Trending bags for college students Trending bags for college students

When you are in high school, your bag is just a regular bag you can use to carry books and other stuff. However, as you move from high school to college, it becomes your other way to convey your sense of taste and unique style. 

In fact, the type of bag you bring to college can talk a lot about you. It’s not just for carrying books, but also for personalizing your look. Now in college, you don’t need just any regular high school bag, but a stylish one that is also comfortable to carry anywhere. 

So, now if you’re thinking about buying a new backpack for your college life, this post is for you. Here are some trending college bags for freshers that will keep you in style and compliment your personality. 

Trending Bags for College Students of 2022

1. Casual Backpack

Casual backpack

Well, casual backpacks for college students are nothing more than the most common bag types. When you’re looking for nothing but a proper college bag that meets your essential needs, these are the obvious choices. A backpack designed exclusively for college students, this backpack features trendy styles as well as features focused on the needs of college students. 

2. Messenger Bags

Messenger bags

Also known as a courier bag or bookbag, the messenger bag is a one-shoulder satchel type bag. Bags like these are best suited to cyclists and students who need a bag to carry essentials on the go. Especially, when you’re looking for a college backpack with carries your minimum stuff, this is the perfect backpack. Despite its easy access and stylish look, this backpack is still not a good option to carry heavy stuff, but for the occasional use. 

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3. Satchel Bag

Satchel bag

Actually, the satchel bag is actually the messenger bag, but for girls primarily. It comes in various sizes and styles for various purposes. The satchel bag comes in different shapes and sizes as opposed to merely rectangular messenger bags. Due to its smaller size and variety of styling options, this is not a perfect college backpack but is adequate for carrying enough to your college, in comfort. 

4. Duffle Bag

Duffle bag

A duffle bag is not a backpack you want to use every day to go to college. Firstly, it’s not for style, but for carrying extra travel accessories items like your clothes and other things. You can give this backpack to someone who is moving away for further study to a new place. This will surely be useful for them. This bag is also ideal to carry the necessary gear for going to the camp or joining the military college. 

5. Laptop Bag

Laptop bag

Any laptop bag may look pretty much like a messenger bag, but the laptop bag’s primary function is to carry your laptop easily and smoothly. You get more functionality and features in the regular laptop bag depending on the bag option. There may be more styles, and features such as waterproof material, different compartments for tablets, phones, books, and so on.

6. Clutch Bag

Clutch bag

A clutch bag is nothing more than a small handbag that a girl can carry in one hand. Also, this is not a full bag for college students, but for girls who like to go to college with just a few items, this is an ideal bag. In addition, being small, it’s very comfortable to carry, and because of its wide selection of style options, you’ll surely look trendy. You’ll also find some clutch bags for men, too. 

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7. Leather Backpack

Leather backpack

If you want a stylish backpack over regular bags, this is an excellent choice. If your younger sibling is heading to college for the first time, you can buy him/her this as a gift. Such bags of course are stylish at first and can help with carrying the regular essentials. It may not be the perfect backpack for everyone, but those who wish to have a stylish backpack with enough capacity will appreciate it. 

8. Backpack Purse

Backpack purse

If If you are looking for the perfect bag to carry all your minimal necessities and look stylish at the same time, the backpack purse is the best choice. The trendy style and easy-to-carry nature of this backpack make it an excellent gift for your sister. This stylish backpack with two straps is quite convenient when you’re on the go with a few books and essentials. 

9. Utilitarian Backpack

Utilitarian backpack

If you have a lot of things to carry to college or high school, you probably need a backpack that is more sturdy and reliable than just stylish. Utilitarian backpacks fit this need perfectly. With its strong construction and additional compartments compared to a regular college backpack, this bag makes sense for a multipurpose purpose bag. 

10. Weekender Bag

Weekender bag

Not just for college life, but for everyday life as well, the weekender bag is a must-have bag for women. Aside from carrying books and essentials, this bag is the perfect bag for girls looking for a stylish and casual bag. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so you can pick the right backpack for your college as well as short trips. 

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11. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag

It looks quite similar to a messenger bag, but the crossbody bag helps you look and feel more stylish thanks to its fashionable options. You can wear it comfortably across your body with the long strap. But, the crossbody bags mostly come in an extra small size, particularly in square shape. A girl looking for a stylish bag who needs to carry a few items finds that this bag is perfect. 

12. Tote Bag

Tote bag

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable one-shoulder bag for college or a weekend night out, a tote bag is your right option. You can use it as more than just a backpack and match it with your outfits to look stylish. When you plan to go out after college, the backpack is not a good idea, but the tote bag is. Well, you should know that tote bags are not ideal for carrying heavy materials, but you can use them to look stylish and comfy with fewer essentials. 

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Final thoughts

Picking the perfect backpack for your college is never going to be that easy. You have so many options, that’s the first thing. However, you also want to purchase both a stylish bag as well as a comfortable backpack that can carry your books and other stuff well. 

It is more important to pick a bag based on your needs and the essentials, before anything else. With the list of trending bags for college students that we shared, you can choose the right bag for your daily use, and many of these bags are already popular among college students.

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