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Technology and the internet have eliminated the need to enroll in a physical campus to gain valuable skills. Education institutions and technology brands are establishing platforms to provide learning materials and online certification. The platforms produce competent professionals who are competent in their areas of study.

The choice of an online education course or platform will depend on how well it fits your expectations. Some platforms are specific on the courses they offer, meaning that you can only enroll if you wish to gain specific skills. Google Skills program is one platform or course that is specific to Google services. While the courses may be free, you must make the right choice so that the course meets your expectations. Here are considerations to make when choosing an online educational course or platform.

Quality of Learning Materials Provided

The materials provided must meet the highest education standards possible in the industry. The use of poor quality materials will result in an incompetent professional. Check reviews by education professionals and the performance of graduates who have undertaken the program.

Availability of the Course You Wish to Pursue

The platform should provide the course or materials you need for your studies. If you wish to study law, for example, the materials should be available. The platforms have specializations that might not allow you to study the course you are targeting.

Industry Acceptance

Education is supposed to provide skills to help you fit into the workplace and earn a living. Though the courses might be free, they take time and energy to complete. You should only enroll in courses that will help you grow your business or become a competitive employee.

There are numerous educational online courses and platforms that have served students up to 2019. Here are some of the best and most reliable courses as well as platforms for online studies.

1. edX

The website was founded by some of the most recognizable names in education. It is supported by MIT and Harvard University with the aim of eliminating three barriers associated with the traditional education system. edX aims at overcoming the challenge of location, cost, and access to quality education. It has so far enrolled more than 20 million learners taking one or several of the more than 2,400 courses on offer. Some of the courses offered for free include omnichannel strategy and management, financial analysis and decision making, as well as The Architectural Imagination.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform whose target is to provide free and quality online education to everyone everywhere. It provides structured education online courses to students in kindergarten up to college. It has courses in grammar, history, science, and math, among others.

3. Udemy

Udemy distinguishes itself over others because of the wide range of courses it offers. There are more than 100,000 courses to choose from on Udemy. One of the most popular courses is Introduction to Python Programming. To the point, experts from Do My Homework Now can easily help you with programming assignments. You will find free online courses on Udemy as well as paid. The platform has brought together more than 42,000 instructors who have created over 22 million instruction minutes of video. You study in more than 50 languages. Content creators can develop or curate their own courses and teach them under Udemy.

4. Coursera

Courses on Coursera are supported by some of the leading universities around the world, including Yale, the University of Michigan, and Stanford University. The platform has managed to serve more than 35 million students. Some of the free courses offered include Machine Learning, Successful Negotiation, and The Science of Well-Being. Coursera offers up to 4 degrees.

5. Codeacademy

The name suggests that this is a coding school. Students can learn to code using different languages. The platform boasts of an alumnus figure of more than 45 million working for such tech giants as Bloomberg, IBM, Google, and Facebook, among others. The course takes as little time as 11 hours yet will transform your career and work prospects.

Whether the idea is to learn a new skill or supplement the existing one, you are spoilt of options. These platforms and their courses are recognized in the world of work. It is an excellent way to scale new heights in education and skills.

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