Greetings And Congratulations Wishes On Graduation

58 Greetings And Congratulations Wishes On Graduation

Graduation is the clearance of the first phase and one step towards creating a successful career. Hence, it’s an important day in one’s life. 

Whether someone in your family or your neighborhood has just graduated from college or university, your wishes help them to feel encouraged. Although it looks normal, a simple acknowledgment of your happiness for them can mean so much to them. 

If you want to make the congratulatory wishes that inspire them, celebrate their achievement, or just make them feel appreciated, we’ve listed all the best graduation greetings for you, in this post. 

Best Congratulations And Wishes To Share On Graduation Day

Best Congratulations And Wishes To Share On Graduation Day

Show you’re really happy and excited to hear this news as a family member or neighbor. These are some inspiring wishes you can share on the same day when they graduate. 

  1. So happy about your achievement. You finally made it.
  2. Congratulations and I wish you the best for the new adventure. 
  3. Wow, you’re graduated now. Nothing can be greater news than this.
  4. Congratulations on being a graduate now. We’re so proud of you. 
  5. Wow, such an awesome achievement. 
  6. I know you’re going to make it big. Congratulations. 
  7. Couldn’t be this happier, you make my day!
  8. You’re an unstoppable kid, it’s time to go for the big one!
  9. Just like what we expect from you, we are so proud of you!
  10. Greetings on your graduation, may you have your plan ready for the next phase. 
  11. Congratulations on your graduation. There’s a special surprise waiting for you.

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Inspiring Congratulations Messages On Graduation To A Brother

Inspiring Congratulations Messages On Graduation To A Brother

Whether it’s your younger brother who has followed your example and is now one step closer to his postgraduate studies, here are some graduation wishes to share as an elder sister or brother. 

  1. I hope you’re not enjoying it because your college is over, but your real life starts.
  2. May you have an exciting journey ahead, full of memories and new learning. 
  3. Feeling so happy and proud of my brother, welcome to the graduation club. 
  4. Make it a big day brother, celebrate this is your day. My best wishes are with you. 
  5. I can see you’re becoming a more mature individual, Congrats!
  6. It’s time to go to the real world. Your new journey has just begun. Give your best. 
  7. You have made our entire family proud with this achievement, brother. 
  8. This is not the end, but the beginning of real life. And you’ve my support. 
  9. Follow your dream brother, I’ll always be there for you. Keep it going. 
  10. Never stop believing in yourself, you’re doing great. Keep your confidence growing. 
  11. You make me proud, brother. It’s just a start there’s a long road ahead. 
  12. Now you’ve your further road clear. Keep going, your brother will be there to help you anytime.

Nice Congratulations Messages On Graduation To A Sister

Nice Congratulations Message On Graduation To A Sister

You are so excited that you don’t know how to tell your sister that she made the entire family proud with this achievement. Whether to greet her right, you can share such greetings and wishes with your graduated sister. 

  1. Happy graduation day, sister. It’s time for celebration, hope you’re ready, too. 
  2. It’s like you’re habitual to make us proud. I wish only the best things for you. 
  3. Seeing you join our graduation league makes our entire family proud. 
  4. May all your dreams come true and you have a successful career on your next steps. 
  5. It’s no surprise. You’re an intelligent and sharp girl, just like your big brother.
  6. I’ve been there for you, watching you doing the hard work, and finally, it paid off.
  7. Those hard work and late-night studies are the reason for this great achievement. 
  8. Go on, girl. You’re now one step closer to your desired life goals. 
  9. So happy for you, I’m always at your back cheering for you, sis. 
  10. I can’t believe that my lil sister has now graduated. My blessings to you.
  11. Make me promise that you will keep it going and never stop in life ever. 

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Special Congratulations And Greetings On Graduation

Special Congratulations And Greetings On Graduation

When someone in your connection has just shared the ‘Finally graduated’ post on social media, you want to leave some special wishes. Make them feel appreciated with these personalized messages or comments on graduation posts. 

  1. Hence, proved that anything is possible when you have the guts to make big dreams.
  2. You’re making so many people proud here. We’re with you and support you. 
  3. My best wishes are that whatever your career goals are, you get them all. 
  4. Such a great achievement. Don’t let it stop you, make it a reason to keep going. 
  5. Enjoy, you deserve to celebrate this day as you want. My best wishes to you. 
  6. My blessings to you, are that you keep making your parents proud and achieve more. 
  7. I wish you the best in your future. It’s the one achievement worth celebrating. 
  8. You’re the best, you have my best wishes that you keep doing the best in life. 
  9. May this degree help you to create the life you always wanted to create. 
  10. This is one achievement. And, I want you to aim for the bigger from this point. 
  11. You have achieved the milestone. You have always been a bright kid. 

Sweet Messages To Share On Your Friend’s Graduation

Sweet Messages To Share On Your Friend’s Graduation

Indeed, it’s time to have a big party. But, first, don’t forget to share such best wishes with your friend who is now graduated. Who said the greetings have to be only good ones? You can also make it funnier, that way you make it a more memorable one. 

  1. Great thing is, college is over. The bad thing, college life is over forever. 
  2. May you enjoy your college life and you may have some good friends there.
  3. All the best on your achievement, now it’s time to become more mature. 
  4. If I feel the best for you. But, don’t forget about the student loan, too. 
  5. Wishing that you’ll pay your student loans by yourself without relying on your parents. 
  6. Oh, that means you won! Anyway, happy for you, friend!
  7. Don’t make it big, it’s a normal thing. Meet you after college life. 
  8. If you think this is your biggest achievement, I don’t think you get any great in life. 
  9. It’s not like that I’m not happy. I am. I don’t know, why to celebrate graduation. 
  10. Don’t stop here, you’re just at the first stage. There’s a lot to do in life. 
  11. Hope to see you with improved maturity and a good dressing sense in college.
  12. This is all just for a single paper. Fine, congratulations on that. 
  13. When there are a lot of people congratulating you, it means they didn’t expect you’ll ever pass.

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When it comes to congratulating the graduates, you might share regular messages like ‘Congrats, kid”, “Happy for you”, “So proud” and all. 

But, when you take your time and write personalized congratulatory greetings like these, it appears more genuine and something they take seriously. 

You might celebrate the graduation party at home, but sharing some encouraging greetings before that is a must. 

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