Sample report card remarks for preschool students Sample report card remarks for preschool students

Knowing how challenging it is to write preschool students’ report cards, here we are sharing the sample remarks for you. You are here because you seek some example comments to avoid making report cards standardized, Right? 

Worry not, with these sample remarks you can make every report card unique to students and helpful to their parents. Indeed, you should write every comment considering the individual performance. However, having these ideas can speed up the process of creating report cards.

Positive Comments for Report Cards for Preschool Students

Positive comments for report cards for preschool students

Let’s start with some positive comments for the students who are doing great and improving from the past. From their academic performance to their behavior, their progress impressed you. With these positive comments, you encourage the students and also make the parents feel proud of their kids.

  1. Love his curiosity to learn more and learn something new outside of books. 
  2. I’m feeling so proud to see his growth over the last months. He’s getting better. 
  3. Keep working to improve. Always read more and learn more. 
  4. She is very committed to studying and so happy to see her progress over time. 
  5. I’m very impressed with his level of dedication and commitment to the study. 
  6. Truly appreciate the home training, she has a big influence on you. 
  7. Over the last year, she has outperformed every student in our class. Great work. 
  8. Comes to class on time and also completes every assignment on time. 
  9. Always follows class rules as well as asks the reasons to know things in detail. 
  10. Impressive performance compared to the last report. Seems like he worked so hard. 
  11. I can see that she become more focused and serious about learning at school. 

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Needs Improvement Remarks for Preschool Students

Needs improvement remarks for preschool students

Of course, preschool students have a long way to go in learning. This is their growing phase and so as a good teacher, you should give constructive comments when needed. Here are sample preschool remarks you can try to update about the area of improvement. 

  1. Indeed, he is a brilliant student, but he needs to work more on his behavior. 
  2. Noticed that he faces challenges in understanding the basic concepts. 
  3. She needs to develop habits of reading every day at home. 
  4. He has trouble sharing his thoughts and ideas in front of the class. 
  5. A brilliant student just needs to pay more attention to improve his writing. 
  6. What I see here is she needs more practice in writing and grammar.
  7. Her performance is average so far. But I’m sure she can improve from here. 
  8. Shown consistency in his performance, and he can achieve more.
  9. Sometimes it’s hard for him to adjust to the other classmates. 
  10. It seems he is more interested in playing than in studying. 
  11. He needs to know how to get along with other kids. Sometimes, he’s so shy. 

Simple Report Card Remarks For Preschool Students

Simple report card remarks for preschool students

You want the parents and kids to relate to your feedback quite easily. So, be sure to make your remarks simple and direct. Whether they are performing great, average, or low, you can use these simple remarks to give feedback on preschool students’ performance. 

  1. He seems to enjoy studying here and gets along well with his peers. 
  2. Very obedient and punctual student. Alongside, he’s a supportive classmate. 
  3. She is very great at completing the homework and always ready to learn more. 
  4. Such an honest and trustworthy student in our class. 
  5. Always helps her classmates study and understand something. 
  6. He works well with his classmates and is more likely to believe in group work. 
  7. Good to see that he is now taking his education seriously. 
  8. He is getting better at every aspect of studying. Love to see his growth. 
  9. Certainly, she enjoys studying so much. She’s curious and very understandable. 
  10. I can see that he is teachable as he asks the right questions to understand something. 
  11. Continually showing progress in most subjects. Keep up the good practice. 
  12. Very participative in the classroom. Engages with everyone so greatly. 

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Quick Report Card Comments for Preschool

Quick report card comments for preschool

Creating report cards for preschool students is such a challenging job. You have a short time and many reports to create. Well, to manage your workload, you need some help there. Hopefully, these quick remarks to help you create your preschool report cards. 

  1. There is more to discuss. Better if we discuss that in a parent-teacher meeting
  2. He showed growth in many areas. Seems like he has started to enjoy studying. 
  3. I noticed that she is struggling in some subjects, but we can do something about it. 
  4. Faces difficulties in understanding the regular tasks. A home practice would help. 
  5. She is a brilliant student. But she has had to forget about the important things. 
  6. His shy nature is stopping him from opening up to other students in class. 
  7. Very supportive of his classmates and always helps them to learn something. 
  8. Never seen this level of concentration in any preschool students before. 
  9. If he pays attention to class, he can perform well. This is what stopped him. 
  10. She needs to work on her behavior in school. Often pick fights with others. 
  11. Love his enthusiasm, but he needs to give other students a chance to speak up. 

Short Report Card Remarks for Preschool Students

Short report card remarks for preschool students

If you want to keep your report card remarks short, that shouldn’t be an issue. With some short but direct remarks, you can update parents about their kids’ progress. Check out these short report card comments that are perfect for creating preschool report cards. 

  1. Very cooperative to others and respectful to elders. 
  2. Follows every classroom and school rule. 
  3. Pay attention to every class and learn patiently. 
  4. Asks questions when needed. That’s a good thing. 
  5. More interested in taking the lead. 
  6. Expect to see more focus in class. 
  7. Supports his schoolmates to get things done. 
  8. Gives her best to achieve the expected results. 
  9. Very friendly with other students. 
  10. Makes other students feel comfortable.
  11. Such an obedient and clever student. 
  12. Respect his elders and support his peers. 

How to write report card comments for preschool?

You need to write report card comments based on the student’s performance in a particular subject. In the report card, you can mention their progress, improvement, and areas in which they are weak based on their performance. 

What are positive words for a preschool report card?

If you want your report card for preschool students more positive, consider using words like good, clever, punctual, smart, excellent and etc. Such words add positivity and encouragement to your report card comments.

What are some good remarks for a report card?

‘You did great this time’, ‘You have improved a lot’, ‘Seems like you practiced well’ and so on seem good because here you appreciate the students for their progress. There are more good remarks for clear ideas that you can find in this article. 

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Final Thoughts

Well, your remarks for preschool report cards are more than just comments, they have to be more like feedback. That should be positive when kids are doing well and also supportive when they need to improve. 

But overall the purpose of your feedback is to update the parents about the progress and performance of their kids in school. This article discussed the sample remarks that you can use while creating preschool students’ reports, you can get ideas from this. 

And yes, the best approach is still to follow a personalized approach to leave comments based on individual students’ performance either academically or personally.

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