Trending Survey Topics For College Students  Trending Survey Topics For College Students 

94 Trending Survey Topics for College Students 

You certainly don’t want to make your colleague’s project or survey assignment boring or forceful. Of course, it would be more interesting and engaging if you opt for nothing but a suitable topic for your survey project or research paper.

So, here we are sharing the fresh and trending survey topics for college students that are interesting subjects to cover. 

You may feel confused about which one is the best survey option because there are so many things to choose from. But, along with checking interest and passion, you also want to make sure the topic has some value to offer others.

If you’re unsure about the topic of your research and you’re not provided with the topic from your college, this article can help you to choose the right one for your project. 

Well, you are given full freedom to choose your own, but that is a burden. There are many options out there and picking the right one can be difficult. 

You don’t have to be confused anymore. Because we have already done the research part of the survey topic and bring you this helpful list. 

General Survey Topics for MBA students

General Survey Topics For MBA Students

If you’re looking for some good survey project topics for your MBA course, here are some. This type of topic focuses on the current market position and trends that provide valuable and worthwhile survey opportunities. 

  1. Marketing strategies for OTT and streaming platform
  2. Web series against daily soaps and TV shows
  3. Financial project on the stock market and market analysis
  4. Survey on money management
  5. Project on personal finance of middle-class family
  6. Net Banking and UPI transactions
  7. Schooling during the corona lockdowns
  8. Digital currency – Pros and Cons
  9. The latest gadget and upcoming technology
  10. Driverless cars possibilities and myths
  11. Modern education system 
  12. The source of information in the time of the internet and social media
  13. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin as an Investment option
  14. Data protections and securtiy in online world
  15. Online mode of payments: Types, Pros, and Cons
  16. Moonlighting: Advantages and disadvantages
  17. New CSR opportunities and challenges

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Trending Marketing Survey Topics

Trending Marketing Survey Topics

When it comes to marketing, this subject involves a lot of survey and analysis work. There could be a large list of topics in this area. And here are some fresh and trending topics for marketing students for their survey project.  

  1. Market analysis and survey of electric cars
  2. Customer survey for fashion or beauty products
  3. Branding of the cold drinks company
  4. How modern customers think about a purchase
  5. Competition due to online marketing
  6. Challenges for the local market against the global
  7. Branding and advertising
  8. Rise of digital and online marketing
  9. Customer targeting and product customization
  10. Clickbait techniques and marketing traps
  11. Job satisfaction and work appraisals
  12. Decisions making process in a digital age
  13. Retail marketing right now
  14. Old school advertising vs new advertising platforms
  15. Health and life insurance marketing strategies
  16. The music industry and pop culture
  17. Artificial intelligence over marketing

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Best Survey Topics for Medical Students

Best Survey Topics For Medical Students

Medical department students are certainly involved in a greater degree of research than other students. But choosing the right topic is even more challenging. Following are some perfect medical topics for a descriptive and purposeful research study. 

  1. Vaccination against coronavirus
  2. Home remedies 
  3. Child and mother care
  4. Best health practices and staying fit movement
  5. Diet food and healthy supplements
  6. Healthcare marketing
  7. Quality of health services
  8. Stem cells and new medical advancements
  9. Awareness of nutrition and required supplements
  10. Health and sleep disorders
  11. anti-aging creams
  12. Modern lifestyle pressure on health
  13. Impact of dieting on body
  14. Overexercising and gym culture

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Good Survey Topics for Pharmacy Students

Good Survey Topics For Pharmacy Students

When you are looking for survey topics related to medicine and pharmaceuticals, this is the list for you. The topics include the latest improvements and technological advancements in the pharma and drug industry. 

  1. Medical testing and experiments on animals
  2. Pharmacy and medicines industry
  3. Generic medicines and the growing market
  4. Covid19 vaccine- process and protection
  5. Medical equipment and instruments
  6. Infections, viral fever, treatments, and precautions
  7. Homeopathic medicines and drugs
  8. Artificial intelligence in the medical and pharma industry

Interesting Survey Topics for Psychology Students

Interesting Survey Topics For Psychology Students

Psychological surveys and project work have so many great topics to choose from. If you feel lost in so many topic options, here are a few perfect ones for you. 

  1. Mental illness: Causes, cure, and solutions
  2. Impact of family and home environment
  3. Silent treatment in a relationship
  4. Social awkwardness and its causes
  5. Overeating and emotional eating
  6. Possibilities of human behavior prediction
  7. How stressful life we are living right now.
  8. Living the American dream
  9. Social pressure on mindset and wellness
  10. Violence in movies and video games
  11. Psychological changes due to the aging process
  12. Social media and its dark sides
  13. Social media and Its influence on our mind
  14. Balancing life, career, and education as students.

Hot Survey Topics for Fashion Designing Students

Hot Survey Topics For Fashion Designing Students

If you love staying updated with the new fashion trends and are pursuing a graduate degree in fashion design, then this is the list you should follow. The survey topics consist of trending topics that require enthusiastic fashion design students.

  1. The impact of western culture on the entire fashion industry
  2. Fashion industry: Post coronavirus pandemics
  3. Traditional wear vs New fashion era
  4. Celebrity culture and imitation of fashion icons
  5. Impact of traditional and ethnic wear on the current fashion industry.
  6. Social media marketing for fashion and lifestyle marketing
  7. Fashion entrepreneurs and the rise of Instagram influencers
  8. Branded clothing and obsessions with certain brands
  9. Customer market and spending on fashion products
  10. The ongoing trends in the fashion industry post-pandemics.
  11. The influencer marketing trends for the fashion industry. 
  12. Market analysis for the local fashion brands

Trending Survey Topics on Social Issues

‘Social issue’ is the most common topic for the survey. So, if there’s no limit to picking the survey topic and you have no idea which topic to create a project for, social issue is your best option. Well, the social issue topic might look regular topic, but it also requires in-depth research and more analysis like any technical topic. And here are some of the trending Social issue topics you can consider to survey on. 

  1. Do social movements or strikes do any good or bad to society?
  2. What should world leaders do that makes the whole world a better place? 
  3. Mobile addiction in the young and old generation.
  4. What is a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and how serious issue it can be? 
  5. How to make the best use of the Internet and not waste any time? 
  6. Drug addiction: Some shocking stats you want to know about
  7. How to identify fake news and rumors on social media?
  8. Do we need to invest more in the space projects?
  9. Are we connected in the world of social media? 
  10. The future of the Internet: Where is this new technology leading us?
  11. Is a free world possible? 

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How to select the appropriate survey topic by yourself? 

You will find this challenging if you are allowed to choose the project or survey topic by yourself. There is a real challenge in balancing both the course content, your understanding, and your survey efforts.

Here, you want to pick a unique, research-worthy topic. Moreover, you need a topic that allows you to show your commitment and enthusiasm for the topic. 

Regardless of the course or degree, you are pursuing, here are a few quick tips that will help you pick out the right topic for your survey. 

A) Have a project goal in mind.

First of all, you have to be very much aware of your purpose for this project. You can check it from the guidelines and project requirements provided by your college. Alternatively, you can ask your professor for a description of the overall goal and key areas of the project. 

B) Check your best interests and personal choices. 

After you know what kind of expectations your college has regarding your project and why it is so important, it is time to explore your interest. Yes, it’s your project and you have the liberty to pick the right survey topic, so it has to be the one that matches your interest. 

C) Brainstorm ideas and ask for suggestions. 

Simply relying on your ideas and interests is not enough. You better discuss this with your senior, professor, and those who are in the same field. Discuss whether your topic is appropriate. And, always confirm your topic with your guiding professor or project guide before starting. 

D) Research online for some perfect topics for surveys projects. 

If the topic you selected isn’t appropriate for this concern, you can look for some great survey topics online. You may also take some inspiration from the list of trending survey topics we shared above.

E) Prepare the project rules and start the survey process. 

After doing such extensive research online and offline, it’s time to come up with an outline or framework for your work. Prepare the entire survey structure following the project requirements and cover the most important topics to cover. 

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Last but not least, your survey topic must be fresh, interesting, and valuable. Take a survey topic that is not too easy or too complex for your course.  

It has to be meaningful enough to put worth the effort, as well as resourceful enough to help someone who needs such information to use in real-life situations. 

It seems now you’re ready. So, all the best with your project work. Happy surveying!

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