Trending ai tools to manage your business Trending ai tools to manage your business

Looking for the perfect AI tools to use to manage and grow your business? So, this article is the right one for you. We brought you the list of the best and trending AI tools you can use for various activities in your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur or a start-up, these tools can help you improve your productivity and handle complex tasks easily. We try to cover the best tools in this post. All of which help you with the most important functions such as managing your marketing, sales, and day-to-day business operations. 

Best AI Tools For Your Business

With the right AI tool in hand, you can achieve the productivity score of your sales target. In this list, you will find the best AI tools that you need to implement in your business to manage the various business operations as well as to subsequently grow your business over time. 

 1. Brandwatch


If you want to manage your business social media profile or want to gain insights into the customer mindset, Brandwatch is the right tool for you. It can help you with your brand management, customer and market research, and various forms of marketing campaigns. The tool provides you the reports to better understand your brand, customers, and the industry. 

2. Acrolinx


If you want to improve the quality of your marketing copies and content, Acrolix can help. This AI-powered tool can manage the marketing campaign and improve its efficiency. This tool ensures that your content is up to the mark and reaches its potential. Based on the suggestion you can enhance and modify your content that works perfectly for your brand. 

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3. MarketMuse


Designed to create engaging content, you can use MarketMuse to create blog posts, ad copies, sales emails, and landing pages. The powerful AI can help you with researching the topic as well as provide you with the first draft. With its built-in editor, you can modify your copies however you like and improve your copywriting.  

4. Apollo AI

Apollo ai

If you’re looking for the right AI assistant tool to manage your sales activities, Apollo AI is the one. From list making to finding the customer’s contact details, this tool provides a big help to your sales team. This powerful tool not only helps you create sales mail but also analyzes it and helps you craft the mail that converts well. 

5. Flick


Managing your business social media page isn’t an easy task. But thanks to Flick, a powerful AI tool that can work as your social media assistant. From brainstorming the content to caption writing and helping with more topics, this tool is a big help. This tool is popular due to its easy to use functionality as well as to manage your brand over social media.

6. Optimove


Optimove is an AI-powered tool for major marketing operations. You can use this tool to gather the market data to analyze and form your strategy accordingly. As well as it can also help you with detailed insights after analyzing your customer base to plan and implement your marketing strategy. 

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7. Excceed.ai

Excceed. Ai

Thinking of having a sales assistant who can help you manage your all sales operations? Then Exceed.ai can be a big help. This tool can automate the entire sales activities from lead generation to identification to client meetings. It can answer customer’s queries and also respond to your client or prospects’ inquiries. 

8. Fireflies


Fireflies is an easy-to-use and AI-powered tool that helps in taking notes during your work meetings. It can record and manage your online conversation and help you create the highlights of it. This tool is also available to use as a Chrome extension to manage your online calls and meetings. 

9. Personal AI

Personal ai

If you want to get the most out of your sales calls and online conversations, Personal AI is the right tool for you. What this tool does is help you to make your interaction with your audience, clients, or prospects more insightful. It analyses the conversation and helps you with insights and how to improve the interaction. It can automate your schedule and get meetings done on time. 

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10. Warmbox


To manage your business emails and make the works for your business, Warmbox is the perfect AI tool for your business. This tool ensures that your approach mail reaches the target audience in time. It not only improves mail deliverability but also helps you manage your leads. This tool can help you manage your audience and automate the entire mailing system.  

11. Customers.AI

Customers. Ai

Customers.ai is a smart, powerful platform to manage the chat with your target audience and customers effectively. The tool has various options to make the online interaction as engaging as possible. 

12. Neuraltext


Neuraltext is a tool that not only creates text but also supports in entire content creation process. From keyword research, and topic selection, to creating and copy for your campaign, this tool is a big help. If you want to save your time on researching or creating content, you can use this tool for the same. Also, you can edit and optimize your content on the go.

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Final Thoughts

Do you think that’s the only the list? Nope, there are so many tools there and all serve different purposes. If you want to get something done, there’s always some AI tool at this time. 

All you need is to pick the right tool that can relate to your business goal well enough. Stay tuned with us, as we are going to update this list with more tools that are trending and quite helpful for your business. 

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