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Are you an MBA student? Are you looking for the internet’s best topics for your Business degree?

We have done the hard work for you and did the research. Here is a list of the best of best topics for your MBA Presentation:

Use this article as a guide and show your confidence through your best presentation.

Presentation topics

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      Marketing channel system

      They are sets of independent organizations that participate to make a product or services available. It is the way that a product or service moves in after production, purchase, and consumption by the customer.

    2. A Strategy Model for Export Marketing

      Through export marketing, any company can sell its service or products to foreign companies. Therefore finding out the best pitching model to get those clients, is the main work. Work out on different companies who are the kings in experts in export marketing.

    3. Agile Supply Chain

      You know what the supply chain is. And agile means how fast you are. So overall how fast and flexible is your supply chain. Can it be maintained with new changes? You must answer how can a company stay agile in your presentation.

    4. E-Waste Management

      E-waste or electronic waste management. Where are you going to throw that old drive or your computer? Proper recycling is the key. So how can a company make the best use of such waste? There is this separate department.

    5. Business Intelligence

      Just like any intelligence works. You collect lots and lots of raw data. And you derive meaning out of it. And using that you make decisions to make your company more profitable.

    6. Business Environment

      The business Environment includes people who buy, people who work, etc. All the factors that contribute to the business come from the business environment. There are many types of it. You can choose one type and research it.

    7. Basic Elements of Organizing

      The four basic types of organizational behavior are people, structure, technology, and external environment. You can go into detail about each element and its application in the big picture of a company.

    8. Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

      It is how fast a company can shift its manufacturing products. Like Nokia, it became so huge that it could not easily reconfigure its manufacturing system. It could not cope up with the modern technological demand. You can share about companies that efficiently change their system.

    9.  Ratio Analysis

      Ratio analysis means calculation of the performance of a company financially. Using five types of ratios: liquidity, debt, profitability, and market activity.

    10. Network Marketing – an Emerging Face of Sales Management

      Network marketing is a fairly new form of marketing developed a few decades ago. It was developed for companies to have more sales. Even now a new form of marketing called Digital Marketing is developed. You can talk about it.

    11. Poka Yoke

      A Japanese term means ‘mistake-proofing’. It is to avoid simple human errors at work. It is a technique. You can start your presentation about the history and its necessity. And finish it with how it can be helpful to our companies.

    12. Resource Allocation syndrome: the prime challenge of multi-project management?

      Imagine a person is skilled in one particular job and you are filled with projects. Since there are few skilled workers, another new project pops out, it comes to that same person. This is resource allocation syndrome.

    13. Change Management

      It is a technique that guides how a company must be ready to adapt to a market change. To drive more success in profit.

    14. Job Enrichment

      It is a technique to motivate the employees by giving work previously allocated to their managers. For employees, it is a sign that the company respects them. And a company worker will do their job more efficiently.

    15. Total Quality Management (TQM)

      Improving qualities of companies such as customer service, employee training, supply chain. manufacturing, etc. The overall quality of the company from all aspects should be improved.

    16. Time Management

      It is such an important tool for a company as it is for a person. Proper scheduling and executing can lead to more efficiency in a company.

    17. Marketing Research

      Understanding a company’s targeted customers. Marketing research has many types. Every company needs to do its market research to get more profit. You can present the new marketing research vs traditional marketing research.

    18. Energy Management System (EMS)

      It is a system that uses technology to optimize and improve the efficiency of transmission systems.

    19. Content Management System

      Manages the different forms of content for the consumers. Big companies to small ones all have different ways to manage. Like streamers of Netflix to streamers of Live.

    20. Event Management

      Exactly as it is. You manage the event. So you can present the main things that go into consideration during event management.

    21. Research Methods For Management

      Research refers to finding knowledge and preparing the data. And descriptive statistics; hypotheses tests; basics of regression analyses.

    22. Production function

      In the field of economics, the production function gives the technological relation between quantities of inputs and quantities of output. They are physical goods.

    23. Value Analysis

      The systematic assessment by a company of all features of a good or service. To ensure that its price is no higher than necessary. So that it can successfully carry out its functions.

    24. Group Dynamics

      Group dynamics is a system of human behavior and thinking. It revolves around the psychological processes occurring within a community, or between social groups.

    25. Training and Development

      Training and development mean to improve the effectiveness of organizations. And also to improve the individuals and their teams.

    26. Conflict Management

      Conflict management is the process of reducing the bad aspects of a problem. And simultaneously increasing the positive aspects of the conflict. Conflict management aims to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting.

    27. Attitude

      A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards

    28. Managerial Economics

      Managerial Economics can be defined as the amalgamation of economic theory with business practices to ease decision-making and future planning by management. This type of Economics assists the managers of a firm in a rational solution to obstacles faced in the firm’s activities.

    29. Capital Budgeting

      Capital budgeting is the process that a business uses to determine which proposed fixed asset purchases it should accept, and which should be declined. This process is used to create a quantitative view of each proposed fixed asset investment, thereby giving a rational basis for making a judgment.

    30. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

      Customer relationship management is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

    31. Financial Management

      Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise.

    32. Network Traffic Management

      Network traffic management, also known as application traffic management, refers to a methodology that F5 pioneered for intercepting, inspecting, and translating network traffic, directing it to the optimum resource based on specific business policies.

    33. Portfolio Management

      It is responsible for making investment decisions in simple words. You can go into the details of your project.

    34. Marketing Mix

      4 P’s of marketing also known as Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place & Promotion. Marketing Mix in simple words is these four Ps.
      Now three more P’s are added namely; People, Process & Physical environment.

    35. Personality

      The world’s leading companies like Tesla & SpaceX have grown and made Elon Musk a great personality. Now even if Elon musk says he wants to start a candy business. Investors will line up. Which is exactly what happened. Check for yourself. Personalities play a role too.

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    36. Risk Management

      Analyzing the market and present situations. And through various data, they try to analyze the risk. And their goal is to minimize risk and maximize profit using these data. They develop a system. You can present such systems.

    37. Product Management

      In companies, it is a separate department. And people start to develop ideas through research. Then they develop a strategy and properly test their products. Through feedback, they keep on developing their products.

    38. Customer Satisfaction

      Ultimately the customer is the king. More like the king in the game of chess. Customers are needed to survive. But marketers say that through marketing it is easy to manipulate customers. And that is totally another topic to look into. Yet in the end, the customer should be happy and satisfied.

    39. Rural Marketing

      Exactly marketing in rural areas like agricultural marketing. You can look into different models. Rural marketing is extremely crucial especially in a country like ours.

    40. Asset-Liability Management

      It is to manage the financial risk which happens due to mismatches between assets and management. It is somewhere between risk management and planning. Asset-liability management is really useful to measure risk.

    41. Derivatives

      It is sometimes hard to understand derivatives. Derivatives are like an agreement where both parties sign to some specific conditions, under which payment is made. It depends on stocks, or bonds, or commodities, etc. There are many forms in it-forward, swaps, etc.

    42. Knowledge Management

      Employees have a specific set of knowledge. It is the job of the entrepreneur to guide all knowledge into laser-like specific products or services. So that profit skyrockets.

    43. Mutual Funds

      It’s an investment and you have heard of it. It’s much more reaching to an average citizen. Even he can now easily buy stocks of a company.

    44. Stress Management

      A lot of work leads to stress in a company. A company must know how to manage stress. The entrepreneur or visionary of the company must encourage all the employees. People work efficiently if companies start appreciating it’s employees.

    45. Job Satisfaction

      A lack in Job satisfaction for the millennial like us. We never understand our big role in the company. It’s not that we fully hate our job but people forget to recognize us. We feel undervalued. The company must make sure you do not feel that way. You can share the example of Tata vs Ambani. Tata can be the richest man but he donates most of his wealth and takes care of his employees.

    46. Green Marketing

      As you know it’s Eco-friendly marketing. Like Starbucks- you can read about their Green Store initiative. By reducing waste and using green resources to package, produce, deliver, etc.

    47. Employee Management System

      A proper management system is needed to make an organization understand the talents and needs of employees. Such that they take proper value from each employee. Building such a system requires more than planning.

    48. HR Procurement

      When we say to procure something. It means To Get something. HR work is to get either procuring people and products for their company. Present about what is the exact set of work they need to do.

    49. HRM – Fombrun, Tichy and Devanna Model

      This is among the four HRM (Human Resource Management Model). This is the first traditional model developed in 1984 and consists broadly of four main parts, i.e., selection, appraisal, development, and rewards.

    50. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

      Traditional Marketing is way broader. You show your ads to a larger number of people- some of them will never buy them. Whereas Digital Marketing is very target-specific. If you want to buy a car- the ad will be shown to the person who wants to buy it. So you save a boat of money and time.

    51. Marketing Audit

      Marketing Audit is to check in our existing marketing system. And finding a way to make it more efficient. If there are methods that are outdated with the current situation. It must be given a very low priority. And vice versa.

    52. Labour Market and Recruitment

      Showing the efficient method of recruiting employees from the labor market in your presentation is recommended. How we shortlist each candidate with his portfolio-wise.

    53. Traditional HR versus Strategic HR

      Traditional Human Resource where they work very slowly in comparison to Strategic HR which is fast. The former focuses on a Staff Specialist and the latter focuses on the Line manager.

    54. Personal Selling

      Just imagine a car seller selling you the product by sharing its details. Overall having the confidence and wit to convince us why we should buy his product or at least try it.

    55. Unemployment Rate and Labour Market

      The Unemployment Rate is increasing in India. And how this affects our Labour market. The Labour market here can be simply said as the daily wage workers. Many people in India are daily wage workers whose life depends on their job. You can add in a little data from your government sources for your presentation.

    56. Assembly Lines

Remember Ford Car. Its founder Henry Ford is credited for his Assembly Line idea. It earned him a lot. An important factor in manufacturing is the assembly line. It is how quickly and how cheap that determines the company to reduce its product cost. A great example is the Cyber truck from Tesla.

57. Presentation on MetaVerse- Upcoming Discussion Topic

Meta verse is the upcoming revolution in the technology world, it is a virtual reality space where people can interact with computers. For so many years we kept watching such things in movies but now you can talk about its future and practical relevance.

This would be a great topic for IT engineers, it is a totally different world created digitally with virtual reality, augmented reality and cryptocurrency.

Hope these topics will spark your imagination to finding your best topic for your presentation. This is a secondary article and if you want to look at the primary article: 200+ Trending Presentation Topics for Students

Business Topics

  1. Discuss business ethics.
  2. Is a family-owned business a success or a myth?
  3. Outsourcing: Plus and minus points
  4. How to create a sound workplace environment?
  5. What’s new in the E-commerce model?
  6. Industrial revolutions in the 20th century
  7. Impact of Chinese application ban
  8. Is self-reliance possible, for any nation?
  9. FDI’s (Foreign Direct Investment) negative impact on local businesses.
  10. Discuss the conditions of industrial sectors in 2020
  11. How can the local market survive in the time of globalization?
  12. What makes an effective business sales pitch?
  13. How to stay updated in the competitive environment?
  14. Effective strategies for Digital branding
  15. Are business ethics really possible to implement?
  16. IT industry and recruitment
  17. Virtual world: Possibilities and the dark side
  18. Ideal use of AI to make modern living easier
  19. Best practices to improve labour performance and productivity
  20. Will AI truly going to take away all the human jobs? 
  21. Recession in the world economy and how it affects every nation.

Social Media Topics

Mba trending presentation topics

  1. What makes Youtube a better platform on the internet?
  2. Reason: Why is tik-tok so popular?
  3. Facebook: The rise of social media
  4. Is data security possible on social media sites?
  5. Why do people like watching mindless pranks?
  6. OTT platform: A fall of television.
  7. Netflix strategies behind holding mass attention
  8. Discuss various social media platforms
  9. How businesses can make the best use of social media?
  10. Are all social media sites equal?
  11. What makes Linkedin the best platform for the B2B industry?
  12. Strategies to Go viral on social media
  13. Why should you care about social media marketing?
  14. What makes the perfect social media campaigns?
  15. The evolution of social media marketing.
  16. What else you could do with the time you spend on social media?

Lifestyle Topics

  1. Important life lessons we learn from coronavirus.
  2. Why does the present generation hate to join politics?
  3. Censorship on social media
  4. Benefits of reading every day. 
  5. How social media sites change human life?
  6. Technology impact on lifestyle and living pattern
  7. Required skills every individual should have
  8. How many dependents are we on technology?
  9. Is work-life balance possible or just a dream?
  10. Remote working: Advantages and Drawbacks
  11. The impact of Binge-watching and OTTs
  12. Suggested New year resolutions to make.
  13. India-china cold war: Impacts on our life
  14. Homeschooling: A future of education
  15. Are we really socially responsible?
  16. How to find the best presentation topics, so easily? 

Speech Topics for MBA Students

  1. Skills that differentiate manager and entrepreneur
  2. Is it possible to attain a work-life balance?
  3. How does the online payment system work?
  4. Ways to use technology to improve your career and life
  5. Difference between: Optimism and overconfidence
  6. Free speech: Make it work the right way
  7. Why positive mindsets can help you grow in any situation? 
  8. How does body language matter the most for the management students? 
  9. Social media marketing, online marketing, or influencer marketing
  10. Why negotiation is the best skill someone needs to develop?
  11. How to protect your data in a digital world?
  12. The dress code policy at the professional company
  13. What makes the college degree the most important?
  14. Artificial intelligence: A job stealer or job maker
  15. How business location could impact the overall performance? 

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