Trending AI Tools For Teachers

12 Trending AI Tools for Teachers to Make their Day-to-Day Tasks Easier

The job of a teacher never ends. There are many activities and talks to manage. So, why not to use the technology to make your job easier and faster? 

Well, with the right AI tools, teachers can manage and organize their activities perfectly. 

In this article, we share the top trending AI tools for teachers to improve the teaching experience as well as to improve productivity. 

List Of AI-Powered Tools For Teachers 

List Of AI Powered Tools For Teachers 

There might be technological advancement in the teaching pattern, but there’s no substitute for a good teacher. It’s up to the teacher to adopt the new technology and tools to implement in their teaching. There are so many tools out there that can help teachers in many ways.  

From managing the daily plan to preparing the quiz or papers for the exam, here are the best AI tools that every teacher can start using to manage their time and workflow. 


This tool can help you stay focused on teaching without stressing over the other activities and responsibilities. can handle the most important administrative tasks that take most of your time. From planning to creating a course or study material, this is a great tool to get help from. 

2. Edpuzzle


If you want to create videos for the quizzes or looking for structured open-ended questions, this is the right tool for that. Edupuzzle has tons of options that help you create quizzes and puzzles for your students. As well as it can also help you track the students’ progress and gain insights into each student’s performance. 

3. Cognii


This AI-powered tool can work as an assistant to the teacher. Cognii helps teachers in many ways from managing their daily activities to keeping track of the students’ performance. Cognii has a bunch of other tools that can do more than that. from organizing tasks to evaluating the progress, this tool is a big help. 

4. AI Paper Generator

AI Paper Generator

As this tool’s name says, it can help a teacher to create and manage the question paper for the next exam. Whether it’s a weekly exam or a surprise test, this tool can save tons of time by generating papers within a few clicks. From multiple-choice questions to brief questions, this tool is powerful to do it all.

Don’t forget to check out these perfect AI tools for presentations, to make your academic project stand apart.


Modern education requires teachers to be advanced, too. So it’s important for teachers to develop new skills such as video creation or editing. To create an educational video or course, can be the perfect tool. This AI powered tool can help you create the entire video. From the transcript to editing the video, this tool is a personal video editor for teachers. 

6. Mini Course

To break down the detailed study or educational material into a small course, this tool can help teachers a lot. It can create a mini-course based on the suggested topic from a huge source. Such mini-courses are good choices for students to explain them some topics in a descriptive manner without losing momentum. Its descriptive mini-course on the topic helps students to gain the best knowledge on the particular topic.

7. Turnitin


Want to check the quality of your student’s presented assessments or homework? Let Turnitin support you to do it perfectly. What this tool does is a simple task, that is to check for plagiarism in the work submitted. So you can use it to check the source or sites your students have copied their assignments from. 

8. Eklavvya


Eklavvya is the perfect tool to analyze student performance and give the score in no time. indeed, reviewing each student’s performance and giving feedback accordingly is a lengthy process. And this tool can help a lot in providing personal feedback to students based on their performance. 

9. IBM Watson Tutor


For those who looking for some assistance in teaching, this is the right tool for them. IBM Watson tutors, analyzes the student’s track record, and helps a teacher create a personalized training program. It can help to create research projects as well as to provide feedback on the submitted work.

10. LessonPlans


For those teachers who find creating lessons and planning them a big issue, this tool is for them. LessonPlans is a powerful AI tool that can create a personalized plan for teachers as well as students. It can manage all the activities and suggest feedback to make the perfect lesson plan considering the individual student’s need for improvement. 

11. GradeScope


You might already figure it out correctly with its name. Yes, this tool can help you to manage grading to students’ performance. It can provide a performance review report for the individual student’s progress. If you are managing and creating huge lists of students in the grading system, you should try implementing this AI tool.

12. DocExprt


A teacher’s job isn’t limited to just teaching, it’s more than that. Sometimes they also have to be part of the education process and verification. If you want powerful AI tools that can automate the verification of piles of documents in time, DocExprt is the one. It helps you manage document verification in less time than you expected. 

Well, there are also some best AI-powered tools for students as well, to make studying enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technology and AI advancements, many tools can help teachers eliminate time wastage and get the work done effectively. 

If you feel some tasks are time-consuming but important you can leverage these tools for the same. In the modern education system, by implementing AI tools you can make the most out of your time while focusing more on your teaching skills. 

We tried to share the best AI tools for teachers in this article, but there are still more than that. You can always look for the perfect tools for the particular tasks to perform at the time. And if you have any suggestions for this post, let us know. 

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