Unforgettable comments for college posts and picture memories  Unforgettable comments for college posts and picture memories 

Whether you’ve graduated in recent years or it’s been a long time since you left your college, the college memories will be there in your heart forever. And why not, these are the best years of your life that combine learning and fun together.

Apart from learning there, you also meet some lifelong friends which make your college life filled with great memories. Anytime when someone from your college, shares those pictures, it’s enough to rewind those great days again.

Want to leave some special and the best comments on college memories’ pictures, and posts on Instagram or Facebook, then stay with us. Further in this post, you’ll get great comments and words to celebrate your college memories again.

Good Comments for College Memories

Good comments for college memories

When your college classmates share your old pictures from your college days, you might feel lost in your memories. But, don’t keep that feeling within, share that in good comments to give others a chance to remember the fun and time you lived together.

  1. Wow. I was thinking about our college life yesterday, and you posted this.
  2. So many memories in this one picture. Unforgettable days.
  3. What a golden day there was. I miss you all.
  4. Such a great picture this is. Can I get a copy of it?
  5. I didn’t know when it was taken. But seeing this makes me go back to our days.
  6. Look at those faces how cute we’re all looking together.
  7. Simply love those pictures. Thanks, for those great memories.
  8. The College campus is the place where we made so many memories.
  9. And, there is some secret story behind this picture, does knows to know that?
  10. I just can’t forget how that rest day went for us.
  11. Do you remember one more amazing thing that happened that day?
  12. Not forgetting a single memory of college life. how can I?
  13. Nothing hits hard than seeing your college friends after a long time.
  14. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing friend who gave me the best college life.

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Best Comments Regarding Memories for College Life

Best comments regarding memories for college life

If it’s not long ago you leave your college, seeing the college pictures certainly make a refreshing experience. That college fun, bunking with friends, trips and last-time study all deserve the perfect comments that bring everyone in the same old days.

  1. Enjoyed this picture a lot. So many fun memories within.
  2. Five-minute study before exams. Oh, those times I will always remember.
  3. Thanks to all of you guys who made my college life full of memories.
  4. Such an awesome group that was. Glad we’re the same.
  5. Wow, I’ve been looking for these pictures for a long time.
  6. It’s truly surprising how time runs faster as we’re getting older.
  7. I’m so glad you post this. This makes my day, so thanks.
  8. Such a precious memory this is. Really thank you to post this.
  9. I never know when we become such amazing friends. Thank you all.
  10. No matter how many times I see this, I couldn’t get enough.
  11. I just have no words to describe how happy I’m to see you all again.
  12. I’m missing you all college buddies. You were just the most amazing people, I met.
  13. I’m so happy that i living my college life greatly. I’m sad because it’s just over. 
  14. College life may be over, but friendship should never be. 
  15. Don’t think we’re just busy in life, the college memories will be forever.

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Funny College Memories Picture Comments

Funny college memories picture comments

The most amazing part about college life is ‘friends’. In the first year, you never know each other that well, but before college ends you become best friends forever. To celebrate those old memories of college here are some fun comments to share with your college buddies.

  1. Did anyone recognize that dude with the weird hairstyle?
  2. Ha-ha, look at how bad we’re at fashion. We simply look weird together.
  3. I simply can’t imagine my college life would be this amazing without you.
  4. Look at us, how happy and comfortably we are enjoying our college life.
  5. That was the time when friends are that funny and great.
  6. Those last-time assignments are the perfect examples that we’re superheroes.
  7. Such a variety of people from different backgrounds. Those were the best days!
  8. Let’s meet again sometimes. Let’s rewind those college memories that we shared.
  9. Raise your hand if you spend more time on campus than in actual classrooms.
  10. Good memories, bad grades. I don’t care, look we were all happy back then.
  11. When I look at such old college pictures, I know I lived an awesome college life.
  12. Next time when anyone asks what’s your grades, give them this picture.
  13. Love every single day spent in my college years, except for study.
  14. Not everyone gets lifelong friends from college. I’m lucky, in this case. 
  15. I have a plan after seeing this picture. Why can’t we arrange the get-together, who is in?

Beautiful Words To Share On College Memories Posts

Beautiful words to share on college memories posts

College life is the one part of our lives that leave by giving so many memories behind. When someone from your group has shared the old college posts of you, here are some beautiful comments to share on those memorable pictures.

  1. Priceless memories in just one picture. How did you find this picture, though?
  2. Those campus talks are like the most genuine and timeless debate.
  3. It’s not just college life, but the hostel’s life is a gem of those golden years.
  4. I do not consider you all friends anymore. You are family now.
  5. The best part of college life: Friends. The worst: Professors.
  6. The last year of college was hard for us. But, I’m happy that we lived the best time.
  7. I can’t wait to meet you all friends again at our get-together.
  8. Hey, pictures are not enough for me. Let’s meet each other. Who’s ready?
  9. Missing you all, those awesome days, and everything about our college.
  10. Lucky that I’m still in contact with some of my college friends.
  11. Time changes and life goes on. But memories like this stay there forever.
  12. Who also wants to meet college friends again? Raise your hand.

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Final thoughts

Those last years of education, the college life leave with tons of memories in one’s life. If you graduate in the last five years or over decades, that doesn’t matter. Just one picture from your college life is enough to bring you back to those wonderful years.

Plus, when you share some special comments for college memories posts like this one, you not only share your experiences but also your friends to relive those vibes again. Maybe this could be the reason to arrange the get to gather after a long time.

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