Vegan skincare products are not only used by vegans. In many vegans would be part of the target market for such products because of their adoption of an animal and animal by-product free lifestyle, there are benefits to using vegan skincare products for non-vegans, as well.

Vegan products use plant extracts as their active ingredients. An exfoliant such as the Neogen pad, uses a lemon serum as the exfoliant. Lemon is an excellent natural exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells, cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Apart from vitamins C, lemons are full of antioxidants and plant acids which help in removing dead skin and in the regeneration of new skin.

The vitamin C in the lemon serum is a natural skin toner. It works on the skin making it more radiant and fresh. Lemon removes dirt as well. It clears dull skin and acne. It makes the skin radiate in its natural hues. By removing dead skins, vitamin C leaves the skin refreshed and increases the rate of new cell formation. A Neogen pad smoothens skins leveling the skin surface with every wipe.

Why is a Neogen Pad effective in skincare?

Vitamin C is found in the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin. However, these levels decrease with age living the skin vulnerable. Vitamin C in lemons penetrates the skin and, in the process, improves the functioning of the skin. As an antioxidant, vitamin C acts as a cover against the harmful rays of the sun.

Antioxidants prevent the generation of free radicals. They are molecules produced by the body and external factors like the sun. These molecules destroy cells.

Vitamin C and other acids in the lemon plant extract also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These two protein fibers contribute to skin elasticity. They prevent wrinkle formation as well as sagging on the skin. The function increases skin vitality making the skin look young.

The exfoliant product is suitable for all skin types. Plant extracts are mild on the skin; thus, ideal for sensitive skin. The vegan-based exfoliant does not have any animal products. Animal products are notorious for causing skin reactions, especially on sensitive skin. Many people are allergic to some animal products like beeswax and gelatin, to name a few.

Neogen has also been produced in a cruelty-free environment meaning no animal was used as a test subject. The lemon serum comes packaged in gauze pads made of pure cotton. The pads are mounted in three layers for maximum absorption and exfoliation with every swipe.

Neogen can be used once or twice a week and is a good substitute for a cleanser. It is applied on a clean face for maximum effect.

Vitamins C in lemons is necessary for the health of the skin. Lack of this vitamin causes a skin condition known as scurvy, where the skin fails to exist as a unit. Thus, having it as an active natural ingredient in Neogen is a genius way of improving the skin.

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