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Do your kids start looking forward to Halloween as soon as the leaves start changing colors? If yes, then you, as a parent, should start preparing for this special and fun festivity. Additionally, if you organize everything on time, including creative costumes for the kids and spooky decorations, you will actually have time to enjoy all the fun that the Halloween brings. And as a parent, you know how much every minute is valuable in your hectic schedule.

Therefore, we bring you some amazing and useful ideas to help every busy parent prepare for another memorable Halloween.

Easy way to make any costume unique

Dressing up as a little princess, ghost, or the Spiderman is always a good idea for the traditional Halloween trick-or-treating. However, your children may have a different idea of what they want their costume to look like. Listen to their ideas and find a compromise and a way to make any costume truly original. For instance, if your boy or girl wants you to dress up as a scary clown, refresh the usual costume and makeup with some fun, clown eye contact lenses. Also, a lion or lioness costume will look even better with a cat’s eyes contact lenses, such as the ones offered by the exclusive 1001 Optical, that have a great selection of party contact lenses. Moreover, a unique twist on the traditional Halloween dress code and makeup, such as these contact lenses or another particular feature, is especially useful if you are going for some cute, DIY costumes.

Shop early for decorations and supplies

Make sure that your house and garden are decorated according to every family member’s taste and wishes. Thus, organize a family meeting and plan together what kind of plastic pumpkins, spider webs and other decorations you want for your home. Don’t forget to bring the list with you when you go shopping, as an early Halloween shopping means lower prices. Moreover, when you are already at the store, pick up some themed supplies, such as some impressive and spooky plates, tablecloths, cups, and napkins. Not only will you manage to get all the necessary supplies for the festive dinner way cheaper than if you were to buy them the day before the Halloween, but you will find a greater and better selection at the store or online.

Include family DIY decorations

We all do love our traditional and bought Halloween decorations, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate some adorable DIY projects. There is a numerous amount of amazing Pinterest-inspired decorations that you can make together as a family. A few affordable and easy-to-make toilet paper pumpkins will be a perfect decoration for the bathroom, and pair of pool noodle witch legs in your front yard is guaranteed to get much praise from the children in the neighborhood. What is also great about these DIY projects is that making them will represent a special family time that will be quite entertaining for both the kids and the parents. Even more, some easy decorating tasks, such as covering the house in orange crepe paper, can be assigned to the kids. They will have the best time playing around the house and a busy parent will save some valuable time.

Make the treats a few days earlier

Although the idea of buying premade cookies and cakes may seem irresistible, the fact is that nothing can beat homemade coffin cookies and spooky Halloween pretzels. A lot of tasty Halloween snacks take very little time to make and you can have the best time preparing them together with your kids. Start making the treats a few days in advance and you will save yourself from any stress of baking in a hurry. What is more, you can make delicious goody bags assembled out of these snacks and give them out to cute trick-or-treaters.

Start preparing on time and enjoy the best Halloween adventure yet.

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