Comments about online classes for teachers & students Comments about online classes for teachers & students

Covid pushed us to another new normal, the online classes from kids to college. It wasn’t easy to adapt to the online classes trend, neither for students nor teachers. So, in such a situation, comments and compliments from teachers can help students a lot.

As a teacher, it becomes necessary to be very selective with the words while conveying. So, here are some comments that you can use in online classes to appreciate, encourage, and for feedback to your students. 

Appreciating Comments for Online Classes to Kids or Students from teacher

Appreciating comments for online classes to kids or students from teacher

Appreciating your class is always a good idea; it helps boost their morale and motivates them to do well. In addition, such a small gesture conveys that you notice their efforts.

  1. What a great batch, all of you are a quick learner.
  2. I am glad to have a batch like this, thanks for showing keen interest in these online sessions.
  3. I really appreciate the consistency of this batch, always present in sessions and completing every task.
  4. It feels great to be surrounded with such great learners.
  5. All these online sessions are memorable for me, thanks for your dedication and complete presence.
  6. I am quite impressed with your punctuality.
  7. I feel amazed while interacting with all of you, even though I am learning a lot with these discussions.
  8. These intellectual sessions are great, I think we should do this more often.
  9. Well I am impressed with your curiosity.
  10. A supportive batch makes things easier for the teacher.

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Motivating Comments for Students About Online Classes

Motivating comments for students about online classes

Your small words can motivate and encourage your students, especially those who are lacking behind, so keep telling them to improve, and they can do it. You can use the comments below to motivate students in your online classes.

  1. I know you can do this, keep trying.
  2. Take support from your friends.
  3. I acknowledge your perspective on this topic, it is quite different but not wrong.
  4. Don’t worry we can set up an extra session for these issues and doubts on the weekend.
  5. I will use these slides so that you can understand and learn easily.
  6. I know it is hard but keep giving your input , you will overcome this.
  7. Present whatever you have made, we can correct and complete it later.
  8. You all can communicate with each other to solve this later, for now let’s complete this.
  9. First research about this and then we will set up a session to discuss don’t worry.
  10. You all can create groups, choose a deadline and let me know, I know you will give your best.

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Feedback Comments for Students in Online Classes

Feedback comments for students in online classes (2)

Feedback comments are very important for a student’s betterment and improvement, feedback is not always a complaint, it can be appreciating or encouraging too.

Here are a few appreciative comments for students.

  1. I am happy to see such huge improvement in you, keep it up.
  2. ____ you did an amazing job.
  3. ____ what an outstanding performance, keep going, keep learning.
  4. ____ I feel proud to be your teacher.
  5. As a teacher we rarely find a chance to teach such students.
  6. I feel obliged when my students set such high standards.
  7. I want you to pay attention to the class like you do in the classroom.
  8. I can’t believe the improvement and progress you have shown in the last few sessions.
  9. Well your grades are the proof, you worked really hard, keep growing.
  10. You are a perfect student, creative, punctual, hardworking and a quick learner.
  11. You make all of us proud.

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Comments for Online Improvement and Class Assistance of Students

Comments for online improvement and class assistance of students

Often students can’t give their best, it is important to talk and enquire about the problem they are facing and where they are lacking. And while you do this you need to be very particular with the words. Here are some good comments for improvement and assistance for students.

  1. This wasn’t your best, I am aware of your calibre.
  2. I think you haven’t given your 100%, try again and give your best.
  3. You need to be consistent and you will crack this.
  4. You should work on improving this, and set goals for yourself.
  5. The real proble is you’ve hard time being focused on the study.
  6. I have noticed huge changes but not on the better side, if there is anything that is bothering you feel free to discuss.
  7. Let me know if you need my assistance in this, would be happy to help you.
  8. I think you are struggling with something, make a list of topics and we will discuss it.
  9. I know you are hardworking and determined but something is lacking in that, let me know if I can help.
  10. Why have you been inactive all this while, is there something that is bothering you?
  11. You just need to put a little extra effort.
  12. This isn’t your best performance. I do believe that you can do more than this.
  13. With extra practice and more focus, you can improve your exam score.

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Distance learning changed a lot and online classes became a source for feedback, appreciation and assistance. And being a teacher always makes you concerned about the progress of your student. We believe this was a list of  top comments and compliments that you can use during online classes to appreciate and encourage your students, teachers and even parents. 

  1. With digital education, students can participate in classes and access course materials from any location with an internet connection. Geographical boundaries are removed by this accessibility, enabling people to learn at their own convenience and pace.

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