10 trending ai tools for logo design to use 10 trending ai tools for logo design to use

You need a unique logo for your brand. But you don’t want to hire a graphic designer for this simple task. You thought it would be easy to create a logo by yourself. But it’s hard to get used to with those design software and its technicalities. 

Well, there’s one more option for you. The AI logo design tools. 

Indeed, some AI-powered tools can create logos for you, as well. All you need to make sure that you pick the right tool to get this done. 

If you are looking for an eye-catching logo or a professional one, here are the trending logo generator AI tools that you can try. And, they are easier than you know. 

List Of Top AI Logo Generator Tools

List of top ai logo generator tools

Picking the right AI tool for logo design is importat, because your entire brand relies on it. And, you can’t afford your brand image to leave any less first impression. 

So it’s advisable that you use several AI tools to create a logo for you. 

To make the search even easier, here are the best and trending AI Logo maker tools that you can try one by one for your purpose. 

All tools are different and have some extra features and options to use. Because they are popular and easy to use, these tools are worth a try. 

1. Logomaster.ai

Logomaster. Ai

If you’re looking for an affordable and easier option compared to hiring a professional designer, this is the right tool for you. Logomaster.ai is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs to professionals. By giving information about your business and industry, this tool creates a logo for you. It offers some suggestions and you can pick one of your choices. 

2. Looka


You want your logo to give a unique touch. This means you don’t want AI to create just any logo for you, but you need customization options. So, Looka is the tool for you. It allows you to create a logo however you want. From changing the background to layout, this tool has some options to play with. 

3. Brandmark


You might have a new brand, but you have a plan to promote it effectively. So you need a tool that creates a professional looking, branded logo for you. As its name says, Brandmark is the tool you need here. This is a powerful tool that can produce quality logos in a few steps. Provide your business info, the brand theme, or color palette and this AI tool will make a logo for you.

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4. DesignEVO


When you want a logo design tool that has more features to apply but is still easy to use, this one is for you. DesignEVO allows you to create a logo however you want, by applying your unique branding and styling options. It has tons of templates as well as customization options to make logos stand out from the rest. 

5. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft designer

You read it right, this logo design tool is from Microsoft. This tool offers the simplest way to create a logo for your brand. Yet this tool has some straightforward process and using the available templates, you might not get many logo options. But it is a good logo design tool to get some ideas and inspiration while deciding on your brand logo. 

6. Logo AI

Logo ai

With the simple drag and drop interface, Logo AI makes a good design tool for the non-designer. This tool offers some decent options to work along. Also, this tool can create an animated logo for you, if that’s what you require. By applying gradients and other design options, you can create a unique brand logo. 

7. Logo Maker From Wix

Wix is a popular for its website development platform. And, like how easy it is to create a website with Wix, the logo design is even smoother. This tool has some templates ready and based on your brand details, it presents you with the logo. It offers various color options to customize your logo as you wish. Plus, you have the option to check various versions of your final logo. 

8. Design Hill

Design hill

This one is the popular AI design tool for this reason. Design Hill is an AI-powered tool that offers specific logo design features for someone creating a brand identity. It provides the large design templates and logo design options than any other tool. This tool has some advanced features that designers can use to create unique logos that stand apart. 

9. Hatchful


Those who create or already own e-commerce websites are familiar with the ‘Shopify’ site. This logo design tool ‘Hatchful’ is from the same platform. This AI tool is the perfect tool when you’re creating an e-commerce brand and need a logo for the same. it can create a logo for you in minutes with some easy steps and without any design knowledge.

10. Tailor Brands

Tailor brands

What’s the purpose of a logo that isn’t unique and personal? You might be aware of some AI tools to use to create logos. But most of them seem the same. Well, that’s not the case. Tailor Brands is a one of a kind AI tool that allows you to personalize your logo however you wish. By using its design options and elements, you have the logo that you trust. 

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Why Any AI Tools Aren’t The Good Choice For Logo Design?

Creating a logo seems fun but it’s a challenging job at the same time. because it’s not only about creatively using brand names, using catchy texts or icons to make them look good, it’s more than that. 

Here you’re creating the identity of your brand that could last for many years or forever. So you can’t risk getting this logo design done by any graphic designer or any random AI logo generator tool. 

If you want to make your brand grow and be recognizable uniquely, the logo is crucial. When you’re using an AI tool to create a logo for your brand, make sure that you pick the right tool. 

There are many tools that can get work done, but you need to feel comfortable with the created logo. You can always try and test various AI tools for logo design and check which one creates the perfect one for you. 

When you want to check various logo design tools, you can start with this trending list. 

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