfect on the first try. You have many things to learn about personation. 
  12. I want to see the improvement in your next presentation. Not saying I hate it, but I know that you can deliver the best.

Good Oral Presentation Feedback Comments

In class or work, when you are at the oral presentation, your feedback to the reviewer or teacher is very important. Your comments allow the students or employees to feel appreciated, as well as to guide them to improve their communication skills. Here are some example comments you can give while reviewing oral presentations. 

  1. You are so natural at presenting materials, That was the best presentation ever!
  2. Such a good job, thank you for this insightful presentation. 
  3. You know how to effectively share your ideas and organize your presentation. 
  4. Well done! The presentation was great as was expected from you. 
  5. It was a well-organized presentation, and your way of speech made it perfect. 
  6. I think you are a qualified presenter and we are glad you covered this topic. 
  7. You share things quite greatly as needed. I’m impressed with this presentation. 
  8. I like to thank you for covering this unique topic, that no one thinks of. 
  9. It was indeed challenging to talk about this topic. But glad to see that you did it greatly. 
  10. You have the ability to give an outstanding presentation and now it’s proved. 
  11. During your presentation, I felt that you were a little lost. There might be something. 
  12. You need to engage more with your audience, that’s the area you should improve.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re about to judge formal or academic personation, you can’t deny the efforts and frustration to present an idea. It’s not easy for everyone to be presentable and address the audience the perfect way. Some are too good at it, while some need improvement. This means there is always room for improvement. 

So, make sure that your feedback and comments for the presentation don’t sound like you criticize them. Show that you want to help the presenter to improve at it, rather than just pointing out their mistakes. When the presentation is good you indeed appreciate their efforts. But when it’s not up to the mark, share the suggestion and advise them how to make it right the next time.

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