Wishes & comments for graduation ceremony or convocation Wishes & comments for graduation ceremony or convocation

When your friend, cousin, or someone from the family posts pictures from their graduation ceremony or convocation on social media, it’s time to show your support. Well, you could limit your comments to just ‘Congratulations’. But to make your comments more personal and genuine for sure, you need something perfect to say. 

So, this post is the right one for you. Here we are going to share the best comments you can share on convocation ceremony or graduation pictures on social media. 

Such examples include heartfelt, encouraging, funny, and short congratulatory comments to give someone who has just graduated from a college or high school. As relatives, family members, friends, or teachers you need to share such comments with new grads, to congratulate them on this achievement. 

Best Wishes for Convocation Ceremony

You might not be familiar with the degree or course they have completed. But seeing their picture from the convocation ceremony, you want to express your heartfelt wishes. This is all about congratulating your friend, cousin, or family member after their graduation. 

Best wishes for convocation ceremony

  1. What a prestigious moment this is. Congrats on your academic achievement. 
  2. I pray to god that may all your wishes come true. You deserve great success in life. 
  3. You keep doing your best work, we are always here to cheer for you. 
  4. It’s not just me but our entire family is so proud of what you become now. 
  5. So here comes our family’s first doctor. We are feeling so amazed to welcome you. 
  6. You have my best wishes and blessings that you achieve more from here on. 
  7. Let me tell you that you are the start of this family. I’m here waiting for the celebration. 
  8. Here I’m wishing you all the best for your future plans and everything. All the best!
  9. Such a pride moment for you, feel it. We are with you and believe in your hard work. 
  10. We were so thrilled when we first heard about your graduation. Keep it up!
  11. You made us all proud with this achievement. I wish you to achieve more in your life. 
  12. I think your journey has just begun. All the best for whatever path you choose to go.

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Inspirational Comments for Graduation Ceremony

No one knows about those late-night studies and practicing harder before the exams. They might have sacrificed a lot to stay focused on their studies. And to value their dedication and hard work they put in, someone deserves these inspiring words at the convocation ceremony. 

Inspirational comments for graduation ceremony

  1. What great news this is! Right now I’m feeling so proud of you.
  2. You are the star of our family. We are all so pleased to welcome another grad at home. 
  3. So far you might have a great journey. But from here on you are about to explore more.
  4. It’s time to know your true self and make the choice for a better future. 
  5. Not sure if you love your colleague or not, but it’s time to move on with those memories. 
  6. I want you to make the best out of this moment. And yes, don’t forget to send us pics. 
  7. Oh dear, I can’t express how much I am happy with this achievement of yours.  
  8. Congratulations on graduation, I can’t wait to meet you at the celebration party. 
  9. There are lots more to come. But for now, enjoy this moment and make the best of it. 
  10. You did it, I’m so happy that you achieved this milestone. My best wishes to you. 
  11. Best of luck for the next phase of your life. I’m excited to know where you go from here. 
  12. I pray to god that all your wishes on graduation come true. You deserve great success in life.
  13. One more achievement and you are closer to your career goals. Go for it. 

Funny Comments for Graduation or Convocation Posts

When your fellow college or school friends share the pictures from the graduation and convocation ceremony, you want to celebrate in style. Of course, you not only want to congratulate them, but it’s time to make them laugh with what you say in the comments section. 

Funny comments for graduation or convocation posts

  1. Oh, you have finally graduated. I’m glad that finally, you made it. 
  2. I salute you for being so patient and keep trying. By the way, How many trials? 
  3. College life is over and life begins. Now it’s time to get serious. 
  4. Hope now you understand that life is no more fun. Now it’s time to get real.
  5. You prove us all wrong. No one here has ever thought that you could make it. 
  6.  So one more paper you have collected. Good luck, hope this will help in the future. 
  7. This is not something you should be proud of. Life has many exams for you. 
  8. Don’t think that you achieve everything in life. This is just the beginning, get ready for it. 
  9. Officially now you are free from studying, but it’s to work hard. Are you ready? 
  10. Happy to see that finally you have graduated. But does it mean you’re mature, NOO!
  11. Ok, one more graduate in the group. Let’s see how soon you can get your first job. 
  12. I admit that you win finally. I didn’t even think that you could graduate on the first attempt. 

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Supportive Graduation Wishes to Give as A Teacher 

Well, you are going to miss your students who are leaving school or college after graduation like them. So far you have trained them well. And as they are moving to the next stage, you want to give a few advice and supportive words. You can say this at the convocation or on the social media posts about the graduation event to show your support. 

Supportive graduation wishes to give as a teacher 

  1. You have always been a great student. All the very best for your future and life plans. 
  2. I’ve seen your potential, you are going to achieve many more from here.
  3. Remember there’s nothing impossible. You could and will achieve whatever you think. 
  4. On your graduation, I have one piece of advice to give you which is to always believe in yourself. 
  5. I think now you’re ready to tackle the real world. There’s an opportunity waiting for you. 
  6. So you have cleared your exam successfully. Now it’s time to clear the next life stages. 
  7. Keep working hard just as you did last year. And I’m sure nothing is going to stop you. 
  8. You all deserve the success that you ever know. It’s all it takes to work consistently. 
  9. I hope that after some years you’ll come back and share your other success story. 
  10. No matter where you go, never stop learning. This is the way to grow faster. 
  11. I know that you worked so hard to get this degree. I hope you keep achieving more. 
  12. On behalf of all teachers and the school, we wish you the best for your future. 

Short Comments to Congratulate the New Grads on Convocation

You don’t need to write a big and perfect paragraph to congratulate someone on their graduation day. Sometimes, short comments could be supportive, too. If you want to keep it short and straightforward, here are the best comments you can share with newly grads on their convocation day. 

Short comments to congratulate the new grads on convocation

  1. So glad to see that you did it. 
  2. Your bright future is waiting for you. 
  3. Go for it, great things are coming your way. 
  4. You deserve this level of success. 
  5. Congratulations, my dear new grads!
  6. You have always been the smartest in our family. 
  7. This is nothing, you are just great, anyway!
  8. You didn’t need a degree to prove your intelligence. 
  9. That’s great. Don’t forget to invite me to the celebration. 
  10. I’m here just for the party, though. 
  11. Hope you gave a proper farewell to college days. 
  12. Well done, you finally proved that you are smarter, too. 
  13. Your college days are over, time to get serious about life. 
  14. So when will the graduation celebration function?
  15. All the best for the future that is coming your way. 
  16. Okay, so what’s the next plan? Job or post-graduation? 

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A) What is the importance and purpose of a graduation ceremony?

Your graduation day is your last day at school or college where you completed your graduation in your course. You attend the graduation ceremony, in a gown with a cap, with your family, to be part of your academic achievement. Well, it’s a one-time event so it’s crucial to attend the graduation ceremony whether you want to be there or not. 

B)What is the order of a high school graduation ceremony?

Depending on your high school courses and programs, there are various orders to give certificates to the new grads. There’s no certain order or pattern here. But mostly it’s the bachelors who are called up on stage first and then postgraduates are called for the certification or photo sessions. When it comes to calling particular students, they are called up as per their surname in alphabetical order. 

C) What is convocation in college/university?

College or university convocation is an event to award the graduating students on completion of their education, giving them degree certificates. This is the celebration day of the students’ academic journey with the institution and it’s where they become officially graduated or post-graduated based on their course. 

D) Is there a convocation for distance education?

In most cases, the convocations are organized by reputed and regular educational institutions. But when it comes to distance education institutes, it depends on the type of the institutes, courses, programs, and mainly their policy regarding the convocation, and the graduation ceremony organized.  

E) Is it compulsory to attend convocation?

It’s not compulsory at all to attend the convocation. As I know no school or college forces students to attend the event. But as students, you should attend the convocation if possible for you. Because this is a one-time event, enjoy your achievement and experience it as a lifetime memory. 

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Final Thoughts

When someone in your family or friend circle graduates, make sure to say something inspiring, genuine, and personal. If you come to know about their graduation via social media or you’re at the event, such comments make them feel encouraged and also supported. 

Maybe you could just say ‘Congratulations on graduation’. But you want this person to take your words seriously and genuinely. So it’s a good idea to try saying something special and meaningful to them. And, we hope you find the best comments to make them feel inspired to smile on their graduation day. This is all just to be part of someone’s academic achievement and celebrate as you mean it. 

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