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Have you always wanted to make a fun YouTube intro like professional YouTubers? Most people trying to build a platform on YouTube do. But these small expert-level details are something they struggle with when it comes to polishing their channel and making it look as good as an established one.

With the help of the following tips, you can find out what is the best video editor for beginners, while also making a YouTube intro with ease and use it for all the content you put out from that moment on.

1. Select a theme

In this step, all you need to do is determine what kind of theme you would like your channel to display. This could be directly in relation to the type of content you upload.

Whatever your theme and channel are, be it gaming, cooking, general entertainment, or information, make sure your channel is welcoming towards the type of audience you want to attract. Selecting a theme here is very crucial since it establishes the genre of your channel and helps the viewer decide in a short duration if this is the content for them.

2. Fix a duration

Ideally, an intro has to be extremely short and to the point. Most intros are 10 seconds long. In some rare cases, they even extend up to 30 seconds. Usually, it is better to keep the intro as concise as possible, but you can always incorporate changes according to your requirements.

But keep in mind that longer the intro, more are the chances of your viewers getting bored. So, if you choose to have a lengthy intro, make sure it is equally engaging and worth their while. Most intros you will find on major YouTube channels are between 5-10 seconds.

3. Choose the right template

Once you are done selecting a theme and an appropriate duration, you can go ahead and select a template that is readily available on many video editing software.

Using these templates can fasten your process since the main layout of the video is ready for you, and all you need to do is tweak it as per your preference. For e.g., you can select a template that best suits your requirements from a range of options available on InVideo and get straight into editing without much hassle.

4. Add images

After you have successfully selected a template, you can start customizing it as per your preference. Keep in mind that this intro is the first thing your viewers will see when they watch any of your videos.

Due to this, it is necessary to keep it as engaging as possible. Add images of yourself, or smaller snippets from your previous videos, and mix it all up in a creative way to make an attractive intro.

5. Mix some sounds

You can use the features available on almost any online video editing software that helps you add sounds to your video. Select an audio file or music that suits the tone of your channel and use it in the background while your intro is playing.

This music acts as a pinch of salt to your video and makes it a better watch. Even if the rest of your video does not have that many sounds or audio tracks, a little bit of a jingle at the start always helps. You can select an audio file from the variety of options available within the software or even upload any file of your own that seems more appropriate.

6. Incorporate text

Even though you could probably go without having any text in your intro, having a short line, or something of that sort is always helpful. This text could be as short as just the name of your channel, along with a suitable tag line.

Keep it as short as possible since your intro will probably be under 10 seconds. Your viewer has to have enough time to read the text while also taking in all the other effects you’ve added to the intro in the given time. Having text in your intro is optional but highly recommended since it saves you a lot of formalities in the start like introducing your channel, introducing yourself, and asking viewers to like and subscribe.

7. Add effects

This is the part where you can spread your creative wings as much as you want to. Many online websites have a lot of in-built effects that you can put in your video. These could include confetti, smoke, fireworks, and countless other effects.

Using any of these effects will make your intro more impactful and dynamic. They can also help liven up your intros. Along with these effects, there are a lot of sticker options that you can use to put in your video. You can make a call as to how many effects and enhancers you require, depending on the type of intro you make.

No matter how small or new your channel is, having a logo always helps. It gives your video a professional touch and gives you an edge over other beginners.

You can get a logo made very easily. For your intro, you can put it in the center of the frame if you do not wish to display your tagline in very large text. If not this, it can also be placed at any of the corners of the frame, and for the rest of the video, it can stay at the same corner and be transparent.

9. Final touch-ups

Now that you have made a satisfying intro, just check it once and make sure that it meets your duration requirements. Also, check if the effects and enhancers that you have added are not too much to take in within such a short span.

While doing some final touch-ups, the most important thing to understand is that this intro will play before each one of your videos, and hence it has to match the tone of your channel and the content you put up so that it does not look very out of place. After this, get rid of any fluffs you can see, and there you have it! Your very own intro.


An intro can be tricky to make mainly because of its duration and how you, as a creator, might want to incorporate so much in such less time.

However, it is important to determine what is the best free slideshow maker for you and what can cater to your needs and skills better. If you keep this in mind, your intro will be extremely engaging and enjoyable for your viewers.

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