Trending jobs in canada for immigrants and foreigners Trending jobs in canada for immigrants and foreigners

If you plan to settle in Canada, you should be aware of the high-demand jobs with rising income and growth potential. Because due to its growing job market, Canada’s job market is an attraction to many. The result is higher competition and a higher cost of living. And that could be hurdles to overcome if you want to live a dream life in this developed country.

Which you can overcome by choosing the right career path in the first place. Having this knowledge helps you determine which field to choose if you are just starting your career or want to make the move. In this article, we share the top trending jobs in Canada that are in demand and may continue to be demanding for the next few years.

List of Trending Jobs in Canada

Trending jobs in canada

The job market in Canada registered growth over a long period. and employment and new job opportunities keep increasing, and that’s good news for newcomers. Because there are too many job options and careers to choose from, if you feel confused over what would be the most in-demand jobs in Canada, this is the list to answer it. 

1. IT Project Manager

It project manager

The work of an IT project manager involves the implementation of the technology, strategies, and particular projects toward success. Their job is to make sure that the project gets done on time as well as maintain the expected quality. This is quite a critical role, and the rewards for successful project completion are also worth it. As the IT sector is a rapidly growing sector in Canada this ensures that the role of skilled project manager is also going to be high. 

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2. Assistant Nurse

After the IT industry, the healthcare industry in Canada also has higher demands for skilled workers, especially nurses. To attract them and to meet the demand for skillful assistant nurses, Canada offers some immigration options, which is a good thing. From assisting the doctor in the surgery to maintaining the patient’s condition, skilled nurses play a vital role.  

3. Mechanical/Computer Engineering


Indeed, engineering isn’t limited to one area or field. But when it comes to the Canadian job market, it has huge opportunities for new and skilled engineers. From electrical, mechanical to computer engineers, the average pay scale in Canada is attractive compared to many other countries. These roles involve engineers, technicians, and managers in a particular engineering area.

4. Web/Software Developer

Web developer

Whether it’s a website developer or software developer, their role involves developing the site, application, or software as per the business need. This is a highly technical job that demands skillful and experienced developers. And if you are new to the market, you can start with some internship or small project to gain confidence and experience that help you earn more than you could think. The market is booming and there’s always a need for the right developer. 

5. Accounting and Finance


Like the engineering and IT fields, the finance sector in Canada also offers some high-paying job opportunities. Candidates with a finance degree and good experience can expect a handsome salary in reputed firms. The role of accountants and finance managers could go beyond managing the money and it can be associated with business planning to investment analysis. 

6. Data analyst and Data Scientist

Data scientist

This world is all around data, where data is the main thing. Which makes the role of data analysts and data scientists a crucial one. They help businesses with helpful data research and so the decision-making follows that data and reports. Importantly, the demand for someone who works well with data is continually increasing, and this could be the best job in the Canadian market in the coming years. 

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7. Pharmacist


When we say pharmacist, they are not limited to someone having a small drugstore near the hospital or in a small town. Pharmacists can work directly with hospitals, governmental healthcare departments, and so on. If they have experience in the field they can work as a consultant as well. Along with the pharmacists, the assistance role is also in high demand in the Canadian job market.

8. Sales and Marketing Manager

Marketing manager

Sales and marketing are the pillars of any business’s growth and success. The manager who handles sales or marketing is responsible for planning and strategizing effective online/offline strategies to reach the business goals. In the Canadian job market, the demand for skilled sales and marketing professionals has been high and it will continue to be in the upcoming years, as well. 

9. Human Resource

Human resource

Whether it’s someone who is in the human resource job market or has a recruitment agency, can expect higher growth in the following years. HR professionals’ job is to work with businesses, discuss vacancies, and help them reach the right candidates who meet their expectations. Human resource management plays a vital role in the company’s success which makes it a more important field. 

10. Teaching


No need to be surprised, but teaching is a good career field and has a high demand in the Canadian market. Well, indeed based on the location and area the demands of the experienced teachers vary, but this offers the best career opportunities for those with teaching interests. Those who have the education bachelor’s degree can expect to earn more and as they gain more experience; they can expect an increased pay scale in the teaching profession. 

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Which job is most in demand in Canada?

The registered nurse has the highest demand in the canadian job market. Also, there are many jobs in various industries are departments have good oppurnities and scope for newcomers and experianced workers. 

Which career is best in Canada?

The canadian job market has so many career and field options with the best salary package and job satisfaction rate. The healthcare and IT careers are the best due to its current situation and the future score in the Canada. 

Which job is in shortage in Canada?

It’s notably found that the construction, food, and manufacturing industry face the highest shortage of skilled workers in Canada. 

Which field has the most jobs in Canada?

In general, healthcare has the most jobs in the canadian market. Following that the Information technology, logistics, and hospitality industry also have the best job opportunities. 

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Job Market in Canada

After knowing the best and trending jobs in Canada, you might be wondering what it would look like to work in Canada, Right? Then, as commonly shown, the Canadian work environment is equally sound and positive as its job market. 

Notably, based on the experience and review, the Canadian job offers a more relaxed and productive work culture. So from a career and comfort perspective, if you are selecting Canada to work and settle, you are making the right choice. Go for it, all the best! 

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