Encouraging Comments For Writers Encouraging Comments For Writers

94 Encouraging Comments for Writers to Value Their Passion & Dedication

Writing is a one-of-a-kind profession that takes hours of dedication to craft the imagination into such meaningful, interesting plus creative stuff to read. 

And if your friend, cousin, or someone from your group is a writer, you better know how to compliment them for their writing skills. Plus, you also want to know the best comments to share on their post about their achievement, a new book release, or a new article they recently published. 

In this article, you will find some of the best comments and compliments that writers want to hear and feel like they’re respected for the hard work it takes to write. 

Motivational Comments for Writers to Boost their Confidence

Motivational Comments For Writers

Of course, writing is their passion, and that’s something that keeps them writing more and more without losing confidence. But, when it’s your younger cousin or friend who just realized his passion for writing, you need to keep motivating them to follow their passion.

So, what can you write for them that is positive and motivational? Here’s something that you can say to inspire aspiring writers to encourage them. 

  1. What a great piece of article! 
  2. Recently I read your post, and I just fell in love with your wiring. 
  3. You are such a natural storyteller. I just love your writing. 
  4. Every story you write is just a unique experience. 
  5. It seems like you have such a magical pen at your home, huh?
  6. You presented your ideas and thoughts really well on the paper. 
  7. Such beautiful writing this is. I appreciate your talent. 
  8. I wish I could write anything close to that. That’s too good!
  9. I am really impressed with your writing style. Keep it up!
  10. The last article you wrote was quite different. So, what are you writing now?
  11. To be honest, I generally don’t read. But, this article caught my attention.

Inspiring Compliments for Writers that Inspire Creativity

Inspiring Compliments For Writers ToInspire Creativity

They constantly work on their minds to form paragraphs, sentences, or stories in such a way that holds your attention and keeps you reading. If you can’t write anything great like them, that’s fine. However, you can share respectful comments on writing skills that truly express your enthusiasm and the incredible feeling you had while reading it.

  1. The way you introduce every character in your story is so unique. Love that part. 
  2. I also want to be a writer like you. Your writing is my inspiration. 
  3. The way you explain a complex topic in an easy-to-understand way is really impressive. 
  4. Such a helpful and educational essay this is. I finally understand this topic now, thanks to your straightforward writing.
  5. In the meantime, I also try writing and putting ideas on paper. Do you have time to proofread my content? That would be helpful. 
  6. Hi, I read your article on the xyz website and I just loved it. Can you please share some writing samples of the related topics? I have a few projects to discuss. 
  7. So far I know you’re blessed with a creative mind and this profession best suits you, brother. All you need is more practice to write, I guess. 
  8. I genuinely appreciate your help in coming up with such good stories and presenting them in such a great sequence. 
  9. Some people think that writing on computers is easy. But I know how difficult it is to come up with ideas and turn them into meaningful and interesting content. Never give up, bro!
  10. Hey man, let me know once you publish this article. I can’t wait to read it. 
  11. Don’t forget to inform me when you’re going to release your next books. After seeing your face while you were writing, I’m feeling excited.
  12. How many hours of practice is required for matching this writing level? 

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Good Comments on Articles you just Read Online

Good Comments On Articles Online

WWe are not talking about comment spam-like ‘nice article’ and ‘great post’ and all. However, if you’re a content writer and want to support your fellow writers and have great connections within, there are some feel-good comments you can share with them. The given comments are for your reference plus a way to appreciate the writer’s efforts and dedication. 

  1. Hey man, keep writing and never get distracted. Inform me when you need any help I’ll provide everything, but never stop writing, Okay?
  2. I have heard so many times that reading is a good habit to have. But, after seeing you I realized that writing can be a better option, too. 
  3. So when are you planning to publish your first book?
  4. All thanks to writers like you, this world has some amazing movies to watch that are based on books.
  5. Your writing changed my life in a lot more positive way. Many thanks.
  6. Seems like you enjoyed writing. Well done. 
  7. I hope you will be a great writer and your books will be the best seeling. All the best, mate. 
  8. It’s your writing that keeps us engaged in the story to the very end. 
  9. I love that you follow your writing style and express it greatly. 
  10. I promise, whenever you’re going to publish your first book, I will be the first one to buy it. 
  11. What is the best compliment you’ve received for your writing?

Nice Things to Say About a Writer

Nice Things To Say About Writers

Writers generally don’t brag about their work, nor do they expect you to do anything special for the content they present to you. But sometimes, based on your words and feedback on their craft, writers know how to make their writing more effective and appealing overall. So when you’re viewing someone’s article or publication, these are some nice things that you can share with the writers. 

  1. That was such thought-provoking content. 
  2. I enjoyed reading your content. Keep doing your best work. 
  3. Every week, I look forward to your column. Your writing is excellent. 
  4. In my opinion, this one is one of the best articles you have written so far. 
  5. I wish I could be as dedicated and passionate about writing, just like you. 
  6. Brother, the way you always talk about writing and share your passion, I, too, feel like I have to start writing every day.  
  7. I have not enough words to compliment your great artwork. That’s how wonderful it is. 
  8. I always look forward to reading your next article. I’ve subscribed already. 
  9. Well, I have tried so many times but could not make any progress in writing. Hope you can help me with that. 
  10. As you write, you put your whole heart into it. Our family always looks forward to your next column. 
  11. Thanks for your inspiring book. It guided me well during my journey and gave me the hope I was looking for. 
  12. The way you explain the complex topic that easily is truly amazing. 
  13. Your writing deeply connects with me. I encourage you to keep writing.
  14. Let me know when you’re going to start a ‘writing course’. 
  15. Great piece of writing. Full marks for formatting.
  16. I’m becoming your biggest fan. Have already read two books of yours. 
  17. Your stories touch differently. I love your writing so much.
  18. I’m shocked by the twists and turns. Love this masterpiece!
  19. Usually, I don’t read, but your content makes me read more.
  20. I just love your tone of writing. It’s so straightforward to understand. 
  21. You must have practiced a lot to gain a such level of excellent writing. 
  22. Everything in your article is just perfect. Already excited about the new post.
  23. You have mastery in storytelling. I’m learning so much from your work. 
  24. This is what you can call brilliant writing. It just blew my mind away. 

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Words of Appreciation for the Author or Content Writer

Appreciation For The Author Or Content Writer

Instead of making your compliments more complex or perfect, you better have some good words to make a writer’s soul excited. You can share this short and one word of appreciation for writers while commenting on their Whatsapp status or Instagram stories announcing their new article or post publish. 

  1. Well-articulated!
  2. Love everything you write. 
  3. I just loved it!
  4. Very well written. 
  5. You’ve explained it better. 
  6. What perfect writing!
  7. Such a great piece!
  8. No words, just applause. 
  9. Hats off for this content. 
  10. Just a fan of your ideas. 
  11. Keep writing, we love it. 
  12. You’re a master storyteller!
  13. Such a unique piece of content. 
  14. Your creative writing always impresses me. 
  15. This articles helped me in many ways and I like to thank you for this piece.

Beautiful Comments For Poem Writer

If this is a poem that inspired you in life or has a story within that touches your heart, the writer deserves the appreciation. To boost the confidence of the aspirant poem writers or someone who created a masterpiece here are some beautiful comments to share.

  1. Your poem takes me to another world, it’s peaceful. 
  2. Every line of this poem is written very beautifully. 
  3. Impressive writing and perfect word choice make this a masterpiece. 
  4. I’ve never read such an inspiring poem before. It’s great! 
  5. Happy that I come across this poet, but so sad that it’s too short. 
  6. Very touchy poem. We can already feel that it comes from a heart. 
  7. Your poem-writing skill inspires me to start writing poetry. 
  8. This may be a long poem but every single line has an important. 
  9. Love your poem, it’s so refreshing, unique, and feels special. 
  10. What a sweet little poem this is. Love it. 
  11. It’s like an old nursery poem, so sweet and lovely
  12. You wrote this poem well, I’m so impressed with the writing.

Appreciative Comments on Someone’s Writing Skills

Not everyone who writes makes it perfect from the first. It takes them a lot of practice in writing to hone their skills. If you have been reading someone’s material and you have witnessed the way it improves, you’re part of their growth. In the process, you should appreciate someone’s writing skills with some nice comments like these. 

  1. I like how passionate you are about the writing. You have a potential in this field.
  2. Since you shared your first article, I have been reading your articles. 
  3. I’m a huge fan of your writing skills. You make me read it all, even if I’m not a reader. 
  4. Well, I wasn’t an active reader, but your skills catch my attention every time. 
  5. Never knew anyone wrote on this topic so thoroughly. You wrote the perfect piece. 
  6. Your writing skills are an inspiration to me. Now, I also started writing, too. 
  7. And again you amazed me with your unique writing skills. 
  8. Every time you share an article, I have to read it right away. 
  9. I think I’m in love with your writing. You could catch anyone’s attention with these skills.

Final thoughts: 

You better know what to say in appreciating their passion and talents for good writing for aspiring writers or established authors. 

With this good list of compliments and comments for writers, we hope you get the right words to make them fully appreciated. Whether you want to appraise your content writer, express your respect for an author, or encourage story writers from your family, through good compliments like these, you actually boost their confidence in their writing skills.

It doesn’t matter how normal your appreciation may look, but expressing your respect for their craft is all you need to make them write with passion. 

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