Tips to save time Tips to save time

Lost Money can be regained, but Time Lost cannot be…

Time and Money are both equally valuable in today’s times. In fact, the value of Time is more than money. The amount of time we waste on a daily basis is way too much. From lurking on social media to gossiping, the time we waste is too much. The question which everyone should ask is how to save time.

Here Are the Most Efficient Ways to Save Time

1. Set Priorities:

Its a Dog eat Dog World. You need not work for anyone but yourself, you need not think about anyone but yourself. Seems Harsh? Rude?
But that’s the truth. Why waste time over those people or those things who don’t payback? I may sound selfish but then, just think over the last time when one of your classmates needed notes at the time of Finals and you were there… Next time when you asked for them…

Yes! You know the answer and how much you cursed him. Ain’t I, right? Then also think about if you’d have not wasted your time on that ungrateful fellow and focused on your studies? Well, that’s it. It’s over now. Exam times are crucial and you have to save time for studying as much as you can so proper time management during exams will help you study when time is short.

2. Learn to Say NO:

Remember your teacher in Primary School when she used to say, ‘You must help everyone. Never Say NO.’

Wait, we have all grown up now and times have changed. So, please learn to say NO to things that you don’t like or people you don’t like. Its not a charitable world anymore. Learn to value your time and even if someone calls you selfish, let them call.

3. Get Dressed Up Quickly :

Okay. This is one of my favorite ones. We, teenagers, spend so much time on dressing. Not only girls, boys you are in too! First, talking about girls, why you gals waste so much time on dressing? Is it that you are the only one who’s going to be there or the world is too free to look at you! Give a thought, save some time! You should dress well, it is important to be dressed properly but that shouldn’t be your sole focus.

Spending hours applying make up on your faces may sometimes spoil your look. Be natural, that’s the best thing.

Ok… I am not gender-biased.
Boys… SWAG is what you call it right?
Why be so SWAGGY? Do you think all the gals out there are only watching you? Or are you so attractive that girls would run mad for you? Please grow up gentlemen, those times are gone. No one is as free as they were probably 10 years back.

You wear a Tag Heuer or a Fastrack.. It hardly matters! No one is going to ask your watch brand. What matters is the time that the watch is showing.

4. Stop Pleasing People :

‘You were not born to IMPRESS !!!’

Why please people and waste time in pleasing people when you know that they don’t give a damn to it. Seriously, that girl sitting next to you won’t be pleased if you share your ice-cream with you, or you give her your seat in the Metro. She won’t even be audacious enough to thank you.

* Again, I am not gender-biased.

Do you think that boy really cares for whom you had been doing every damn thing to catch his attention? You spent a thousand bucks on a makeover to please him, but does he care? No…
He would like you if he wants to, even if you are in your ugliest of attires.

5. Turn off Mobile Alerts :

God! What did I ask you all to do! Mobiles, can we live without mobiles? Not really, we are ADDICTED to our MOBILES. We are mad for them. You know what, you spend more time with your mobile daily than with your family members. Still, while working on something else, we can keep away our mobiles. It’s tough but habit develops eventually.

Just an example, you are writing something and suddenly that ‘ting’ sound. It’s your mobile calling you.
‘Come, Come check me.’
And you got to be like, ‘NOOOOO!!!’

Mobile Phones have inbuilt functions that stop you from using your mobile phone for a certain time or limits its functionality for a certain time. Zen Mode of Oneplus has this feature where you won’t be able to use the phone for a definite time except receiving calls or emergency calling and camera.

Learn to control yourself. It saves a lot of precious time.

6. Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is a devil. It may seem really nice when you do not work and spend time for leisure but whatever you didn’t do has to be done in the future by yourself only. So why would you not do the work right now itself according to your priorities?

The work will eventually pile up and you will have to do it within a short time of period, the quality of work would be severely affected and optimum output shall not be achieved. It is better to do work now rather than in the future. This way you will save time every day and do better quality of work.

7. Have a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is the most essential thing a body needs, yet we sacrifice it the most. A healthy body needs healthy sleep, which is hunted down by chatting or streaming content. Having a good night’s sleep will wake you up fresh and hence you will be more active in the morning which shall take activities lesser time to do, which will save time and saving time is our ultimate goal.

Blue light in mobile phones is harmful to eyes especially at night. It also disrupts the sleep, so Night mode on your device will stop this harmful blue light and will decrease its effects.

Now, it will take just a few minutes to read this article but, those minutes won’t be wasted. I Bet You on That!

Happy Time-Saving 🙂


  1. Good tips but they are written from youth’s perspective and not a general perspective. Still I like the effort put in by Author & trendingus.

  2. Krittikha says:

    Well These tips are perfect for a teenager. I’ll surely try to use them in my daily life.

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